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Ser. 5 of video clips on Sam Bahadur is also most inspiring like the others and shows the CONTRAST between a truly patriotic and brave Indian and the traitors, the corrupt, who have squeezed the country in their strangulating "one-dynasty/one-party" grip like the MOHAMMEDAN emperors, followed by the BRITISH Viceroys for centuries.

All the foreigners, including the ITALIANS, have discovered the FOOLS (the incorrigible IMBECILE) on earth who do not trust, but HATE, their own kind, and ADORE & LOVE any foreigner either coming from MECCA or VATICAN and start washing their feet and feeding them the richest food, trusting them with their destiny.

The quality of a nation is judged by its LEADERS. About Nehru and Maimoona ("Indira") less said the better. Take Rajiv KHAN who called himself "GANDHI" though NO relation of the real man.

Typically INDIAN, he found his idol at a cheap "dhaba" in Cambridge and fell in love in an instant. No question of meeting her parentrs or visiting the impoverished town she had come from to learn English while serving in a local family as a maid (au pair), or go into her family history of serving Mussolini who set out to conquer INDIA after conquering Egypt, he placed his head at her feet and said, "Sweetheart, one day my Hindusthan will be at your feet like my head right now. Will you marry me?" One can easily guess her shock and amazement since he had boasted to her, "I am the son of the prime minister of India."

In this video clip there is a remarkable line in which we see three powerful ideas. It reads, "He was severely wounded during World War 2 (Our Motherland was MORTALLY wounded in 1947) but survived due to a brave comrade in arms "who did not run away". (In our case the whole leaderless Hindu nation, including the top guys like Gandhi and Nehru, RAN AWAY after accepting Partition upon their knees and delivering tens of millions of Hindus to death) but stayed by his side to save him. Sam Bahadur survived against all odds. If destiny had saved him it was for a reason because his story was just beginning."

Though MILLIONS of Hindus and Sikhs perished in 1946 and 1947, a few million did survive.

We, too, survived for a reason. It was to REJECT Partition till the last day of life, IDENTIFY the enemy and warn the nation about the dangerous "Book"of "Kafir-Killer" Ideology, and TELL our mortally wounded nation what it ought to do to prevent any further massacre or mutilation of Bharat in the future- by the SAME enemy!

Sam Bahadur survived to LIBERATE East Pakistan for secular Bharat, NOT FOR SEPARATIST FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAM. He brought glory of victory to the Indian army (humiliated by the unconditional surrenders of 1947) but that joy was to last only a few hours. We had the ENEMY sitting in the Prime Minister's chair!

First, Maneckshaw disappointed her when she suggested a "cease fire" as in Kashmir and he refused to oblige. Then SHE disappointed him by returning the conquered territory to the enemy as reward while punishing own side. Maimoona Begum was a Musalmanee at heart and related more to Babur and Aurangzeb than to Bharat or the Hindus.

Sam Bahadur, educated in Amritsar, the target of Maimoona's venomous vengeance 22 years later, was shunned by the ruling establishment as we all know. And in India if the CORRUPT and TREACHEROUS leaders in power shun someone the whole "slave colony" shuns him or her, too.

If you, your father or grandfater survived the HOLOCAUST of 1946-1947, then there was a purpose. It was to inform, educate and INSPIRE the downtrodden Hindu nation that is being "bashed" day and night. Let our combined Will send them off to oblivion after recovering all the wealth they have conveyed to FOREIGN bank accounts.

If we open our eyes and UNITE we can even see the genuine "glow" of "Akhand Bharat" (Hindu Rashtra) by exterminating those who see the Hindus as cowards or "extremists and terrorists" but not those who have occupied one third of India and slaughtered millions in a coup on one day.

1 Apr 13.

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