Date: 29/01/2014

Thanks for this unique account, suppressed by Corrupt Congress led by the "Daughter of Mafia" from ITALY, and her GROWING Fifth Column.

This is the result of bogus Secularism that has re-written (sanitized) our history to appease the Muslims and please the Italians.

The Hindu nation is being taught another history in which traitor JL Nehru is a patriot and coward MK Gandhi is a stalwart who chased the British away to win our Independence. In any history book they both get SEVEN chapters each while Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Netaji, Swamy Vivekananda and Veer Savarkar will be lucky to get two lines each!

In 1947 while fleeing the ferocious MUSLIM onslaught the Hindu/Sikh blood was ONE. Both communities were in the same refugee camps, sleeping in mud under leaking tents at Jagadhri, Patiala, Ambala, Karnal, Panipat and Delhi.

But by 1984 under Congress propaganda and brainwashing, it had been de-linked. Under their "Divide & Rule" policy Hindus and Sikhs became two different & mutually antagonising religions. Now the Muslims were peace loving secular "bhai bhai" but the Sikhs were the enemies of peace!

To the joy of "ITALY & ISLAM" the Hindu nation was robbed of its "sword arm", and the Sikhs were labelled "terrorists".

Only under a new Constitution will the subjugated Hindu nation re-discover our traitors and patriots, and clearly see friend and foe and find out WHO IS WHO.


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Unfortumnately, innocent Sikhs were dragged out of the running trains,
humiliated because they were Sikhs. They were doing so with impunity.
The goons of Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler were roaming in the streets to
hunt the Sikhs. They were doing so, because the LAWlessness was on
their side.

Sajjan Kumar's goons were active in Visnu Garden, Tilak Nagar, Nangloi areras.
Tytler's goons were active in Azad Market, Saddar Bazar, Bara Hindu Rao Areas
and another notorious evil in the name of "Bagla" Bhakat was doing his Munh Kaala
in eastern areeas of Delhi like Shadra district.

The "overconfidence" in their Lashkars was that the Government was on their side.

Most of the above areas were /and are populated with the Sikh breathren too.

Other shameless acts were damage to the Sikh proprties, factories, homes and
taxi stands.

Sikh wounds have not been healed. There is a lack of efforts.

At the same time, I must appreciate the yeoman's serrvices done to the
Sikh Community by the "maligned" RSS and their alliies, notably in the
Chandni Chowk areras.

The Sikh hearts must be won, we are indeed indebted to them.