Date: 12/08/2014


"Yes. This is the only way left with you based on your culture, manner, style and grasp. Live with it."


Thank you for your esteemed comment. You have endeared yourself to the great but fake and bogus "Gandhi family", led by Italian daughter of Rome, spreading arms across the land like the octopus.

Yes, we are doomed to live in BROKEN BHARAT, under HINDU NEGATING SECULAR Constitution, tolerating HINDU BASHING / MUSLIM APPEASING ruling establishment, hosting REFUGEES from Srinagar, receiving TERRIFIED grieving Hindus from Sindh and East Bengal, pinned down by crippling bureaucracy, red tape and the culture of bribery and corruption, stagnant blood running through our veins, dreaming of glory of Ayodhya like Vatican and hoping for safety of our girls from MUSLIM predators roaming free in our towns and villages, and passively sitting like ducks, looking forward to the END SOLUTION of Hindus like the JEWS in Europe just like our own fate in West Punjab, East Bengal and North Kashmir.

Gandhi who SAPPED Hindu MANHOOD, left the ONE BILLION "eunuchs" to admire the KHANS of Bollywood where a Hindu dare not walk with a Musalmani under FEAR of death.

Since 712 AD the Hindu has not seen sovereignty in Hindusthan where any foreigner is above the native, where the native President, too, will rather die than be seen entering a Mandir.

Yes, the exodus of Intelligentsia will accelerate and what will be left in Bharat is a thousand servants per one European.

Hindusthan is under ETERNAL curse that will be removed by those (Mohammedans) who can FIRE A GUN or BEHEAD a Hindu by SWORD. They will soon be arriving, or, worse still, rising WITHIN as in 1947.

All our warriors like Bhagat Singh and Nathu Ram Godse, Netaji and Shivaji, must be looking down upon us expecting us to PUT INDIA ABOVE GANDHI and regard the death of "Akhand Bharat" as the DEATH OF EVERY HINDU, NOR ONLY GANDHI.

Seeing the cat approaching a pigeon closes its eyes. Seeing the DARK FUTURE many Hindus take refuge in the memory of Gandhi not realizing that he could not save even his own life.

13 August 2014 ("D for DEATH" Day of Akhand Bharat minus 2)