Date: 28/06/2015



Europeans are viewing the ongoing mass migration from across the Mediterranean with concern and alarm. Thousands upon thousands of migrants, mostly MUSLIM, are fleeing their lands of birth in order to come to Europe.

They are not like the former waves of refugees who sought safety and shelter in the United Kingdom and integrated well immediately. Never before in history did so many MUSLIMS arrive on these shores in such a short time, and that is what ought to make us sit up.

They are MUSLIMS with blind belief in Koran, the Code of Conduct and Manual of Warfare written up for the wild and savage tribes of Arabia in the 7th. Century AD. Its core message is to wipe out all opposition to Mohammed and establish Sharia rule across the world.

One could compare Islam with the NAZI ideology that brainwashed and inspired the whole German nation to slaughter tens of millions of opponents, especially the Jews.

The experience of India with Islam is most relevant and revealing. For a thousand years repeated waves of Muslim invaders came from across the frontier in order to kill, rape, loot, convert and plunder. By 1947 there were enough HOME GROWN Muslims to break up the country and slaughter millions.

What we saw was far worse than all the previous invasions. The Muslim onslaught from WITHIN was so severe that India agreed to surrender five provinces without a single condition in return!

As soon as the establishment of Islamic Pakistan became a certainty our fellow citizen Muslims started mass slaughter, plunder, abductions and rape. Nearly two million non Muslims were killed, some 15 million were forced to flee their homes and tens of thousands of girls were snatched from their parents and raped, killed or sold.

The leaders & rulers of India concealed the fact of Muslim treachery & their sudden attack in order to appear “politically correct”.

Thus an entire chapter of history has been buried under cowardice, falsehood and deception. That surrender and defeat were called “Independence” and all the Indians forgot Partition. Invariably, they stress the fact that “Islam is a religion of peace!”

Something similar is taking place in Europe now. It is being “invaded” by “Savages” who behead the hostages, kill the tourists and entire communities, destroy ancient relics, statues and ruins, burn libraries, destroy churches, synagogues and temples, massacre shoppers in shopping malls, passengers on trains, buses and aeroplanes, and hijack planes to crash them into buildings. They neither care for Geneva Convention nor Magna Carta but behead, plunder, rape and kill - even school children.

MP’s and MEP’s need to look beyond “pc” (political correctness) and consider the strategic implications of rapidly growing Muslim populations in Christian Europe. The social and demographic map of Europe will look very different within two generations given the rapid increase in Muslim numbers and religious indoctrination and rise in fundamentalism. There are numerous OUTSIDE sources to fan the fires of Islamic extremism in Europe.

The excuse, that Europe is responsible for their misfortune, is untenable since in their own countries, ruled under Sharia Law, democracy, secularism & equality of women have no place. Jehad and killing are part of Islamic teachings and indoctrination. Even within Muslim countries we see one tribe at the throat of the other!

There is no democracy or tolerance anywhere in Muslim countries. The Arabs use their immense oil wealth to build palaces, buy guns and weapons and fight their own neighbours, or crush internal revolts with violence.

Without family planning the Muslim population has literally “exploded” in recent years. Without jobs, education or skills the unemployed have always taken to revolt or flight. Behind these hundreds of thousands there are millions more waiting to make a dash for Europe. What we see is this: “Mohammed produces, Europe feeds!”

At present, due to rise in extremism & fundamentalism, and the dream of establishing a Caliphate, the Muslims aspire to subjugate the West through demography, i.e., sheer weight of numbers.

The IMPLICATIONS for Europe, that has prospered through industry, self discipline, dignity of females and universal education, are horrendous. This economic prosperity did not come automatically, or cheap. Tens of millions of Europeans died during the two World Wars to bring about this peace and prosperity. Now this civilisation is coming under internal threat.

After the initial “bridgeheads” they will expand inwards, establishing mosques and Islamic communities. Soon they will begin to show their true colours. Islamic radicalism, unrest and low level protests, agitations, sabotage and insurrections will become frequent and demands for separate concessions, laws and treatment will grow. Many radicals will be willing to blow themselves up to make a point. More will fly out to join ISIL. Girls and young women will be particularly at risk of grooming, rape and bogus marriages motivated by the spirit of Jehad & change in demography.

We hope that European Union in Brussels and Her Majesty’s government in London are mindful of the Islamic seeds growing around us and the rise in Right Wing groups to defend the established religion and “way of life” of Europe (and the United Kingdom).

More funding will be necessary for surveillance and to prevent terrorist attacks on public transport and official buildings. Europe is living in fear.

What ought to be done? Firstly, Each State is responsible for its citizens. So the bill for feeding these migrants should be sent to the lands of their birth. Secondly, since they are Muslim, they should be directed to the Islamic countries. Some like Pakistan can absorb millions of fellow Muslims. Some like Saudi Arabia can feed them for generations. Thirdly, none should be granted European citizenship or given European passport. As soon as peace returns to their lands of birth they should be returned with Invoice.

Europeans should be proud of Christianity, their forefathers’ religion, that needs to be defended & protected. It is easy to surrender than to defend and retain. India surrendered five provinces to Islam on ONE day but has not recovered an inch of territory in the last seven decades!

Finally, Muslim migrants should be seen as the “advance guard” of the massive invasion force building up in the rear. Europe needs all the wisdom and vision to safeguard her values from the barbarians. Had they been civilised they would have put out the fires in their own countries but not run away in order to set fire to OUR house!

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