Date: 03/06/2014

Please see the biography of Sonia's son in law. When did his father discard Hinduism? And even more important, WHY DO PEOPLE DISCARD HINDU RELIGION IN A JIFFY IN HINDUSTHAN? We see the (rampant) disease but NO doctor!

His father RAJENDRA was either a SIKH or a HINDU in Sialkot, now in West Punjab. He married a Scottish female (most likely a missionary like the bride of the former President KR Narayanan) and at once converted to Christianity trying to be like the RULERS of the time and at the same time trying to rise above the level of his fellow Hindus.

TENS OF MILLIONS of other HINDUS embraced ISLAM either voluntarily or for "Ishq" (infatuation) or under the threat of that doom's cry "ISLAM OR DEATH?" that beheaded the refuseniks at once.

Yet the Hindu LEADERSHIP has not only FAILED to notice this tragedy but also done NOTHING to prevent the on going desertions.

This has given rise to the tradition of "Hindu Mule and Muslim Rider" when it comes to MIXED marriages as well as BOLLYWOOD where we see a competition going on among the Hindu maidens for a KHAN.

It is dire need of the time to set up a "Cell of Hindu IDEOLOGY" in Modi's cabinet to keep an eye on such events and trends that escape the notice of the layman and all the vast hordes of "sadhus & sants" in Bharat.

2 June 2014.

PS: In the bio below please note two things: EDUCATION OF WADRA ("up to 10th. class) and the RAPID SUCCESSION OF DEATHS in his family. Does it not remind us of the "mysterious" deaths of FEROZE KHAN and SANJAY GANDHI in "Dirty" Dynasty?




Robert Vadra was born to Rajendra and Maureen Vadra on 18 May 1969. Rajendra Vadra hails from, Uttar Pradesh, and Maureen (née McDonagh) was of Scottish origin.[4] Rajendra was a resident of Civil Lines area of Moradabad and ran a brass and wood handicrafts business. The family is originally from Sialkot, Pakistan, and Rajendra's father moved to India at the time of partition. Robert Vadra, who studied till 10th Class,[5] had two siblings, Richard and Michelle.[6][7]

Vadra met Priyanka Gandhi when she was aged 25 and they married in 1997. The couple have two children: a son Raihan and daughter Miraya.[8] Vadra has a keen interest in fitness.

Rajendra Vadra, father of Robert Vadra was found dead at a guest house in Yusuf Sarai area of New Delhi in 2009. His elder brother Richard committed suicide in 2003 and Michelle, his sister, died in a car accident in 2001.[7][8]