Date: 04/09/2015



1. Followers of Mohammed believe that the Koran was dictated to Mohammed by Allah. They enjoy NO freedom of thought and speech. Muslim society is rigid & fanatic, and can be called “the Nation of Morons”. People of no innovation, no initiative, no original thought, no reconciliation, no intellectual breakthrough, since 7th century AD.

2. Followers of Mohammed hate the others who seem free, better & more advanced, to the point of BEHEADING them in the open. That’s what they did to Guru Tegh Bahadur (1675), to Drummer Lee Rigby in London (2013), to the aid workers & journalists in Syria (2014), and the Yazidis, Kurds and Christians of Syria & Iraq in 2015.

3. Followers of Mohammed degrade women, their own mothers, wives, sisters and daughters. Men are allowed to marry up to FOUR females each, including minor girls.

4. Followers of Islam tend to subvert, destroy and kill and often succeed. (Acts of highjacking, attack on WTO towers in New York and on Taj Hotel in Mumbai.)

5. Followers of Islam emphasize the study of rigid doctrine even to children, and deny the right to free speech to all.

6. Followers of Mohammed live in single sex society and develop predatory tendencies towards females.

7. Followers of Islam make a mess of their own societies & lives but do not realise, or try to discover, the cause or source of their own chaos and mayhem.

8. Followers of Mohammed are incorrigible. They have not learnt tolerance & accommodation since the death of Mohammed.

9. Followers of Mohammed show no loyalty to countries of birth or domicile but subordinate their patriotism to Islam. That is why they destroyed United India, the land of their birth and went for Partition (mutilation of Bharat).

10. Followers of Islam exercise a collective terror on the others, even upon the majority host communities, holding them to ransom.

In Partitioned India the Hindus, though a majority, could not prevent Partition of India. Even now they dare not re-construct their ancient temples in Ayodhya and Mathura that lie in ruins.

11. Followers of Islam are insensitive towards the feelings and sentiments of the others. Indian Muslims going to Mecca for Hajj don’t mind the notice, “NO ENTRY FOR NON MUSLIMS!” They should have protested to the rulers of Saudi Arabia over this insult to their Non Muslim fellow citizens with whom they live back home! Similarly the Pakistani Muslims are happy to insult the Hindus (and Sikhs) who wish to have free access to the birth place (Janmasthan) of Guru Nanak Devji that was surrendered to Islam by traitor NEHRU in 1947. That “s.o.B”, too, did not consider the sentiments of the Hindus worth anything though he enjoyed unconditional love and full trust of the Hindus till his death!

12. Followers of Islam are shameless double-faced “beasts”. Having taken out huge chunks of Hindusthan to create their ISLAMIC Pakistan they stayed put in Bharat, the land they had earlier called “Kafiristan” with extreme contempt. One expected them to pack up and rush to live in ISLAMIC Pakistan on the day the country was born. But shamelessly they stayed back in order to destabilise and ultimately break up “broken” Bharat further.

13. Like “dogs” they do not show compassion or sympathy towards their Hindu fellow citizens while going abroad with the same (Indian) passports. Look at the MUSLIMS in South Kashmir. They would rather KILL the Hindu FELLOW CITIZENS than tolerate the sight of them living happily in their own homes.


Defend your fellow Hindus, (NONE ELSE WILL DO!) our territory and girls in Partitioned India with the “weapon” of KNOWLEDGE since Knowledge is Strength and Ignorance is collective Suicide.

On September 3, 1939, the United Kingdom declared WAR on Hitler’s Germany to defend her Christian values against a ruthless repressive Ideology that advocates murder of fellow humans and crushes man’s FREE Will.

Today the same FREE world is crumbling before the mighty ONSLAUGHT by the adherents of an IDENTICAL (ruthless) Ideology under a different name. Yet in the same Europe there are voices saying, “LET MORE COME IN!”

If more are let in (and not kept in their own countries or diverted to ISLAMIC countries), then the end of European civilisation is foreseeable.
September 3, 2015.

PS: The bold headline on front page of my newspaper (UK) (September 3, 2015) reads, “Plight of migrant children stirs Europe’s conscience”. And, of course, it does since Europe is a Christian continent and we are all civilised people.

But spare a thought for the “World Of Mohammed” (Islam). Did we notice anyone’s Conscience stir when 5 and 7 year old sons of Guru Gobind Singhji were bricked in alive to suffocate to death? What about the plight of thousands of infants and babies killed along with their young Hindu mothers in India at Partition in 1947?

The other day Islamic State killed hundreds of small children of YAZIDI and CHRISTIAN communities in Syria and Irak as well as journalists and aid workers. Did any “ISLAMIC” conscience stir over the plight of their children anywhere?



Some of us, alive in 1947, can recall walking through dead bodies and burning houses where the inmates had got incinerated inside. It was hundreds of miles of trekk to safety in India and along the way so many perished through disease, hunger or attacks by Muslim marauders. The world had no time to spot us and the journalists were absent.

At home Nehru had put a ban on describing the horrendous suffering and misery of people since he wanted to portray Partition as “Independence” for which he was determined to take full credit.

During a thousand year long life & death struggle against the Muslim invaders, the natives experienced many instances of broken promises and the use of another deadly weapon called “SURPRISE”.

A native of Partitioned India has assessed the current surge of millions of Muslim migrants to enter Europe, as follows:-

ALLAH SPOKE: “Drop your guns and take off your uniforms. Look harmless and destitute, begging for food and clothing. Then RUSH FORWARD to smash the gates of Europe, and GAIN ENTRY, still moving their Christian conscience.”


(We saw the Muslim conscience in 1947 and we see it right now in Islamic State (ISIL) in Middle East!)

And so they entered the Christian citadel of Europe and gained rights of residence. In 20 years the 10,000 became 100,000 and in 50 years there were a MILLION MUSLIMS in Europe, threatening the very existence of the Christians. Mosques came up like mushrooms and the churches closed down like the English pubs! England that had created a global empire shrank & withered inwards and resembled the desert around Mecca.

Then like the NRI living in the USA or the UK, recalling Partition, an old Christian in the “Islamised” Europe will curse the day when the media compared the Muslim children to the Jewish children who had arrived at Liverpool Street Railway Station in London in September 1939.

Since then the Jews have proved an asset to Great Britain while the Muslims, with their agenda of seduction, destruction and conversion, have done the opposite.