Date: 25/04/2014

Thank you for this brief but excellent account (BELOW) of one of history's greatest personalities who ever walked on earth.

Would it not be desirable if the Government of Bihar, where PATNA, his birthplace is located, was to extend and beautify the gurdwara there into a WORLD class centre of pilgrimage with facilities for the pilgrims to stay for up to a couple of days?

Would it not be desirable for the new Government of India under Shri Modi, to demolish the bogus "samadhi" of Rajiv Gandhi ("BOFORS CHOR") in New Delhi and construct a grand Guru Gobind Singh Foundation and Institution?

Would it not be wonderful if this little piece below could be broadcast to the whole world?

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Auragzeb did not want people of other religion to worship in public. But Guru Gobind Singh declared that the Sikh place of worship (A Gurudwara) must display a lofty flag, visible from a long distance and keep a big 'Drum' (Nagara). He said that Gurudwara is a place of God and it must give free food to the hungry and shelter to the needy irrespective of caste, creed or religion. No ritualistic type of worshipping like burning of candles, ringing of bells etc. is to be permit, instead, only reading, singing and discourses in praise of God and asking for His Blessings should be conducted. This is to teach oneself that man is a big zero, he is 10 only when God is with him.
He preached for:
1. Believe in Creator-The One God.
2. Believe in Guru Granth Sahib.
3. Do not fear.
4. Do not threaten.
5. Let not cruelty and injustice happen to anybody.
6. Control your desires, your mind, and have patience.