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ARE THE IPS CLASS FULL OF SELF-SERVING, GREEDY, COWARD, CORRUPT, INCOMPETENT AND WORTHLESS LOT TO SERVE THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS? It is a Known fact to many, that, Ex-Commissioner of Delhi Police Niraj Bend Kumar has amassed a wealth of over Rs 2500 crores and two years after retirement still has not vacated his Govt House in Delhi. Such Scoundrels there lots are.


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Below is an example of this is the sorry state, prevailing in CRPF and such other CAPFs. The poorly trained men, without any leadership ( except the self perpetuating , fly - in IPS , who shelter themselves in the higher echelons ) are made sacrificial goats in the altar of inefficiency.

Hope the IG there, HS Sidhu , get the boots before his batch mates closes their ranks around him and save him, with misplaced ideas of camaraderie.

Hope the 14 dead CRPF jawans get atleast some sort of justice.

CRPF troops left without commander in Maoist bastion

IG was just 400 metres away with 250 troops but reached spot after 4 hours

A very grim tale of a complete failure of command within the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) during the Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh on December 1 has emerged that resulted in the death of its 14 personnel. Sources in the CRPF have revealed that over 200 troops were kept waiting for more than an hour and a half in a Maoist stronghold by their commander after he was summoned for a meeting by CRPF’s Inspector-General (Operations) in Chhattisgarh, HS Sidhu, who was camping 400 metres away. When the Maoists attacked, the troops of the CRPF’s 223 Battalion were without command that led to utter chaos among them. What is more intriguing is that although the IG was present in such close proximity with 250 troops, he chose not to come to the rescue of his men.

The CRPF troops were on a SADO (Search and Destroy Operation) and had started at 06.30 am from Hill number 406 in Sukma district where they had camped for the night. As the party, comprising of over 100 troops of the 223 Battalion, 100 commandos of the CRPF’s CoBRA force and 1 policeman, under the command of Sanad Kamal, commandant of 223 Battalion, approached Kasalpada village, they were asked to halt there while Kamal went away to meet the IG. This is the same area from where a chopper of the Indian Air Force was fired at by Maoists on November 21.

After the meeting with the IG, Kamal, as instructed, joined another party of troops belonging to 74 Battalion. But this was not communicated to his troops who kept waiting for him. In fact, according to sources, his deputy, BS Verma kept on asking him if they could move away from the open area, but was asked to “hold ground”.

Eyewitnesses have told The Hindu that after a while, the troops became too relaxed and broke into small groups. Some began to prepare Maggi noodles while a few ventured too close to the village. At 10.30 am, a group of 50-60 Maoists, hiding in the village, opened fire on them. They had put snipers atop trees who shot at the CRPF personnel with accuracy.

The deputy commandant of the 223 Battalion, BS Verma, was badly injured in the first round of fire. Eyewitnesses say, despite receiving a burst of fire on his right foot, he stood behind a tree on his other foot and kept on firing at the Maoists. But he collapsed soon afterwards, most probably due to excessive blood loss. The assistant commandant, Rajesh Kapooria, was also killed very early in the attack.

With nobody in command, the troops, according to CRPF sources, turned hysterical and began firing indiscriminately in all directions. It was so indiscriminate that the men are believed to have fired about 7,000 rounds of bullets in response to a few hundred rounds fired by the Maoists. With their ammunition exhausted, and several of their colleagues dead, many troops just stood motionless in a daze, revealed eyewitnesses.

They were ultimately saved by CoBRA commandos who pulled them out and offered first aid to the injured among them.

The IG finally reached the spot at 2.30 pm, according to sources, followed by commandant Kamal.
In Delhi, CRPF’s IG (Operations), Zulfiquar Hasan, said a high-level inquiry had been initiated. “We are taking it seriously and lapses, if found, will be dealt with severely,” he said.