Date: 27/09/2014


67 years after the idea of "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" was BLASTED for ever in the shape of the newly born ILLEGITIMATE Islamic Republic of Pakistan (on the secular soil of Hindusthan) the Truth could not be clearer!

The "democratically elected" Prime Minister of Pakistan, NAWAB SHARIF, (NB: Hitler, too, was democratically elected at first and so was traitor JL NEHRU!) is facing a near revolt situation in Pakistan.

Tens of thousands of loyal followers of the two fiery reformist leaders, Abdul Qadri (Pakistan Awami Tehreek) and ex cricketer IMRAN KHAN (Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf) are gathered in front of Pakistani Parliament, demanding the prompt resignation, and later criminal trial, of Nawab Sharif for serious election fraud & irregularities.

Charges have also been admitted in Court against Mr. Sharif and his brother Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister of WEST Punjab, on account of firing by police on people's demonstration in Model Town, Lahore, when 11 people were killed and over 100 injured.

Thus the two brothers, notorious for building personal empires through corruption (like our own Dynasty+Congress goons!), are in very bad books with their own people although in overall corruption and mal-administration, the record is held by NEHRU DYNASTY (SONIA, RAJIV, RAHUL & WADRA) though they need not worry or fear due to gentle nature of Hindus and Gandhi's example of 'fasting to death' when "chips are down"!

Now back to the two main characters- one good the other very bad. Both arrived in New York to attend the annual (69th.) meeting of UN General Assembly.

Nawab Sharif had made an intermediate halt in London where a big gathering of Pakistanis greeted him with abuse and shouts of "GO NAWAZ GO!" The security around him was tight.

Sharif was greeted with the same ugly scenes when he arrived in New York. Hundreds of non resident Pakistanis had gathered in front of the UN Headquarters and shouted "GO NAWAZ GO!" The reception with "abuse" was well noticed by the world media.

Then came India's Narendra Modi. The scene could not have been more different. Hundreds of NRI's gathered in front of the hotel where he was to stay. He arrived very late in the evening, close to midnight, but the jubilant crowd outside had only increased in size and shouted "Modi, Modi!" so loud that to their surprise Mr Modi came out and greeted them in person. He moved freely among his people, shaking hands and exchanging greetings. The world press showed his stature and popularity among the NRI's.

Truly, while Nawab Sharif was greeted by his own fellow countrymen with loud abuse, Narendra Modi was welcomed by jubilant NRI's with loud cheers and flowers.

Many Pakistanis would be reflecting on their leaders' blunder, even STUPIDITY, to have demanded Partition in order to leave such a loving & caring country as Hindusthan, only to "lick" the ideology of savage Arabs of 7th. Century, and pray to God through an alien Book written in the incomprehensible Arabic language.

Though we wish Imran Khan the best of luck in his "CRUSADE" to oust Nawab Sharif from Prime Minister's office, the futility of his mission ought to be clear to most people on earth. How can flowers grow in sand?

Yes, how can any civilisation of love, peace, tolerance and progress come about in any Islamic country, given the separatist "incendiary" contents of KORAN as their source of inspiration?

Every Islamic country that was LIBERATED by the liberal and democratic WEST (Christians) reverted back to the turbulent "Muslim way of life" after its liberation from the likes of Taliban and Al Qaida, be it Iran, Libya, Irak, Syria, even Pakistan.

To crush Nawab Sharif's psychopathic schizophrenic fellow Muslims in another "ISLAMIC STATE" in the Middle East, the planes of America, France and the United Kingdom have dropped more BOMBS today in order to DESTROY the "good" followers of Koran, the savage IS (Islamic Republic)!

What chance is there that the people of Pakistan will see the tranquil situation in Bharat and then use their brains to ask for reunification (AKHAND BHARAT)?

If they do not REPENT and REFORM, if they do not leave the company of Mohammed, in order to seek spiritual guidance, peace and progress in the Land of Sri Rama and Guru Nanak Dev then Bharat will become a "heaven" on earth while Pakistan will resemble Hell.

27 Sep 14