Date: 06 Dec 2012


WE HAD JAI CHAND WHO BETRAYED PRITHVI RAJ CHOHAN. SIKH KINGDOM HAD TRAITOR TEJA SINGH WHO BETRAYED THE KHALSA ARMY TO BRITISH EAST INDIA COMPANY. NORWAY HAD QUISLING WHO BETRAYED HIS COUNTRY TO HITLER. CCCCCCCCCCCC BHARAT HAD JAWAHARLAL NEHRU AND HIS DAUGHTER MAIMOONA BEGUM WHO BETRAYED BOTH INDIA AND THE HINDUS. CCCCCCCCCCCIn a message dated 05/12/2012 15:40:39 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXX writes:\\\\\\\\\\\ JL Nehru and Indira Gandhi both were either fools or cunning. Both of them had invited defeat of Indian military. JL Nehru had deprived the soldiers from the needs essential for likely war. The war with China was not an overnight decision of China. China had prepared for a war against India since 1950, and attacked India in full phase in 1962.\\\\\\\\\\\ Similar was the case with Indira Gandhi. Pakistan had commenced the war with India since 1968 by sending infiltrators in millions by 1971. Indira failed to act timely. This caused Pakistan to make adventure to attack on Indian air base. But Indian military was ready to hit them back. Indian military achieved victory. But Indira Gandhi converted this victory into a tremendous defeat under its deal with Bhutto in Simla. People of India is unaware of under table deal of Indira Gandhi with Bhutto. This cannot be ruled out. These two autocrats viz. JL Nehru and Indira have tarnished India and taken it to dogs. Neglecting all these facts, Rajiv Gandhi was termed as “Mr. Clean” by media. He showed us Boffors and free pass of Anderson.\\\\\\\\\\\ One cannot expect better performance from Nehruvian successors. Penny cannot be wiser than pounds. ==================================== 000000000