Date: 06/07/2015

India’s religious spectrum of strife

Part 1.

People of India now fall into two parts. Those born before 1947 (and can recall the last days of British Raj and the social/communal scene then) and those born after that year whose education and brainwashing was done successfully by (Nehru) Dynasty and (Corrupt) Congress. Your view of Hindu-Sikh bond will be influenced by on which side of this ‘time divide’ you belong to.
That year was a watershed with regard to internal communal / social situation. Through historical misfortunes we (our ancestors) found ourselves under the British rule that put into practice the policy of “DIVIDE & RULE”. The British took this doctrine to the extreme, to suit their purposes.
Hindus and Sikhs were ONE family on the day the British handed over Broken Bharat (Partitioned India) on platter to Jawaharlal Nehru who was the “apple of eye” of Lady Edwina Mountbatten and a useful imperialist stooge in the eyes of the Viceroy. More worthy candidates like Sardar Patel were ignored while the true son of soil, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, had been eliminated by self-seeking over ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru earlier.
The two indigenous communities had bond of blood with each other. Sikhs were one of the streams from the Hindu mainstream. The purpose of being separate from the non-violent self-negating subservient slavish Hindu nation proved very beneficial at that time.
When the Muslim invaders & marauders used to return with donkey-, and cartloads of gold and silver looted from the big temples, and thousands of crying captured girls and young women were forced to walk or ride for hundreds of miles along with the savage brutes, the intrepid Sikh warriors used to pursue them and carry out daring raids on these Mogul columns in order to rescue the girls. They assured them of safety, addressing them as “sisters” (behan ji) and “mothers” (maata ji), and took them back to their grateful parents who were grieving over the fate of their daughters and had lost all hope of ever seeing them again.
Life in North West (Delhi to Khyber) was not the same as in Karnataka or Kerala where the natives were relatively safe from the marauders. In Northern India life of Hindu subjects of the Islamic rulers was always on knife’s edge. Paying the back breaking compulsory tax of Jezia only saved them from their Muslim neighbours and rulers, but not from the foreign invaders who wrought havoc and forced millions to flee in all directions as gypsies!
Under gracious Divine Will a new stream originated in the Hindu nation in order to save our “way of life”. They were the Sikhs of Guru Nanak to Guru Tegh Bahadur, and finally, the feerless “Khalsa” of Guru Gobind Singhji who undertook the most dangerous task of defending “dharti” and “dharma” of Hindusthan.
They were members of Hindu family and, in fact, a tradition grew up whereby Hindu families offered at least one son to embrace the Sikh faith which made it mandatory for the males to possess and carry swords. While the Hindus felt safe, the Sikhs became the target of the fanatic Muslim rulers. As a result the Sikh history became story of martyrs and blood drenched soil of Punjab.
The Sikh Code of Conduct was radically different from that of the Muslims. Girls were regarded “devis” and older women “mothers”. This kind of belief system is unknown in Islam and Christianity even today.
Post Partition India suddenly came under different social pressures due to anti Hindu Nehru and his Muslim allies like Maulana Azad.
What the Muslims had done in previous centuries was regarded irrelevant bygone dark times, and, we thought, that had nothing to do with the modern age of liberty, science, computers and human rights. Therefore, what the followers of Mohammed are doing right now beggars belief!
Boko Haramis are busy In Nigeria capturing, raping and selling girls boasting of being “good” Muslims. The other “good” Muslims are the ISIL, dealing with the Christians, Jews and Yazidis in the manner of their forefathers, all the way back to Mohammed- carrying out widespread rape and sale of women, destruction of churches and the ancient cultural & historical ruins and relics of mankind.
The Hindu Sikh harmony was clearly demonstrated when we became the COMMON target of Muslims at Partition.
We were treated alike during the savage ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs. Nehru was openly pro Islam and a Hindu hater. We saw it when he neither opposed Jinnah’s demand for Pakistan nor threatened to charge him of HIGH TREASON and see him hanged to death.
What happened after Partition:
Nehru went to Moscow to meet Stalin, his ideological mentor and teacher. Those were the days of “Hindi-Roosi, Bhai Bhai!”
“Comrade Stalin, I rule a large country where most people are devout Hindus who love their religion. There are many languages, cultures and races just as in your Soviet Union. I am afraid that if I grant them freedom and free media they will soon discover my collaboration with Brother Jinnah to partition India and then assassinate me! I seek your advice.”
Stalin, to whom Nehru was merely an Indian “coolie”, did not hesitate to oblige.
“Mr Nehru, DIVIDE & RULE. Separate Hindus from the Sikhs and Brahmins from the Dalits. Keep media under your foot. Never put a devout Hindu in charge of two ministries- of Education, and Information & Broadcasting.”
“Thank you Comrade Stalin. I shall follow your advice to the letter!”
As a result of that strategic understanding between the two dictators, India not only relapsed to the old colonial ways of “divide and rule” and suppression of freedom of expression, but also lost two invaluable sons on the territory of Soviet Union. One was Netaji Bose and the other was Lal Bahadur Shastri.
Nehru, blind to partition, declared the Muslims an “indigenous” Indian community that was as loyal to Bharat as the Hindus. At the same time he recalled that a Sikh leader, Master Tara Singh, had torn up the Paki flag in Lahore on March 3, 1947, and declared the Sikhs potential “terrorists” who needed to be watched!
Indeed, for all the Hindu leaders Nehru’s treason and smartness were both fathomless. Our leaders have yet to comprehend Nehru’s Imperial game and despatch Sonia to Italy.

Part 2.

Congress, the Party of Partition, had to show some justification for Pakistan. So what did they do? They had to show that it was not only the Muslims who went their separate ways but there were others, too, who wanted separation from Bharat. They identified the gullible simple Sikhs who would readily fall into the trap and demand Khalistan!
Thus began the movement for Khalistan, encouraged by Dynasty and Congress. Hindus, too, being gullible, trusting and simple, did not crush the head of this Nehruvian snake but, totally exonerating the Muslims for capturing one third of India to establish Pakistan, charged the Sikhs of “breaking the unity” of India! Only one Sikh young man, wounded by the bullet of Inspector General Julio Ribeiro in EAST Punjab, shouted back, “How can you break a damn thing that is already broken?” He was shot dead by another bullet. The question has yet to be answered.
Congress and Dynasty had, together, successfully shifted the attention from Muslim High Treason to the Sikhs who were then targeted continuously and relentlessly, culminating in their genocide in Delhi in October/November 1984.
Now with the advent of the patriotic NATIVE Hindu rule since May 16, 2014, one expects Narendra Modi Sarkar to look at the question, “Why was Pakistan CONCEDED and the seed of Sikh separatism sown?”
Our BJP rulers must also hold an investigation into the reasons for conceding Islamic Pakistan so readily without referendum or condition as if India was a lifeless worthless desert or swamp!
The other question is, “Why have the criminals, who instigated large scale Sikh massacres in Delhi in 1984, not yet been brought to trial?”
Yet another question is, “Why is there NO memorial yet to the two million Dead of Partition- all betrayed by Nehru and his despicable coterie?”
In the meantime both Hindus and Sikhs and anyone else whose spirituality, religion and faith sprang from the blessed soil of Hindusthan, are ONE family.
We should also thwart the aims and intentions of the “scheming” foreigners, eliminate “divide & rule” politics, and UNITE the nation in order to make Hindusthan a strong and powerful country on earth under a NEW Constitution- yet to be written.