Did Nehru Betray Netaji?

Date: 21/04/2014

Had Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose not been murdered in cold blood by Nehru, India would NOT have been impoverished by 60 years of the Nehru-Maino Mafia and our 'defacto PM' Sonia Gandhi (Antonia Maino) would have still been a "5th Standard Pass" Maid Servant-Baby Sitter (Au Pair) in Italy today ! Just imagine the possibilities !

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Did Nehru Betray Netaji?

Did Nehru Order a "Supari" (Contract Killing) of His Political Rival "Netaji" Subhas Chandra Bose inside Stalin's prison?

One of the most painful episodes of India's post-colonialist history is the devious disappearance of the great patriot Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Several lingering questions remain in the hearts and minds of Indian people, because the circumstances surrounding the death of this fearless Bengali revolutionary seems murky by any investigative standards.

After faking a plane-crash to throw his British pursuers, did Netaji escape to Soviet Russia only to be imprisoned and subsequently killed by suffocation (with a plastic bag wrapped over his head)?

Did Nehru order Netaji's killing in Soviet custody with a quid-pro-quo that India would become a Soviet-leaning socialist country under his rule?

As a consequence, were Nehru and his dynastic successors (daughter Indira, grandson Rajiv, grand daughter-in-law Sonia and great-grandson Rahul) blackmailed by the Soviet Intelligence Agency (KGB) and their allegiance purchased to keep this dark secret hidden for the past 60+ years?

Have all the classified files relating to Netaji's death been destroyed by subsequent Congress/UPA regimes to cover up these unpardonable crimes of the Nehruvian family?

Did the Soviets remove the remaining stumbling block by poisoning the next Indian Prime Minister Sri Lal Bahadur Shastri during the Tashkent Conference (1965) so they could continue to prop up Nehru's clan - first Indira, then Rajiv (who became successive prime ministers) while continuing to get blackmailed into submission by the KGB and controlled further by foreign powers ?

The Patriotic Bharat Has High Hopes that Sri Narendra Modi, if elected to become India's Prime Minister in 2014, will shed light on this unforgivable treachery that altered India's history forever.

We hope that Sri Narendra Modi's government can come out fearlessly with the truth and answer the following question that is becoming prominent on the internet - "Did Nehru Betray Netaji?".

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