Date: 19/03/2014

19 MARCH, 2014.


Fractured India has a fault line called KASHMIR.

Tragically for fractured India, ruled by foreigners with full support of the “Nation of Goats”, the social & political CANCER is not confined to Kashmir. It goes on spreading in her entire body, down to Kerala in the South, Wagah in the West, and Imphal in the East.

The lethal ideological Hindu/Muslim divide between native and foreign is too deep to bridge without one side vanishing altogether as in Dhaka, Karachi & Lahore. Compare the borders of the (then) British India and the (present) Gandhian India. Control the spit coming up to your throat!
For the last thousand years all the native thinkers, philosophers and the holiest of the holy, have tried in vain to heal the body, one surgical operation after another, until the record amputation of 1947. It’s not even in the Constitution of “Goat Mutton!”

Reconciliation among the Koran, Bible and Geeta is impossible without the emaciated, disunited native (indigenous) people acquiring the power of the “lion”, reducing The Rest to become humble animals in the Indian political jungle. Given the present HINDU, “tamed & submissive, even beheaded”, is it possible?

Unstable, volatile & decomposing “cancer ridden” BHARAT is precariously lying on the edge of a crumbling precipice, with all her people living at the mercy of vagaries of time. A repetition of 1947 is inevitable. Not to see the word “PARTITION” in the Cowards’ (Goats’) Constitution is ominous.

It is also ominous for a tourist from abroad to see a large number of Muslims- men and women, at railway stations, airports and seaports, heading towards Mecca to see “Rock, sand and the lizards” in Arabia, avoiding and bypassing all the holy spots within Bharat. With batteries charged, and feeling part of global Umma, they return from the ideological fires to the peaceful Land of Krishna, Rama, Buddha and Guru Nanak, in order to stir the social scene.
If we have no ideological equivalent of KORAN, or an open discussion on its teachings and constant exhortations to the “blind believers”, conquerors and colonisers on how to regard the Non Muslims, the native communities in “Broken” Bharat, the Hindus will end up only in one place like those of Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal.

No Hindu (that includes the SIKHS) should sleep peacefully or rest on his laurels, the glory of martyrs or even Scriptures, till the status of MOHAMMEDANS in the Constitution of “Broken” Bharat is well defined.