Date: 19/03/2013


Since Partition we have been watching the goings on in Bharat, the land of our birth and spirituality.

What we know now, we did not then. The British did not hand over the country to the honest people or genuine democracy but to their own henchman Nehru and his family, to rule till eternity.
Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally. The result is the vast era of suppression of the native genius, culture and civilisation, and the imposition of deceptive secularism on India while East and West Pakistan were easily let off from those constraints.

The sub continent is now in three unstable fragments with the Hindus wedged in between the two ideologically fierce Islamic nations on either side. Partition was not a clean affair but very dirty. It was not the will of the people through referendum and it was not a clean population transfer. The result is before our eyes.

The "indigestible second nation", the Muslim minority, is again in the same ratio in the population (one third) as they were before Partition and similar dissent is mounting among them once again, to explode in our faces.

The next time it will prove lethal to Bharat due to the facts that-

The Indian Muslims, who were unarmed like the Hindus in 1947, are today ideologically charged two separate sovereign states with their own armed forces and weaponry. Their potential to destroy India is much more serious and greater since India has a large FIFTH COLUMN inside to deliver the final coup de grace.

Furthermore, Kashmir was then a tourists' paradise while today it is hotbed of dissent and terrorism, encouraged by their separate identity due to Article 370 in Cosntitution.
The Government that appeased the enemy in 1947 has not held any post- mortem on Partition but has played with security and survival of the Hindus by sweeping the main causes and implications under the carpet. Sooner or later this artifical peace by deception & fraud will turn ugly.

The Hindus have been kept stuck to nonviolence in the face of visibly violent threat from all sides and from within.

Hence what the patriot has written below is to be taken very seriously. We may watch the next general elections of which the conclusion is foregone. The deeply entrenched "Hindu bashing" pro "Italy & Islam" Congress Party will not give up power easily.

They know that the next government will open up the cases of corruption and force the Swiss banks to return the vast sums of money to India and put the criminals in the dock. Hence they will rather go to war (deadly civil war) than surrender power.

On the earth today the Hindus are MOST endangered and, at the same time, LEAST prepared to confront the existential dangers facing them. It is amazing but true. Lack of awareness and lack of readiness for united counter attack on the part of Hindus are incomprehensible. Even the Hindu refugees from South Kashmir are not in the news.

Here is a true story from the time still remembered by many: A rich Hindu family in Multan sent their son on a three year degree course to a university in England in September 1946. They paid all the fees and expenses for one year.

In June the following year all communication with his parents was cut. A month later he received a letter from an uncle in Meerut saying, "Regret to say that a frenzied Muslim mob attacked your parents' home and killed them both along with your younger brothers and set fire to the house after looting it. Your younger sister was abducted and is known to be missing at the time of writng."
That was not an isolated case. Most Hindus if abroad, had no home to return to, and those living happily in their own homes were forced to flee at short notice, sometimes only 15 minutes!

In a country that never discusses the causes of slavery and is never prepared for the next invasion or onslauhght this has been the Hindus' life and fate for over thosuand years.
We are all brainwashed by parents, preachers and rulers to remain stuck to Gandhian "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" and seem to ignore and forget every defeat and disaster in the spirit of forgiveness.

The collective Hindu body is PIERCED in front by the dagger called "Maaya" and in the back by the sword called "Tyaag"! ("What is an illusion ought to be relinquished. It is not worth defending.")

If one mentions the Holocaust at "Partition" most Hindus would change the topic, yawn or simply move away. With ISLAM menacing again, we all KNOW what is coming to the "Rest Of India", betrayed like her armed forces, and unable to do anything but await death.

Even the Supreme Commander does not seem bothered if one day the Hindus in Bharat, too, share the fate of those in West Punjab and East Bengal.

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Let's be honest without political bias why are we in this total deep mess. When a nation of 1.3 billion population totally submit themselves and get ruled by one class five educated Italian of dubious birth origin who again known to be 4th richest woman in the planet with estimated wealth of $30 billions and all done loots from India, then what you expect from such Mango people? There are many millions of xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx in India who put KURTA PYJAMAS and LUNGIS but do everything humanly possible against the interests of 80% Hindus and India.

The first Muslim invasion on India took place in 664 AD when Multan was attacked and the first conquer of part of India took place in 712 AD. Since then it was non-stop by the most barbaric Muslims and Portuguese and then by the semi-barbaric Brits until 1947, but before the Haiman and Shaitan Brits left they put a dagger in the heart of India with the help of Muslims, Gandhi and Nehru to survive as sick and deformed. Most unfortunately Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Shivaji's rule did not last long because of own Hindu/Sikhs betrayals.

A period of over one thousand years history of slavery have truly damaged the Hindu psyche with a built-in slavish mind-set. So a Hindu finds it very comfortable to talk billion of times of Godhra and NAMO bashing, which was started by Muslims when they killed 59 innocent Karsevaks and 30% Hindus were also killed but have YOU ever come across one Hindu politician, Ex-Army Officer or a billionaire who would talk first about murders, plunders, rapes, loots, conversions and destruction of Hindu Temples by BIN TUGHLAZ, GHAZNI,GHORI, KHILJI,TIMUR LONG, NADIR SHAH, BABUR, AURANGZEB, TIPU, JINNAH AND OF COURSE MUSHARRAF who is still welcomed by Indians and Indian medias and given 7 star treatments.

The bottom line is individually no matter how successful we are collectively India is a COOLIE COLONY WITH MANGO MEN RULED BY ONE ITALIAN INDEX FINGER.


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The answer for not publishing your Article is in the write itself. Our Police is informer to both/many sides of the Political Divide. All Political Parties are vote bank based.

Like Weather Reports which are vague, the Intelligence Alerts are wide and not precise. They are mostly Sigint based and rarely humanint. Even if the whole Police of the State is put on the line, it cannot be prevented.

Police is tired of long hours of beat duties and care of genuine and publicity seekers. Then almost the entire Police Station Force is busy manning routes for VIPs and VVIPs movements, Bandhs, clashes, hardly anybody is there for people safety or crime prevention.

It is a misnomer that USA is safe because of Home Land Security. It is safe because of Neighbourhood Watch. Most Houses fly national flag and a board---Neighbourhood Watch--and they are very alert. I myself was shadowed and questioned by Police on 3 occasions in USA---In 1990 when I my Ship was in New Orleans but they let me off when they saw my Master's Pass for being out. In 1998 when I was visiting USA my Son and every afternoon I would walk 3 miles to Library and walk back. I would say xxxxxxxxx and visiting my Son. In 2010 again visiting my Son who had shifted to an upscale Colony and I on my usual evening walk. I was accosted by two Veterans who bombarded me as to why India was not backing Israel. They would give their life for Israel.

Does AAM AADMI/Mango People trust Police???? My own Mother did not trust after demise of my Father--a retired Police Officer. Even the Leadership is not being spared.

You are right about lack of accountability of the Rulers. There is no provision in the Constitution to prosecute JS with permission of India and same for Ministers for whom Governor or President formal permission is required. And the SC has not deemed fit to change it.


Dear All,

The article appended below was written soon after the Hyderabad blasts last month.

It was sent for publication to a newspaper and later another one, but neither published it.
Maybe it is too hot to handle by our media. I suppose the editors too have to cover their backs!


My anger started welling up as I listened to the news of the two blasts at Hyderabad on 21 February 2013. Now over 40 hours later, I am not just angry but mad! I am not only mad at the terrorists who strapped the explosive devices on the three bicycles (one did no explode), but also at the leaders of my country who permitted this to happen.

I am mad at our political leaders who have only platitudes to offer after the event, as they have done on many earlier occasions; I am mad at our bureaucrats who are supposed to implement the directions of the political leadership but are too busy saving themselves and pushing files; I am mad at our intelligence organizations who have failed us time and time again, never giving actionable intelligence to the police; I am mad at the police for not preventing the blasts and appearing only after the event and pretending to be busy; but above all I am mad at the people of my country for allowing these so called leaders and their officials to continue to remain in power when they are not doing the job they are supposed to do.

This is not the first time terrorists have struck at innocent persons, killing and maiming them and if our leaders and their officials continue to perform in this manner, it will not be the last. Are we going to continue to listen to the so-called explanations being trundled out by them, the passing of the buck between the centre and the state; the distancing by the leaders and officials at the centre, as well as the state and the typical blame game that has become the hallmark of such episodes in our country? I believe the water has now reached our noses and unless we, the people of India act, we will all be drowned, with our worthy leaders and their hangers-on looking at us from their safe perches, surrounded by hordes of security persons who should have been deployed to secure the nation and not them.

But anger alone is not the answer. We need to act and we need to do this after making a plan and a well thought out strategy, which must be designed to work. It must not be a spur of the moment boiling over, but a methodical way that brings long term results and security to the people. We are not a small country, nor a banana republic. We are a powerful nation with a professional military and an economy that is still the envy of the world despite the downturn of the last three years. What we need is leaders who understand strategic issues and learn if they are vague about them. They also need to develop the political will to act. Where are they?

We have lived with various types of terrorism for decades now. We have also lived with a system of governance that we continue to hope will work one day and get rid of this menace, as well as other debilities, which are too numerous to be listed. Unfortunately, even when mostly everyone is of the view that we have to fight terrorism ourselves and we must not depend on any other country to do so, we have done nothing to actually do so.

Our political leadership, of all hues, colours and parties, is so preoccupied with votes, elections, getting elected, holding on to their chairs and of course making money by all means - fair or foul, that the country and the people who are the heart and soul of our nation remain forgotten. The poverty and the innate goodness of the people have been exploited to the maximum by these leaders. The governance ‘mantra’ that our leaders follow is doling out money. Money is given when someone gets killed or injured – whether it is on account of terrorist action, rail or road accidents, collapse of dilapidated buildings or to hide any failure of governance; it is given when people agitate in desperation; it is given to the next of kin for the loss of a family person; and for myriad similar reasons. The intention is to shut the mouths of the people and sweep under the carpet the acts of omission and commission of the government collectively, or by its minions individually.

The other peculiarity of our governance is that no one is accountable and no one is ever punished for crimes, despite their severity, irrespective of whether they are premeditated, planned or a result of lack of sufficient care and attention. Till date, I can not recall of any bureaucrat being punished for not doing what he/she is assigned to do. In the debacle of 1962, the 50th commemoration and self-flagellation of which we have gone through only a few months back, while the defence minister lost his job, sundry officials – both military and police were punished, no civil officials, who were actually instrumental in forging a stupid policy and ignoring military advice, were ever brought to book. For them, it was business as usual!

When the hue and cry by the people reaches a crescendo and there is no other choice, cases against loyalists are lodged but the police or the CBI is instructed to only show some movement without bringing matters to their logical conclusion! Politicians are of course never punished, unless the reason is ‘political’; at best they are told to relax in the comfort of their homes or the comfort of a specially prepared dwelling in a jail, for a month or two and then are either reinstated in another appointment or elevated! The classic example worth quoting is the biggest terrorist attack on our country – better known as 26/11, the three day nightmare in Mumbai in which nearly 200 persons were killed in cold blood. Nothing was right in the handling of that event that brought shame of the highest degree to the nation. So, what did our government do or not do?

The National Security Advisor, who should have been sacked immediately, was given a gubernatorial appointment, as was the Home Minister of the country! Three senior political leaders intimately concerned with the event were asked to resign but within months were reappointed to even more senior appointments; no bureaucrat at the centre or the state was even admonished; no action was taken against the head of the National Security Guard (NSG) that took ages to clear the terrorists; or against the commandos of the navy, who sat for three days in the lobby of the other hotel, twiddling their thumbs; no police officer of Maharashtra or Mumbai was indicted; and so on.

Fully knowing who the perpetrators were, the mighty government of India took no action except spouting inanities, while the Jihadis and their mentors celebrated in our neighbouring country. Even the usually pro-government media was constrained to say “Impotent India – Displays a Shameful Lack of Political Will to Deal with Islamic Terrorism”.

Are we going to wake up or keep waiting endlessly for divine intervention? Would the intelligentsia and the youth of the nation introspect and act? We need to do so, to save the nation and we owe it to our succeeding generations.