Date: 09/01/2015

European civilization is based on Christianity that has changed itself from the previous violent and “bloody” centuries to the modern tolerant, rational, technical and educated version, resting on the foundation of Equality of sexes and Freedom of speech and expression for all.

Islamic civilization, based on Koran and Hades, is the opposite -- repressive, intolerant, violent and full of hatred against fellow humans who are arbitrarily labelled “Infidels, Kafirs, Pigs, Dogs”, and so on by a mad moron.

Women’s rights are seen from the practice of up to 17 wives for the “Mohammed” and his absolute power of divorce whenever he fancies another younger women. Virgins are preferred, perhaps based on the description of Paradise where those, known as “Jehadis”, who die while KILLING the others, are rewarded with grapes, wine and virgins till eternity.

The Supermacy of the Christian world upon Muslim world is seen by the fact that even Mohammedans are risking their lives, fleeing to Europe and America in their millions, risking their lives on boats and ships that can sink mid- sea.

It is their bad luck that though they have Escaped the world of Hell, created by “Koran and Hades”, they do not discard them in order to become civilised human beings in the new world.

Lumbered with the same Belief and Practise system, they again want to become “good” Muslims. They send their children to mosques for indoctrination and brainwashing. They soon begin to see themselves as aliens in the Western liberal societies. This alienation makes them crave for the same Islamic societies that they left behind, risking life and limbs.

It is not difficult to understand that some will take up arms to fight what they begin to see as Evil Society that permits the consumption of Pork and grants equal rights to women. They come to hate the Christians, the Hindus, even fellow Muslims who belong to other branches and sects of Islam.

Until the middle of last century the West was free of “Asians and Muslims” but after the end of Second World War when immigration was allowed, the newcomers brought good and bad with them. Among the bad were the Muslims who left everything behind but not their Koran and Hades! The result was that they had the same Agends as they had earlier back home.

Given the chance (end of colonial rule) the Muslims of India threw away the clothes of decency and patriotism that they had been wearing, and became “naked and shameless” like the savages of bronze age.

In that state of undress they demanded a separate homeland called “Pakistan” where they would look "normal". What they did then, was to slaughter and force out MILLIONS of fellow citizens who did not accept Koran and Hadis as their guiding light. They had their own FAR BRIGHTER lights!
The Pakistanis, who were well behaved and “in order” during the British rule now instantly became savages after “tasting blood”. They became “man eaters” like those tigers in Jim Corbett’s famous book entitled “Man eaters of Kumaon”.

These Muslim “man eaters” of Pakistan turned on their fellow Muslims after the stock of Hindus was exhausted. Those who watch the Pakistani channels will know that practically EVERY DAY at least TEN Muslims are killed by Muslims across Pakistan. That is how the Sindhis, Mohajirs and the Afghan refugees in Karachi keep themselves busy while up in the North they take turns. Sometimes the Taliban capture villages and wipe out the opposition, and sometimes the Pakistani army kills them in Waziristan using the bombs, rockets and bullets supplied by America.
France is the latest victim of the SAME streak of violence and barbarity in Islam when on January 7, 2015, 12 journalists and two policemen were killed in Paris. These murders in broad daylight have shocked the entire world, not only France.
But the French will not cow down. In huge demonstrations thousands of people are paying homage to the memory of the brave editor and journalists working for the satirical magazine that published cartoons of Mohammed.
The demonstrators are carrying placards and posters with the words, “I AM CHARLIE”.
The ISLAMIC agenda in Europe, Australia and America, based on the Koran and Hadis, is the same that we saw in India in 1947.
All those MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs who were forced out of their homes after their kith and kin were butchered in 1947, can now die in peace in the knowledge that the historic ROLE BACK OF ISLAM has begun-- from FRANCE, the LAND OF BRAVE.