Date: 18/08/2014

The following account published in "The Daily Telegraph", London, on August 18, 1944, shows how wars are fought where any likelihood of another aggression by the SAME enemy is rendered impossible.

The thoughts of the American President of the time (below) are in TOTAL contrast with those of our own "langoTi-clad" Mahatma Gandhi who had already conditioned the Indian soldiers into believing that "Mohammedan was BHAI of the Hindu", and to kill the "brother" was the biggest evil on earth!

Gandhi was our top leader in 1947 and revered as Mahatma. Therefore, his views had a crippling effect on Hindu manhood in Noakhali (1946) and Lahore (1947), thus rendering us like the sheep before the wolves. The result was the biggest human STAMPEDE of history, trying to escape the "beasts" of the new ISLAMIC STATE called "Pakistan".

From the first day of the surrender of India without a condition or resistance we ENCOURAGED the enemy to attack us again and again. No wonder after the capture of Lahore they appeared in Kashmir, looting, burning and raping. Ceasing fire half way during the process of repulsing the enemy, and recovering our territory, we again encouraged them to come again and again. (We now know that Prime Minister Nehru's wish was to DEGRADE the Indian Army and BENEFIT the enemy.)

In contrast, the President of the United States was determined to continue war against Germany and Japan till they surrendered unconditionally! No wonder today America is still UNITED and so is the UNITED Kingdom while our India, misled by Gandhi and betrayed by Nehru, is now in three fragments with her future uncertain.

LESSON: Warfare does not fit with either Christ or Gandhi but is the game for Mohammed and Hitler who could proceed against the KAFIRS and the JEWS respectively, without the least mercy- just like the Islamic State and the Yazidis in IRAK today.

Measured by Mr Roosevelt's thinking the "Gandhian" Supreme Commander of Bharat is not only totally USELESS but a LIABILITY in case of any future war.





From Our Own Correspondent, Washington, Thursday.

ALLIED TROOPS must completely occupy both the German and the Japanese homelands before any surrender terms are accepted by the Allies. President Roosevelt expressed this conviction at a press conference which he held on his special train shortly before he arrived back in Washington after a five-week tour of Pacific.

If this was not done, said Mr. Roosevelt, the next generation of Germans and Japanese would be assured that they had really won the war, as the present generation of Germans was told about the last war. Similar sentiments were expressed by the Republican candidate for the Presidency, Mr. Dewey, in his acceptance speech on June 28 at the Party Convention in Chicago when he said, “Germany must never again nourish the delusion that she could have won. We must carry to Japan a defeat so crushing and complete that every last man among them knows he has been beaten.”

The President did not think that the recent internal upheaval in Germany and the rapid Allied advances in France would cause an early German collapse.


“We hope,” he said, “there would be no trouble inside Germany, but that may turn out to be wishful thinking.

“There is an interesting psychological tendency, not only of the German people, but of their military command, to throw up the sponge when their borders are menaced because they don’t want Germany over-run.

“They quit before we got in last time, but they won’t be spared invasion this time.”

He expressed the doubt that Germany would make any last-ditch stand around Berlin, or even on the Rhine.

The President declared that the Allied troops would not call a halt till they had reached Berlin and had taken the entire country.

Because of Japan’s long record of international dishonesty, the Allies should figuratively erect a fence around her and keep her enclosed until years of proof had shown without doubt that she was ready and willing to live in the community of peaceful nations.

Mr. Roosevelt called the Pacific campaigns, with the exception of Burma, the major responsibility of the US, because her strength was greater than that of her Allies, such as Australia and New Zealand.

He added that permanent defences must be spread along the full Pacific length of the Americans to checkmate any future aggression.