Date: 14/10/2014

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Who doesn't wish to FORGET Partition? WE ALL DO.

But on reflection and delving into calm and realism, we discover to our horror that the PARTITION is not the past BUT OUR FUTURE.

Yes, it is our FUTURE. But "How?", you may ask.

For this one has to imagine to be in the year 1940, if not 1947. Only then can the enlightenment come!

The tragedy, invariably AVOIDED, is the fact that Partition achieved NOTHING. It was the "hat trick" of a clique of traitors- foremost among them Jawaharlal Nehru, who turned the mountain into molehill!

And if it achieved nothing, then it could not have any effect on our present and even the future!

The Indian Muslims then suddenly surfaced as "SECOND NATION" because they saw their OPPORTUNITY.

That opportunity was the departure of the British when a window opened for all and sundry, to lay claims to their own vital interests. The Muslims were in the same ratio and proportion as now. And also, what has NOT changed are their Belief and KORAN. Their Koran is eternal and so is their Belief.

The Koran feeds them with the diet of SEPARATISM and HATRED of KAFIS. It even forbids them equating women with the men. (How else could Mohammed himself marry 19 and allow four each, to The Rest?)

We should not forget that from 1857 to 1947 the Muslims were never an issue, never regarded "separate people" or the "Second Nation". It was only due to the fact that the Central Government then was very STRONG that could put our Mahatma in jail, force him to go on "fast unto death", blow up the freedom fighters by cannon, hang the patriots and kill those gathered at Jallianwala Bagh in their hundreds. Yes, the Centre was very powerful. As a result the tiger and the lamb drank from one trough! There was NO Italian input nor the wide-spread CORRUPTION and the million SCAMS. So the Muslims behaved like the "lambs" in front of the British "LIONS".

Before we can afford to forget PARTITION we have to see the same political STRENGH at the Centre. Today's Centre, with the background of Gandhian statues and under confusing "Secular" Constitution, that makes "MUSLIM equal to HINDU", bears no comparison with the Centre under the Viceroy when Kashmir was tranquil with tourists and all the Hindus safe and happy. We can check up with our grandparents!

During the British reign, the Muslims were not all tame. There was the BURNING FUSE, barely noticeable but hot enough to make Bapu Gandhi take the path of appeasement. The same fuse became a CONFLAGRATION (big wild fire) in 1947 because the KORANIC and MOHAMMEDAN "oxygen" was always there to FEED it.

Before we can sleep peacefully over the frightening references to Partition, we need to hear that our Bharat has followed the example of ANGOLA to ban ISLAM and all the mosques have been LOCKED UP just as they were across the Soviet Union till 1989!

That's all we need to wait for. IN BRIEF it is this:

"Hindus cannot afford the luxury of forgetting PARTITION since all the factors of yet another Partition in the future are there.

The uninformed, the feeble hearted, the "sadhus and sants", the super smart and the complacent can forget Partition. But it will have lethal repercussions for the Hindus in the very near future.

It will be the best news for the "Second Nation" still in Bharat that may now look like part and parcel of the whole nation.

Times have changed only for the INDIAN Muslims. They have got their Pakistan without fight, referendum or condition, and they have also stayed back in Bharat- and, best of all, made us FORGET Partition!

But for the HINDUS the times will change only when we see a new Constitution for "HINDU RASHTRA". At present one is not sure whether all the Hindus even comprehend as to why!

As per REALITY CHECK, Hindus' lot is so precarious that we have to "rewind the 1947 Partition" in order to avoid the one in the future that will be even more horrendous.


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