Date: 19/09/2014

Budhist Card was played by Bandit Nehru, when he championed
the celebrations of the 2500th Anniversary of Budha and he
disastriously failed. China responded his Bhai Bhai with Bye Bue
and he created enormous problems by endorsing China's claim over Tibet,
(the buffer state for Bharat).

Narendra Modi, we hope, will avoid such gimmickery stupidities.


The Buddhist "card" cannot be played by Mr Modi. The Chinese are not fools not to notice the shameful state of even Hindu temples in India and the total neglect of Buddhist shrines under the terror of Nehruvian Secularism.
India has neither appealed for donations from rich Buddhist countries to help CONSTRUCT the ancient Buddhist temples in Bharat nor ever consciously invited tourists from these countries to the East and South of Bharat.
For the last seven decades India has "courted" only Islamic countries and the West, totally ignoring Nepal and the Buddhist countries as if they were "undesirable"!


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Sub:- (i)- Modi should walk the talk about big - brotherly claims (ii)- Modi should take lead to resolve Indo - China border dispute through UN Judicial Commission (UNJC) (iii)- China knows that without resolving border dispute good economic relations impossible (iv)- Believed to be an aggrieved party, only India in a position to resolve Indo - China border dispute (v)- India should utilize goodwill of UNSC / USA to constitute UNJC

Dear Sir

PM Modi has been visiting neighboring countries where he has been flaunting that because Buddhism emanated from India therefore India is a big brother to all such countries (China too by implication) where Buddhism is being practiced. There is nothing wrong in assuming such exalted airs provided Modi discharges the responsibility of a big - brother. To prove this the time is now, when Chinese President XI Jinping is on India’s visit. Ping knows (as is being discussed in Indian media too) that without resolving border dispute good Indo - China economic relations are impossible.

Rightly or wrongly India believes that through 1962 Indo - China war, China stabbed India in the back after chanting 'Hindi - Cheeni Bhai - Bhai' (Indians and Chinese are brothers). Hence what ever China may do to resolve border dispute, it will never satisfy India. Therefore if any satisfactory solution has to come for Indo - China border dispute then its initiative and 'Dispute Resolution Mechanism' (DRM) has to come from India.

One such DRM can easily be (as I mentioned in my letter June 9, 2014 and which is reproduced below) the 'UN- Judicial Commission' (UNJC) . For constituting this UNJC, India can utilize the goodwill of UNSC including of permanent members of UN (UK, Russia and France too) and especially of USA by talking to Prez Obama when Modi visits USA this month for UNGA meet.

It is hoped that Modi will behave as big - brother (which he claims) and will ensure that Indo - China border dispute (which has vitiated Asian political atmosphere for the last over 60 years) resolution through UNJC will be mentioned in joint communique at the conclusion of Ping's current India visit - so that Ping does not go empty handed from India and instead goes satisfied and contented that he will go down in history as a Chinese leader who resolved a border dispute between two Asian giants (~ one third of mankind) and which will be in the interest of global peace and prosperity too.


Letter of June 9, 2014


The Editor

Sub:- (i)- Indian Foreign Ministry incompetent, if does not resolve Indo-China border dispute within a year (ii)- Dispute with Pakistan is political but with China is legal

Dear Sir or Madam

This refers to current visit to India of China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the special envoy of President Xi Jinping. The Foreign Ministry of India should be considered utterly incompetent if it does not resolve the Indo - China border dispute within a year, as explained below:-

(1)- First of all it needs to be understood that dispute with Pakistan (over Kashmir) is political which is the result of pernicious and absurd ‘two nation theory’ and where Islam has already laid down the lives, as per media reports, of ~ one hundred thousand Muslims for Kashmir. Therefore this dispute will not be solved that easily especially in view of the fact that the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written (notwithstanding the contrary desire of communal forces in India and Pakistan who are having a field day in respective countries without any effective interference from other religionists, being in hopeless minority). Therefore in view of fruitless and communal minded Pakistan policy pursued by previous governments being followed by this government also, India will be well advised if, for the time being, it puts the Indo - Pak dispute in cold storage.

(2)- But dispute with China is legal and which is not a rocket science to understand and resolve. Moreover without solving border dispute healthy economic relationship with China is impossible. Hence India should ask china to constitute a UN - Judicial Commission (UNJC) in which India and China both should nominate (say) 15 experts each of international law especially related to border disputes ( 6 from their countries both India and China + 4 from veto- wielding countries USA, Russia, UK and France + 5 from other countries of their choice - with concurrence of the governments of these 9 countries). This UNJC should be under the chairmanship of UN General Secretary. .

(3)- Under its mandate, this UNJC can decide border dispute (with majority vote and casting vote of Chairman, if necessary due to tie) on the basis of documents provided by both India and China. After legal position of borders as per decision of this UNJC on the basis of present ground condition, the UNJC can recommend give and take of territories. Both India and China should give undertaking that the verdict of this 31 member UNJC (regarding legal position of borders and give & take of territory in view of ground reality) shall be binding on both India and China (with additional undertaking from China that its veto power will not come in the way of accepting the decisions of this UNJC)

(4)- As far anger in India against China about humiliating defeat of India in 1962 Indo -China war, India should understand that had India (as revealed by former Indian Air Chief) used its Air Force (which was superior to Air Force of China in 1962 as per Air Chief and other Military Authorities) then not only India could have avoided such humiliating defeat but even India might have won the war. Therefore for the mistake of martially deficient India (especially those who knew about air superiority of India in 1962) and its government in 1962, it is not reasonable and justified to blame China. Therefore wisdom, common sense and justice demand that India should move ahead and resolve Indo - China border dispute through said UNJC within a year.

Yours truly