Date: 03 Dec 2012


Captain Saurabh Kalia, a Kargil martyr, was captured and subjected to brutal torture by the Pakistan Army in 1999. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Captain Kalia of the 4 Jat Regiment, was the first Army officer to report the incursion by the Pakistani Army on Indian soil. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He and five soldier colleagues- Arjun Ram, Bhanwar Lal Bagaria, Bhika Ram, Moola Ram and Naresh Singh- were on patrol duty at the Bajrang Post in the Kaksar sector of Jammu and Kashmir when they were taken captive by Pakistani troops on May 15, 1999. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They were tortured continuously for 22 days before being killed. Their mutilated bodies were handed over to the Indian authorities on June 9. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Pakistan Army had burnt their bodies with cigarettes and pierced their ears with hot rods, said his father Dr N.K. Kalia. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Captain Kalia's eyes were gouged out before puncturing them and his captors broke most of his bones and teeth. His limbs were also chopped off. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Read more at: (\\\\\\\\\\\ ====================================================================== COMMENT BY PATRIOT:\\\\\\\\\\\\ VAJPAYEE WAS GREAT PM? WHAT A BLOODY JOKE? HEY- THE DHOTIWALLA WAS A GOOD 3RD RATED POET AND ONE OF THE WEAKEST PMs INDIA EVER HAD (EXCEPTING ITALIAN'S SLAVE MMS AND I K GUJRAL). THE HIGHEST NO OF TERRORISTS ATTACKS AND THAT INCLUDES AKSHADHARAM TEMPLE, PARLIAMENT HOUSE, J&K ASSEMBLY, J&K ARMY FAMILIES QUARTERS AND MANY MANY MORE ATTACKS TOOK PLACE DURING HIS TIME BUT NO ACTION WAS TAKEN ANYWHERE EXCEPTING LECTURING BY HIM AND JINNAH LOVER ADVANI. AND WHAT A BLUFF WAS THAT "OPERATION PARACRAM" BY VAJPAYEE.\\\\\\\\\\ HEY- WHY CAPT. SAURAV KALIA END UP LIKE THAT. DIN'T VAJPAYEE SENT THE INDIAN ARMY WITH THEIR HANDS TIED IN THE BACK? DIN'T HE ORDER "NO CROSSING THE LOC" AND GROSSLY DELAYED THE ACTIONS OF THE AIR FORCE CAUSING 547 DEATHS AND OVER 2000 DISABILITY. OUR GENERALS SHOULD HAVE IGNORED THE DHOTIWALLAS ORDER AND CROSSED THE LOC, BUT ALAS, WE HAD ONLY ONE GREAT FIELD MARSHALL SAM MANECKSHAW. \\\\\\\\\\\\ THE BIGGEST IRONY OF BHARAT IS THAT, TRUTH IS NEVER TOLD AND COWARDS ARE MADE HEROES AND GREAT LEADERS LIKE LANGOOTA WEARING GANDHI AND FAKE HINDU NEHRU AND HIS DYNASTY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ AND OF COURSE AS LONG AS THE SHAMELESS DHOTIWALLAS, PYJAMAWALLAS AND LUNGIWALLAS ARE IN OUR PARLIAMENT THE STORY OF CAPT. SAURAV KALIA WILL NOT BE THE LAST ONE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX\\\\\\\\\\ XXXXXXXXXXXX DEAR ALL, \\\\\\\\\\\\ A POEM DEDICATED TO A VICTIM OF THE MOST BRUTAL ACTS OF PAKISTANI ARMY DURING THE KARGIL WAR ON AN IMPRISONED YOUNG INDIAN CAPTAIN, WHOSE EYES AND TEETH WERE TAKEN OUT BY BRUTAL FORCE AND HAD CIGARETTE BURNS ALL OVER HIS BODY. ONLY MUSLIMS AND I REPEAT ONLY MUSLIMS ARE CAPABLE OF DOING SUCH BUTCHERY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MAY HIS SOUL LIVE IN ETERNAL PEACE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX , A touching poem on Capt S Kalia, that needs to be pasted on the faces of all exponents of the ridiculous 'AMAN KI AASHA'. \ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ An emotionally charged and powerful poem by Venky Vembu. \\\\\\\\\\\\ They didnít just pluck your eyes out, Capt Saurabh KaliaÖ \\\\\\\\\They didnít just pluck your eyes out, Capt Saurabh Kalia, They gouged out ours too.\\\\\\\ Or would we have been blind to your fatherís agony, His cry for Ďjusticeí for all these years?\\\\\\\ They didnít just pierce your eardrums, Capt Kalia, They poured hot oil in ours too. Or would we be deaf to your motherís fitful sobs And her pitiful cry of anguish? \\\\\\\\\ They didnít just burn your chest, Capt Kalia, They carved out our bleeding hearts too. Or would we, as a nation, have been so heartless As to forget our Kargil war hero?\\\\\\\\\\\ They didnít just mangle your private parts, Capt Kalia, They castrated an entire nation.\\\\\\\ Or would we be so impotent that we yearn for aman While they plot yet more jihadi crimes? \\\\\\\\ When they ambushed you in the Kargil heights, Capt Kalia, They waylaid every one of us.\\\\\\\\ But you died so that we may live Our shameless, ungrateful lives. \\\\\\\\ We sent you to war at age 22, Capt Kalia, Which is no viable diable age. And yet, we have failed to honour you The way your father sought. \\\\\\\ Shame on us Ė and shame on you, Mother India, That you would send your son to war And yet not collect his martyred ashes Or even shed a silent tear. ================================================ 000000000