Date: 24/09/2013

Please watch this honest and brilliant interview by HONOURABLE GEN V K SINGH.

Watch this

Yet another stellar, brutally frank and convincing response by VKS to the unfortunate public revelation / leak/ sale of a classified report by some treacherous SOB to the Indian Express, and the latter's indiscretion in talking about operational details of a unit that would have been best under wraps in national interest.

Is this leak not treacherous? Seditious? If Yes, who has taken note of it and ordered an inquiry? And while on inquiries, what serious action was taken against those who leaked the COAS' highly classified letter to PM last year? Action, not as in a transfer. More serious, since treason calls for legal, demonstrative action.

This was an extremely lucid presentations I have seen in recent times, not only because it was in line with Rajdeep's racy, yet controlled moderation, but also because the person responding - VKS- did not mince words or seek diversions beyond what basic tenets of secrecy and acumen related to dealing with media demanded.

And General VKS, a Bravo Zulu to you. Extremely a Joy to listen to you. Your words, body language and honesty came through.