Date: 15/08/2014

Thank you.

You are not alone. Every Indian (esp. Hindu) heart was deeply moved by his speech.

The reason? For the first time in 1,000 years the ruler of Hindusthan is a Hindu!

While earlier, a treacherous NEHRU spoke, then the Political WITCH Maimoona Begum spoke, then the BOFORS CHOR, and then the ITALIAN MAFIA in the shape of Sonia Maino spoke so artificially, today each one of us felt that IT IS OUR OWN FAMILY, that we are a great invincible nation (never to cease fire again) and the Head of our Family is speaking to us.

May the nation be STRONG AND WISE to enjoy sovereignty, given that our enemies are "licking his wounds" and are planning and acting to come back.


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Dear Fellow Bharatiya,

I am speaking not as Pradhan Mantri but as a Pradhan Sevak, Modi speaks to nation. As he speaks and I listen to him live on my computer, tears drops down from my eyes for the expression Modi sends to the "AAM-AADMI".

God bless my country-Bharat and my Pradhan Sevak,

xxxxxxxxxxxx (USA)
August 14th @10:20 PM EST/August 15th @7:50 AM IST