Date: 27/11/2014

Another heart rending story of a victim of Shariat Law in Pakistan of a 12 year old Hindu girl. The daily torment of what ever number of Hindus left there is unimaginable. For 68 years their fate is utterly neglected by secular dispensation that held power in New Delhi.

Israel assumes responsibility of Jews any where in the world . If local government does not render justice, Israel itself takes initiative. In Argentina a Jewish girl was abducted by neo-Nazis and a Nazi symbol was branded on her chest. Argentinean government was not interested in her plight. Israel's Mossad went into action going all the way to that south American country to do what was necessary.

Of course given the history of all these years when secular socialist governments in India remained merely mute witnesses when millions of Hindus on both sides, W and E Pakistan were being systematically eliminated , Govt of India even if it is nationalist, taking a step resembling that of Israel is expecting too much at present. May be in near future.

But at least let protests at official and non-official level be raised. All the international forums that are being used ad nauseam by Pakistan to raise human rights of people of Kashmir, may also be utilized to full extent to put Pakistan on defensive highlighting torment of Hindus which by far worst human right violation any where in the world perhaps with exception of Boko Haram or ISIS. Already world knows much about the treatment of minorities in Pakistan. India can further reinforce the impression. Hopefully that might bring some salutary change and benefit to long suffering Hindus in Pakistan, with world focusing attention.