Date: 28/01/2014

I am Rahul Gandhi
The Lexicon of Governance is my Birthright!

Systems, processes, empowerment, paradigms, architecture for fighting corruption...These are words we have heard being repeated ad nauseum in the last several months from Rahul Gandhi when he has been more often in public glaze. And emphasized during last evening's interview with Arnab Goswami. Read the transcript here.

In our country, we have sadly lost the ability to talk about the Emperors New Clothes. These very vacuous words are praised with gusto mind numbingly by family sycophants. In the politics of dynasty, practiced feverishly especially in the last four decades or so, everything said by the member of the Family, especially the First family is is Bible, Quoran and the Gita.

Rahul Gandhi - you will be praised endlessly for bringing a fresh, game changing, paradigm breaking lexicon in our governance. We could have maybe accepted that. But only...

If only you had insisted that that political parties should be brought under the ambit of RTI law. In fact you could have used your goodwill and position as the Heir Apparent to get the Congress Party to appoint PIOs like LokSatta party has done
If only you had insisted that every single rupee of donation to the Congress Party is accounted for transparently like LokSatta Party has done
If only you had focused on the Governance at Your Doorstep model as a primary agenda of the UPA Govt for the last (LOST!) 10 years. LokSatta has pioneered this model but in spite of multiple campaigns in AP, Maharashtra and Karnataka (all of which are Cong ruled states) your governments have consistently and systematically rejected this model
If only when you talk about the will to fight corruption, you had insisted on prosecution of CMs/exCMs like Ashok Chavan and Virbhadra Singh
If only when you talk about the "architecture of fighting corruption", you had understood this Wheel of Corruption and got the UPA Govt which formed the 2nd ARC (Administrative Reforms Commission) to implement its far reaching recommendations on citizen centric- governance and responsible & accountable administration
Source: LokSatta / FDR Research papers

Rahul Gandhi - If only you had acted on some of the above, maybe, just maybe, the People of India might have tried to make sense of your game changing, paradigm breaking lexicon of governance. But your silence and inaction on these is telling. The People of India, and especially the aspirational younger generation, refused to be fooled time and time again. The Family means nothing to us.

Lexicon is no longer your birthright which you can freely throw around. The People of India will coin their own terms. Terms that make sense to us in our everyday lives! 2014 will be the End of Dynasty and The Politics of Birthright!

This is the time when the people of India have awakened!

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