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Thank you very much for another eye-opener received from you (e-mail below).

Since SELF-DENIGRATION, SELF-NEGATION and FORGIVENESS (towards sworn enemies) are the basic faults & sins, rather SUICIDAL CRIMES, being committed on daily basis by our Hindu nation, we feel it is important to give maximum publicity to the incident in the Jewish hospital in Israel (your e-mail below).

Indeed, the account from ISRAEL that you mention has DIRECT BEARING on what is going on in our Hindusthan.

Take for example the Hindus currently trapped in Pakistan & Bangladesh. What atrocity and cruelty had they ever committed against the Muslims? On the other hand they served all as teachers, doctors, nurses, bankers and friends. The Sikhs served many a Muslim "brother" free meal ("langar") regularly in gurdwaras and were always helpful to everybody.

Yet came the year 1947, when our Muslim COMPATRIOTS suddenly showed extreme HATRED for the Hindus and set about looting, killing and raping while setting fire to our homes. Millions of peace loving Hindus were FORCED to run for life.

The latest news of re-naming "AURANGZEB ROAD" is most upsetting to most Hindus. Our newly elected HINDU rulers preferred Abdul Kalam to Guru Tegh Bahadur! It makes us speechless.

We have watched Mr Kalam (a die hard MUSLIM who refused "ghar wapsi" till the last) since long when he was given rapid promotions and additional "sarkari" patronage over the heads of more suitable, qualified and experienced Hindu colleagues in order to facilitate his meteorite rise to the office of President of Hindusthan (Partitioned India).

We could easily compare him to MK Gandhi who was provided all the limelight by the British masters to raise him to "Rashtrapita" (Father of Nation) while more capable hands like Subhash Chandra Bose and Sardar Patel were "eliminated" or ignored in order to suit the interests of the rulers then. Like now, then, too, the rulers had their own hidden POLITICAL agenda that was beyond the comprehension of simple folk (most Hindus).

Kalam's rise to Rashtrapati Bhawan suited the government of "Hindu bashing" Dynasty+Congress masters who were more merciless towards the Hindus than even the British.

We had sincerely hoped that the Hindu government under Shri Modi will rise above their own INFERIORITY COMPLEX, the propensity to degrade the Hindu nation and the strong pull towards self-negation with an eye on "Muslim vote bank", and show courage and conviction in order to honour the Guru who gave his head to save Hinduism in Kashmir!

But perhaps, being secular above all, the present government, too, does not know who Sri Rama was in Ayodhya and who Guru Tegh Bahadur was who accompanied the Pandits of Kashmir to the savage Emperor of Hindusthan whose soldiers were busy killing and converting the Hindus in Kashmir!

The FACT that we all, including the President, the Parliament and the cabinet as well as the Hindu media neglect and REJECT our own in favour of the Non Hindu (e.g., MUSLIM) and even Non Indian by birth (e.g., ITALIAN), is seen by the whole world. It does not improve the image of the intimidated, scared and demoralised Hindus at home and abroad.

The Israelis are smart to know that despite saving the life of that Arab/Palestinian woman they are marked for obliteration by Global Islam, including IRAN, situated some distance away!

The highest honour and reward to Abdul Kalam was the post of PRESIDENT & Supreme Commander of Partitioned India (Broken Bharat). It was BEYOND HIS DREAM even when he was head of India's most sensitive and top secret nuclear programme. There was absolutely NO need to name a very particular road after him in perpetuity! ABSOLUTELY NO NEED. This joy to the Muslims is at the cost of grievous hurt to the Hindus!

May be, some proud and honourable patriot will start a campaign to choose "Guru Tegh Bahadur Marg" for that road. Otherwise we shall have to wait for resurgence of self-esteem, PRIDE, guts & COURAGE of our Hindu nation when this road will be RE-NAMED as "Guru Tegh Bahadur Road".

As per "Satyam Vijayate", TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. The NATIVE will recover his pride and guts and the timid, appeasing "boot lickers" of bogus Secularism will vanish along with the bust of MK Gandhi from the prime minister's office.

We will live and die with that hope in our hearts. There are still countless more roads in the former slave colony called Bharat, bearing the names of foreign "devils" who persecuted, shot, killed, tortured, martyred, taxed (Jezia), gang raped, and converted the Hindus in their millions.

We will see our Gurus, Avatars, Mahatmas & Rishis duly honoured by the President, Prime Minister and the Parliament in New Delhi one day. And they will do so in sunshine in the open!

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Brigitte Gabriel, a journalist of Lebanon in her book--Because They Hate-- tells a real instance where a Muslim woman was admitted and cured in a Jew Hospital in Israel, and she wished death for the Jews.
Islam forbids Muslims to feel gratitude for any good the kafirs did to them.
jai sri Krishna!