Date: 15/09/2014

ABSURDITY OF BOGUS PARTITION (without population exchange)

We were “LIONS” when Qutb-ud-din Aybak invaded from Turkey. The defeat made us “cows” since we did not “return his compliments” by invading Turkey and sacking ANKARA and ISTANBUL.
But after the British East India Company sacked Delhi in 1857 Queen Victoria took over India, and the subsequent British rule made us “sheep”.

When we were “sheep” Gandhi was our “shepherd”. But when the “pack of wolves” attacked us again, our shepherd could not kill them and one third of Bharat was GONE!

Since 1947 our Bharat has been in limbo, further decomposing under the dark shadow of civil strife & unrest, bad governance, corruption, “divide & rule policy”, Italian Mafia and wars (against Pakistan).

On May 16, 2014 this downward slide towards doom came to a sudden halt. A new sun rose and with its first rays we woke up from deep sleep and felt brave for the first time in 1,000 years and saw reality, our ancient land in disorder and utter chaos- in three ugly fragments.
Partition was a tactical solution (cowardly escape) in utmost haste & panic due to the perennial “foreigner vs. native” clash of interests. The unchallenged Evil points to further insecurity and collapse.

Therefore, the strategic answer to the “murder” of Akhand Bharat in 1947 and the accompanying “bleeding” and miseries can only be to REPUDIATE PARTITION.
Given Hindu (BJP) majority in Parliament this is the golden opportunity to pass that Resolution. We shall fail to do so at our own extreme peril.

If Jinnah could pass the Pakistan Resolution so easily and safely in 1940 that divided India as well as the INDIAN Muslims into three parts while decimating the Hindus, the powerful geographical and people’s collective pull will only bring ultimate death and destruction in South Asia. The fools (“rats”) who hastily signed the surrender of India and degraded our ancient land of divinity, civilisation and wisdom, did not, and could not, comprehend the deep and lasting IMPLICATIONS of their treacherous act of such magnitude.

It is time NOW to recognise the evil of High Treason by one side and the prompt SURRENDER by the other, and do the right thing at last. It is never too late!
We ask the timid LOK SABHA of Bharat (a disgrace to their race and country) to feel inspired and transform themselves from “MIDGETS (MICE) TO STALWARTS (MEN)”, and pass the following Resolution unanimously and immediately:-

“We the people’s representatives, having seen the suspicions, disruption and divisions of the people of sub continent, now living in three artificial fragments called Pakistan, Bharat and Bangladesh, wish to rise above petty considerations and fears, and resolve to UNDO that Act of High Treason, commonly referred to as PARTITION.

“We understand that a United India will be a peaceful and powerful country in her original frontiers and once again stretch from Khyber to Chittagong, promising equality to all under one law, for peace and prosperity.”

To be signed by the brave and the honourable of Bharat, the people’s representatives in LOK SABHA, New Delhi, Bharat.


Now we anticipate approval or rejection!
In the latter case: Universal DISBELIEF.

“Impossible!” some will say. “Useless and hopeless!” the others, betraying their own inner stature.
“They will raise the flag of Isil and slaughter us,” some will say, trembling at the prospect of the presence of more Muslims (“Shaitaan, Be-Imaan, Haiwaan”) in our Hindusthan.

“Let the sleeping dogs lie,” will be the final word.
But such a defeatist response cannot be acceptable since those who are afraid, INVITE what they are afraid of!

The “sleeping dogs” will WAKE UP and then become “wolves” and do what the wolves do to the sheep.
The reaction, however, is understandable. The Hindus’ EDUCATION was in the hands of our enemies, starting from the ancestors of Taliban through the British, down to Nehru and his “Hindu bashing” dynasty.

The “education” received during the Mogul time was S*it, during the British time it was Sh*t and in the last 67 years it has been Shi*. Hence it is not impossible to conclude the QUALITY of such a nation at the receiving end! We are what our EDUCATION was!

Is this state of affairs acceptable? NO.

Is Partition acceptable? NO.

Is unconditional surrender (defeat) before a bully acceptable? NO!

So, the first step towards becoming a MATCH to the enemy that has occupied one third of India, and still threatens us in Ayodhya and Srinagar, is to pass this Resolution.
The second step is to match the enemy in SPIRIT, COURAGE, MOTIVATION and DETERMINATION. And in the third stage we must OVERWHELM the opposition (enemy) and declare “HINDU RASHTRA”.

Can anyone come out with a better idea (or approach), given that the destination (goal) of AKHAND BHARAT is unalterable, unchangeable and unshakeable?

If we still look at it with fear then the fault lies with us to imagine that we (NATIVES) are still NO match to the “Kafir-killer” hostile anti Hindu forces & ideologies from across the frontiers. In that case we cannot afford to remain innocent or complacent but ought to KNOW what will come next!
Finally, we look at the MUSLIMS, perceived to be violent separatist “devils”.
Unknown to us, they do feel the weight of guilt for breaking up India, and simultaneously, breaking up their own Muslim Umma’ on the sub continent.

They also see Bangladesh starving to death and the Pakistanis killing one another and drowning in their own blood as well as in the angry waters of our sacred rivers that come down as scourge from the “abodes of our gods” in the Himalayas.

The Resolution will come as the best news to their tortured souls and divided community, and seem like the promise of peace, justice and clean administration. Most of them do put Mr. Modi above their own “Nawabs and Khans” any day!

The golden dream of “Akhand Bharat” is achievable. The Hindu genius is second to none!

So, the one billion, ADVANCE!

16 September 2014.