Date: 02/03/2013

Thais to talk with Muslim insurgents.

(The Daily Telegraph, London, March 1, 2013):

Thailand has signed a deal with Muslim insurgents for the first time agreeing to talks after nearly a decade of violence in the south of the country that has killed more than 5,000 people. The agreement between the majority Buddhist nation and the militant National Revolution Front mostly ethnic Malays, was announced in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur. Najib Razak, the Malaysian prime minister, was expected to discuss the deal there with Yinkiluck Shinawatra, his Thai counterpart.

Several other shadowy guerrilla movements have yet to agree to talks.


Sorry for you, Buddhist Thailand, that you learned NOTHING from the fate of India that, too, had militant Muslims fighting for territory in order to put under their own Sharia Law. Again, after decades of violence that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of Hindus, our India, represented by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and “Mahatma” MK Gandhi, thought it expedient to “buy” permanent peace with the so-called “indigenous” Muslim minority by signing the “Treaty of Permanent Peace with Islam” and then instantly surrendering one third of India to the Muslim bullies, showing tolerance and moral superiority of the Hindu religion.

The Hindu nation got busy celebrating their “Independence” from the British masters when they were suddenly overtaken by shock and surprise to find that half of Kashmir had already been overrun by the Muslim insurgents from the newly born PAKISTAN, that was barely a few weeks old.

The British trained, brave and “invincible” Indian Army, that had won countless gallantry awards for courage and bravery in both World Wars, could have wiped out the Islamic raiders within days and even overrun entire Pakistan for breach of trust, but their panic stricken political leaders lost nerve, and extricated themselves by signing a truce with the invaders, thus stopping the Army advance at the bogus “cease fire line”.

That is where the Indian army has remained stuck since 1948, hoping and praying for peace while the Muslim insurgents, now greatly encouraged by that windfall called PARTITION, are planning to go for DELHI, the capital of Hindusthan.

Today there is hardly any Hindu left alive in Islamic Pakistan and in the State of Jammu & Kashmir that was once the tourists’ paradise. Even in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad the Hindus don’t feel safe.

Buddhists and Hindus belong to one family with their roots in Hindusthan. The State religion of Thailand is Buddhism while the State religion of Partitioned India is “adoration of Italian born SONIA Maino-Gandhi and submission to Islam”.

The word “Hindu” is not seen in the country’s Constitution since the hostile Muslim minority, that decided to stay back despite Partition, would not accept it. Demoralised Hindu politicians are creating Muslim “vote banks” to win elections.

The future of Thailand:

With the first act of appeasement to “buy” peace now signed, this is how Buddhist Thailand will end up tomorrow. She will have to concede more and more territory to “Indigenous” Muslims, accept waves of (illegal) immigrants from Malaysia and Indonesia and eventually re-write her Constitution in order to go pseudo-SECULAR like Partitioned India.

So the advice from much bashed, battered & plundered Bharat is, “REJECT THIS AGREEMENT FORTHWITH, AND MOBILISE YOUR ARMY TO OUST ALL THE MUSLIMS TO MALAYSIA.” This is the only way to ensure permanent peace in Thailand.

By signing this agreement you have not only ENCOURAGED this intolerant and violent “beast” with an INSATIABLE appetite for TERRITORY, but also demoralised the neighbouring Myanmar, Nepal and Bharat where Muslim militants are killing the Buddhists & Hindus for land.

Please rest assured that your Muslims of Malaysian background will be coming again and again for more and more concessions till your peaceful and beautiful SAIGON, too, goes the way of peaceful, colourful and multicultural LAHORE & DHAKA in Bharat.

2 March 2013.