Date: 26/08/2015

In India not everyone can afford a pair of shoes, not everyone has access to clean drinking water or good education or any useful skill of life, yet we see the PRESIDENT living in the luxury of British viceroys or Mogul emperors.
India has just emerged from a thousand years' slavery. The critical date can be May 16 when she saw a Hindu prime minister for the first time. The first incumbent JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, the son of a "bitch" was pro Islam and DEAD SET against the country and the nation. How quickly he relished the joy of rewarding the Indian Muslims with one third of the country to establish HINDU CRUSHER ISLAMIC republic called PAKISTAN! How treacherously did he let Lahore and Dhaka go under ISLAMIC Constitution that treats the Hindus, Christians, Jews and Buddhists "WORSE THAN DOGS" while putting DELHI under his bogus SECULAR Constitution by which Muslim, being MINORITY, is cherished and embraced as "brother" while Brahmins and Tamils are suppressed and Sikh aspirations to ONE TENTH of East Bengal's autonomy are crushed with an iron hand.
In this Hindusthan neither the PRESIDENT ("Rashtrapati") is prepared to move to a modest dwelling and resort to simple life style like his FATHER OF NATION, MK Gandhi, and nor are the MP's willing to forego their salary rises, perks and allowances as the following report, filed by a patriot, will show:


1 . MPs ----- They stay, they pay! why taxpayer?????-----
MPs must pay their own bills ------
2 . MPs ---- you eat you pay why taxpayers ----MP'S canteen should not be subsidized -------

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27 parliamentarians together racked up a bill of 5.6 crore rupees by overstaying in a luxury hotel without approval. Now they expect Indiaís taxpayer to foot the bill. But the Lok Sabha Secretariat is yet to approve their expenses. So letís unite now to say:#Not From Our Pockets!


Dear friends,

27 parliamentarians racked up a ridiculous hotel bill of 5.6 crore rupees by overstaying in Delhiís luxurious Ashok hotel and now they expect the taxpayer to foot the bill! Letís unite to say: #NotFromOurPockets!

These MPs extended their hotel stays without permission, finally vacating only after two warning letters from the Housing Committee. Many even had homes in Delhi! The Lok Sabha secretariat has not yet approved their expenses -- if we raise a massive outcry now, we can put them all on notice, telling them ifthey stay, they pay!

When we get to 30,000 signers, weíll deliver a bill to each of these MPs for the amount theyíve spent, with all our signatures on it! Sign and share urgently before they quietly try passing the bill on to taxpayers:

Official residences were made available to these MPs but they chose to go live in a hotel instead without getting their expenses approved beforehand. The Lok Sabha secretariat that is responsible for arranging the accommodation of MPs has therefore now stalled the payment. These Parliamentarians had their cake and ate it too -- taking possession of their new houses while refusing to check out from the luxury hotel!

The condition of many of the homes that they are given is often not up to scratch. And many MPs complain that the previous occupier leaves behind a huge mess. But instead of raising their concerns these MPs extended their stay without getting the additional expenses approved first. In most jobs, if you decide to spend a few more days at a fancy hotel you would be made answerable straight away.

And itís a story that repeats itself often until an RTI query blows the lid and temporarily embarrasses our netas. But after the attention passes, the secretariat is forced to pay out with the publicís cash. Not this time.

Letís teach our MPs that just like other professionals, they need to pick up the tab for things they are not entitled to: why taxpayer pay their bill, force our MPs to learn to pay their bills from their pocket:

"Parliament canteens serving MPs got a total subsidy of Rs 60.7 crore during last five years" "If we can give up our LPG subsidy why canít the MPís who earn over 1.4 lakhs per month with perks- pay for their food?"

The Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, that there are more poor people in our country than the MPís who need subsidy on food. Please stop this subsidy in Parliament and utilize this money to feed the poor of this country who cannot afford 2 meals a day , even one meal a day . Parliament canteens serving MPs got a total subsidy of Rs 60.7 crore during last five years with items like puri sabji being sold at 88 per cent subsidized rates, an RTI reply shows. Journalists also enjoy this subsidized food in the canteen may be thats is the reason no one had bought this up ever strongly and asked questions to the lawmakers. If we can give up our LPG subsidy why canít the MPís who earn over1.4 lakhs per month with perks pay for their food ? We pay taxes for their salary, perks, travel, stay everything. Should we pay for their food also ? Cant they afford their own food ? Why canít this amount be utilized to feed the unprivileged instead of feeding the MPís. With 442 crorepatis in the 16th Lok Sabha they need subsidy for food ? Parliamentarians, earning over Rs 1.4 lakh with perks, are relishing items like fish fried with chips at Rs 25, mutton cutlet at Rs 18, boiled vegetables at Rs 5, mutton curry with bone at Rs 20 and masala dosa at Rs 6 with rates subsidized by 63 per cent, 65 per cent, 83 per cent, 67 per cent and 75 per cent, respectively. The cost for procuring raw items of dish like stew vegetables comes to about Rs 41.25 while the MPs are getting it for Rs 4, which is a subsidy of about 90 per cent. For the non-vegetarian meal raw items are procured at Rs 99.05 while the prepared dish is served at Rs 33 to MPs with 66 per cent subsidy, the reply provided to RTI shows that the present rates of dishes have not been revised from December 20, 2010. Is food cost for common man or fuel cost the same rate as Dec 20, 2010 ? All inflation for common man only ? The reply shows that canteens received a subsidy of Rs 10.4 crore, 11.7 crore, 11.9 crore, 12.5 crore and 14 crore during the years 2009-10, 2010-11, 2012-13, 2013-14 respectively, which totals to around Rs 60.7 crore. Papad costs Rs 1.98 but sold at Rs 1 in these canteens with a whopping subsidy of 98 per cent. The only item, which is sold for a marginal profit is írotií for which raw items cost 77 paisa while sold at Rs one, it said while Ďkhomani ka meethaí being served at market price of Rs 15 for piece of three So on behalf of every common man I request you to stop this subsidy and let the MPís pay for what they eat
NB: Many patriots would like to see the term MP abolished but replaced by "JAN-SWEAKS" or servants of people. But these "unscrupulous good-for-nothing" LAZYBONES, wish to be called SULTANS or MASTERS OF PEOPLE.

If Gandhi is still the "guiding star" of this cursed BROKEN BHARAT, sinking under the DEAD WEIGHT of Muslims, then it will be centuries before the MP can be made to feel and work like a JAN-SEWAK.