Date: 24/12/2013

Writes a Sikh in the UK to a fellow Sikh living in the USA:

I am a clean shaven Sikh and equally concerned about the uplift of the Sikh community worldwide, beginning with our home ground, that is now East Punjab, where a great agitation is taking place to get a brave & honourable Sikh (every Sikh is supposed to be brave and honourable) released from prison after he has already spent his life sentence that ended four or five years ago. But the government of India will not release him despite his hunger strike and the agitation of the entire Sikh community in that occupied colony.

Though I live in the UNITED Kingdom, I am continuously tuned to East Punjab as per maxim, "Our dignity abroad depends on our dignity AT HOME."

The Sikh homeland is the Land of FIVE rivers, three of whom were surrendered unconditionally by a traitor called Jawaharlal Nehru. Ironically he is much praised and celebrated in India!

He, like his mentor MK Gandhi, was a close ally of MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah and promised him one third of India including the two main places of historic interest to the Sikhs- LAHORE and SRI NANKANA SAHIB, to establish his sovereign and independent Islamic Republic called Pakistan.

When the "Sword of Islam beheaded Hindusthan" in 1947 (and "rivers of Sikh and Hindu blood flowed profusely) Nehru denied the Sikhs the right to their homeland while conceding the same right happily to the Indian Muslims.

When asked about demanding Referendum over Partition he said, "I don't consult the cattle."

Thus he regarded the Hindus mere "CATTLE", not worth consulting over the fate of "Akhand Bharat" (United India).

No Hindu, from peon to president, scholar to idiot, man or woman, has condemned Nehru or demanded his head over such extreme CONTEMPT & BETRAYAL of the Hindus. It was no less than the contempt shown by the MOHAMMED of MECCA for the Hindus whom he called "KAFIRS" and set about, in full earnest, exterminating them all round.

But it was in 1947 that Nehru put the Sikhs, despite their separate and glorious history, in the same "cattle pond" along with the Hindus.

We have not seen or heard a Sikh, however smart and intelligent, however high and low, upset or even worried, over such treatment of the Sikhs facing their ultimate tragedy.

Being lumped together with the Hindus would have been an honour and a privilege ONLY if the Hindus had been a self respecting brave people who could blunt the Islamic attack, challenge the bogus Partition, launch a counter attack, DEFEND their TERRITORY, or expel the enemy after Partition.

But, instead, they took to their heels and FLED all those five provinces surrendered to the perennial "Hindu killer" Beast!

Instantly thereafter they became the servants of Pandit Nehru and adored him to no end. Today they are the slaves of the Italian born Sonia Maino Gandhi!

The COWARDLY Hindu nation could neither challenge the MUTILATION OF INDIA in 1947 nor protect the small Sikh minority among them, nor even assure the endangered Hindus in Srinagar of their safety.

When Nehru's daughter Indira (real name MAIMOONA BEGUM after her secret nikah with Feroze KHAN of Allahabad), with the "Divine right" to rule the slave colony of India, noticed how quickly the Sikhs had fled West Punjab in the company of HINDUS she miscalculated the Spirit of Sikh and attacked our sacred Harmandir Sahib in 1984. The unexpected happened.

The Hindus crawled before her in terror comparing the malicious "WITCH" to Rani of Jhansi, but the Sikhs ASSASSINATED her. The Hindus, without a clue to their own ultimate fate under the anti Hindu and anti Indian DYNASTY & CONGRESS, joined in the massacres of Sikhs in November 1984, when lawless mobs killed thousands of innocent Sikhs across India.

In the following decade of 1980's TENS OF THOUSANDS of Sikhs were killed in "fake" encounters and on bogus grounds but the Hindu nation could not comprehend the fact that with every fallen Sikh their own hour of EXTERMINATION was approaching rapidly, minute by minute. After all, the end goal of CONGRESS + DYNASTY is, indeed, the extermination of the Hindus in Hindusthan with the Sikhs (the proverbial defenders of Hindus) to be demoralised, and wiped out, in the initial phase.

Your little boy is the "Prince of Tenth Master" and we wish him healthy growth to be a strong young man who will go to EAST Punjab one day and see the Sikh community safe from persecution and flying our own flag over Amritsar like the enemy flag seen over Lahore with the entire HINDU nation still unperturbed like the cows grazing in the field over the status of Karachi, Lahore and Chittagong while professing more loyalty to the Lady from Italy than to their own mothers and sisters with no thought spared for rampant State corruption and the rape of a Hindu girl taking place every 20 minutes in Bharat, a name that covers the original Bharat (the noble brother of Sri Rama) in TONS OF MUCK.

Our dream about the "shell shocked" Sikh community needs to be reiterated. The Sikhs need to see NO Muslim in East Punjab since we see NO Sikh in West Punjab. Terrified and brainwashed HINDUS may call them "brothers" and concede all the top posts to them in their Hindusthan. It should not be so in our East Punjab. Copying the cowards will never make us brave despite the nectar of Amrit.

The Sikhs need to go for SPIRIT but not excessively after symbols. The MUSLIMS who beat us hands down in 1947 had something VASTLY SUPERIOR to symbols. So did the British East India Company that annexed the Sikh Kingdom in 1846 AD.

The Chief Minister of EAST Punjab should leave "UNION TERRITORY" at once where mischievous Jawaharlal Nehru put him in order to remove him from his own subjects. He should reiterate his claim over Chandigarh to be given to East Punjab in order to show his own self esteem.

In the meantime he should rule his own tiny fragment of the cursed Punjab from Patiala, or even Faridkot, till Chandigarh is squarely in his East Punjab.

The entire cabinet of East Punjab is USELESS if no team from there ever wins a gold medal at world Olympics and if their State does not even produce a mini car or motorcycle while Taiwan and South Korea can produce smart phones, computers, cars, ships and even aeroplanes, and if we never see the label "Made in East Punjab" as we used to see "Made in West Germany" till 1989.

The standard of schools and education in East Punjab is abysmally DISMAL. How many Nobel Prize winners are Sikhs?

There are many OTHER criteria to judge a community or nation by, not only religious fundamentalism or non stop Akhand Paths and "kirtan". The Sikh community BACK HOME needs to "blast" all the obstacles & barriers thrown up by the anti national rulers assisted by the slavish HINDU nation and march ahead to meet up with the progressive small countries in Europe like Lithuania and Belgium or in the East like Taiwan and South Korea. Our chief "export" should not be the despairing Sikh youth seeking asylum in the West or hooked on drugs back home.

The Sikhs in East Punjab ought to establish at least one SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM so that our coming generations do not have to boast of only martyrs and jail inmates or labourers in all the foreign countries including the Middle East.

A memorial to the Dead of 1984 should be built next to the Memorial at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar. We look FOOLS to put the 360 odd killed then (in 1919) by a foreign power ABOVE THE 80,000 KILLED BY THE NATIVE GOVERNMENT SINCE 1947!

By the way NO Sikh should ever utter the word "Partition" as directed by "BANDIT" Jawaharlal Nehru who broke the backbone of the small but brave and proud Sikh community in India.

We should call it "MUTILATION" of INDIA in 1947 since rivers of blood of the innocent flowed in that year. The word "Partition" aptly describes the separation between Czech Republic and Slovakia. Not one person was killed, not one famale was abducted and raped, not one place of worship was destroyed when these two countries went their separate ways.

Nor was 1947 the year of India's Independence! It was the year of India's WORST EVER DEFEAT AND SURRENDER. Sikhs need not be seen as part of such a despicable cowardly nation where the Hindu refugees from Srinagar see NO chance or opportunity of going back home despite a SIKH prime minister at the Centre.

The word HONOUR does matter to the Sikhs though it is Greek to the Hindu nation whose self esteem resembles the RUINS at AYODHYA.

Sikhs need to strive for safety, freedom and dignity back home. No one can feel good being member of a community that is persecuted, bashed & battered on its own home ground, and no one else but the community themselves must unite and act in order to create a place of dignity and safety for its own members and children. Members of the rough, rude and crude Punjab Police ought to be sent to the UK in order to learn how the police here function in a civilised manner.

Right now the anti Hindu fascists ("Dirty" Dynasty + Corrupt Congress) are on top in Broken Bleeding Bharat, holding key posts. The Hindus are demoralised and compliant while the proud and honourable Sikhs are an endangered specie in today's decomposing Hindusthan (land of the conceding, receding, surrendering Hindus) looking up to a semi literate female from Italy to guide the prime minister.

25 December 2013.