Date: 22/11/2014

Thank you for sharing the happy experience of your friend "XX" that he had with the Indian high commission in Australia.

Such experiences are routine in the West but nevertheless, for us, whose passports were confiscated by the "hara*mi" Hindu bashing Sarkar of "Dynasty+Congress+Mohammed+Italian MAFIA" when we got our UK, Australian or American passports, it is like a ray of sunshine in the dark jungle. The surrender of Indian passport amounted to the ENEMY cutting our link with our dear Motherland. One cannot think of a more offensive and serious criminal act by the alien Congress "Sarkar" at that time! The hefty visa fee for NRI's to travel to Mother India is another despicable relic of that "dirty" Government that was laid to rest FOR EVER on 16 May last.

Certainly we CONGRATULATE Shri Modi, the genuine Patriot who has given one thing we never had during the rule of Moguls, the British and even traitor Nehru, arrogant Indira, "Chor" Rajiv and Italian born Sonia: DIGNITY.

We hope the other Indian high commissions and embassies, too, will act likewise. But before we claim with joy to be "second to none on earth", Shri Modi and his ministers have to confront the formidable "Baboodom" head on.

None else has caused the flight of talent & wealth from Bharat as the Baboos. The first sickness of Baboos is rudeness & MISTRUST of citizens. Whatever the humble citizen says, the Baboo demands to see the "written PROOF". If, for instance, one gives his address, the Baboo will say "Bring your gas bill or electricity bill to verify your address. You could be lying." When one turns up with both the bills, the Baboo will say, "Now get it CERTIFIED by a bank, magistrate or solicitor. You could have printed it yourself!"

Don't we wish we had a GUN like the honourable American citizens? Whatever might be wrong with possessing a gun in America the best thing is that it keeps the "baboo(n)s" in their place, i.e., SERVE honestly and efficiently, nor boss over, harass or exploit (demand bribe)!

Actually, the Indians do express their anger, frustration and resentment of the Baboos in other ways- in a "million mutinees" as mentioned by VS NAIPAL.

The other illnesses of the Baboos are lack of punctuality & integrity, laziness and CORRUUPTION. It is not unusual to hear, " Your application is not here." Recently an NRI was told, "Your file in untraceable!"

One knows that the citizen can do very little where the Baboos rule! And the Baboos rule because they have the experience, know the rules and the tricks, while the ministers are new and temporary, some semi literate, and happily sit under the thumb of Baboos. An initiative or original idea is NIPPED IN THE BUD.

Most Indians at such times, get the job done either by mentioning a high profile relative or a friend who is a minister or a police inspector! The rest slip a few bank notes in the Greeting Card to expedite matters.

Mr. Modi's era can be regarded the water shed in Indian history.

We are glad to see the signs of reform and improvement, including restoration of citizen's most precious possession: DIGNITY.