Date: 18/12/2014

Re: Shahi Imam Bukhari calls for Love Jihad to combat ‘ghar vapsi’ of Muslims

Let him know that-
He himself is most probably the offspring of an abducted (seduced in love Jehad) Hindu girl some three generations up during Mogul rule.

In Hindusthan, that had NO Muslims to start with, the ancestors of MOST MUSLIMS today were "bastards" due to their old tradition of "love Jehad".

Even Rasull Allah had over 60 % of his wives captured in "love Jehad". He is said to have 19. His marriages were not all arranged by his parents, nor were his brides introduced to him by his own mother!

But since the establishment of Islamic Pakistan as a homeland for the INDIAN Muslims, he has no right even to be seen in Bharat. Where is his HINDU counterpart in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar or Dhaka?

He should be given a CERTIFICATE, "Over here, due to cowardice of Hindus". A MANLY nation would have exterminated, or expelled, all the Muslims from Partitioned India on August 15, 1947!

We can add "stupidity", too, since these Muslims who were NOT kicked out on August 15, 1947, have come to abuse the Hindus and preach "love Jehad" with Hindu girls! That is there "Thank you!" just like the "Thank you" the Muslims gave to America on Sep 11, 2001 and to Britain by murdering Gunner Lee Rigby in broad daylight.

For an IMAM to say something so rude, immoral and despicable just shows the nature of Islam as a religion"

After the Hindus start chanting "Om SHAKTI SHAKTI", it will be HINDU boys who will be doing love Jehad with the Musalmanees, who are now called "laundiyas". After marrying Hindu boys, they will be called "devis". They will be happy to escape the Imam's DARK Islamic world in which a woman is a man's property, expected to share her husband with THREE more!

The Imam should know that the definition of a Musalman has changed in Pakistan since the massacre of children at school.

Let us, from now onwards, make sure that the status of a Mohammedan in PARTITIONED India is the SAME as the status of a Hindu in Sindh.