Date: 14 Nov 2012


DEEPAVALI, OR DIWALI\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Diwali 2012 BC.\\\\\\\\\ The city of Ayodhya is decorated with flags and buntings on freshly painted houses and all public buildings. Anxious residents are joined by tens of thousands of festively dressed people from the neighbouring towns, villages and cities. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ They have just welcomed back Prince Rama and his Consort Sita Devi return after 14-year long exile. \\\\\\\\\\\\ In the Royal palace Prince Bharat had come out with all the ministers, high priests in saffron robes and senior officials to welcome his elder brother Rama back. He gracefully removed Sri Rama’s wooden sandals from the throne and invited Sri Rama to take his seat on the throne. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Kingdom of Ayodhya had returned to its legitimate ruler whose golden rule of peace and prosperity is still nostalgically called “Raam Rajya” by today’s enslaved and degraded Hindus who have been ordered by their enemies to call themselves “secular”, and then forced to comply. \\\\\\\\\\ Dusk is falling and already we see people lighting lamps and placing them on every wall & window, roof top and corner. Festivities are beginning with drum beat, song and dance, and stories of Rama’s exile and his remarkable survival through deserts and jungles and his great victory over the evil King of Sri Lanka, are being told to eager audiences. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The whole town is illuminated and its bright glow can be seen up to 15 miles in all directions. \\\\\\\\\ Holy men are burning incense and chanting hymns in Sanskrit, showering their blessings on the newly arrived Royal Couple, wishing them long life and prosperity. No “Hindu-hater, Kafir-killer” devil or savage invader was yet in sight. The future of the Hindu Kingdom promised to be good. Diwali 2012 AD\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Miraculously, FOUR THOUSAND YEARS pass, and we find ourselves celebrating the Diwali in 2012 AD. As usual, “HAPPY DIWALI” is being wished & celebrated all over the world. Step by step the Hindu nation has been dropping towards its own EXTINCTION. A ten-step drop came in 1527 with the defeat of Rana Sanga of Mewar by Babur, the Barbarian, when a Hindu army of 200,000 was wiped out. This figure rose astronomically to TWO MILLION Hindus and Sikhs slaughtered in the twenty-step drop that we suffered in 1947 with the permanent surrender of one third of India on one day without fight or resistance. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindus are now scattered across the globe. Ayodhya, deliberately neglected by “Hindu-bashing” rulers, looks an impoverished medieval town, ill planned, ill lit, crowded and noisy with the threatening presence of Muslims who celebrate the invader’s victory when the world famous magnificent Temple was razed to ground and an obscene provocation was erected in its place called the “Babri Masjid”. \\\\\\\\\\\ (Quote) To the western world, an iconic image of Islamic aggression is the conversion of the Hagia Sophia - Eastern Christendom's greatest church - into a mosque by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmet. It was his first act upon entering the conquered city of Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 1493AD. \\\\\\\\\\ It is relatively unknown in the western world that a mere 35 years later, in 1528AD, his fellow Turk - Zahir ud-din Babar, the founder of the Moghul empire in India, and a descendant of Tamerlane - demolished one of Hinduism's greatest temple complexes, and erected a mosque in its place, which is known in India as the Babri Masjid (Babar's mosque). (Unquote) http://dharmaveer.blogspot.co.uk/2009/02/muslim-accounts-gloating-over.html \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Betrayal and treachery are a part of history. The last Hindu King of Hindusthan, Prithvi Raj, was betrayed by Jai Chand. The invincible Khalsa Army fighting British East India Company in 1846 were betrayed by Teja Singh. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Norway was betrayed during World War 2 by Quisling whose name is now entered in the English dictionary as, “a traitor who aids an occupying enemy force, or a collaborator.” Please spare a thought as to how many Quislings we have in Bharat today! The British were betrayed by George Blake, the Russian spy, who received honours from President Putin on his 90th birthday (November 11, 2012). And, our great warrior Rana Sanga of Mewar was betrayed by Shiladitya in a manner that needs to be retold.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Raja Shiladitya, also called Silhadi, had aligned himself with Rana Sanga in a grand Rajput confederacy against Mughal emperor Babur. Rana Sanga had given his daughter’s hand to Silhadi’s son as a token of their alliance. This was probably the greatest honour any man could aspire for, as Rana belonged to the most prestigious clan of Rajputs. He led the vanguard at Battle of Khanwa. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Somehow, it was not enough for Silhadi. Right in the middle of Battle of Khanwa, he treacherously decamped with his followers to Babur’s side. This brought immediate collapse of Rana’s forces and the rout of the Hindu army.\\\\\\\\\\\ <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Khanwa>\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Since the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of vast territories and massacre of millions in 1947 alone, the followers of Sri Rama, further demoralised (“decomposed”) by the likes of “Mahatma” Gandhi and all the preachers and holy men & women (“sadhus and sants”), can be regarded “endangered people” on earth. Their enemies have been killing, abducting, raping and converting them openly and freely in their millions with utmost ease for centuries. Bloodthirsty Invaders have had a field day in Hindusthan for rich pickings and conversions. \\\\\\\\\\\ Native Hindus became a minority in whole provinces in Bharat, some of whom had to be chopped off from Hindusthan due to the advance of Islamic cancer and gangrene. \\\\\\\\\\\\ On the throne where once Sri Rama sat there is now an Italian born “security risk” called Sonia Maino who uses the deceptive surname “Gandhi”, following the example of her mother-in-law, Maimoona Begum who kept her Hindu name “Indira Gandhi” despite her top secret “nikah” to Feroze Khan of Allahabad. Our love of ignorance being proverbial not one Hindu leader can recall the names of the parents, uncles, aunts or first cousins of that Feroze Khan who became “Gandhi” in an instant.\\\\\\\\\\ Sri Ram’s Kingdom is being looted by Civil & Military alike day and night since the last Hindu ruler, Prithvi Raj Chohan, was killed in 1192 AD. After him it was the Mohammedans for seven centuries, then the Christians (Europeans) for another two centuries, and, since PARTITION in 1947, it is the secular “swine” who refuse to confess being Hindu in order to put the foreigner above the native.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Fearing her own assassination in the manner of the three previous Gandhis (MK, Maimoona, aka Indira, and Rajiv) Hindusthan’s first Lady Sonia has conferred the office of Prime Minister on a compliant secular Sikh Manmohan Singh who serves well the interests of “Italy & Islam” with all the brain dead Hindu “coolies” in tow, in a country that ought to have been declared “HINDU RASHTRA” on the very day that Islamic Pakistan was conceded by both Gandhi and Nehru upon their knees. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ After the final departure of the hostile, alien and foreign masters the first and foremost task for the Hindu nation was to ASSERT their power, and authority, in order to construct Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya to match the glory and grandeur of the holy places in Jerusalem, Vatican and Mecca. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is most unfortunate that the sacred birth place of Guru Nanak Dev was instantly surrendered with alacrity to the Mohammedan bullies at Partition while the birth place of Mahatma Gautam Buddha, the founder of a great world religion is hardly known abroad since it, too, lies in the “Land of Perishing Cowards”. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let’s return to our Diwali celebrations with the question, “If our revered Sri Rama, an inspiring divine incarnation, blessed with the finest qualities of rulers, were to return to his own “Janmasthan” in Ayodhya, what will he say?”\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I shall NOT be lighting a candle tonight, standing in the shadow of Sri Rama’s destroyed Temple and the ogre of Italian upper hand upon Bharat. I shall wait for the day when all the followers of Sri Rama unite under their leaders and under one flag, get inspired, and then reconstruct the grand and glorious Temple in Ayodhya after throwing the gauntlet before all the menacing opposition by the home grown foreign agents, elements and terrorists who are still pressing the collective Hindu Head downwards.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the meantime let us imagine the Deepavali celebrations taking place at the re-built Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. That day should not be far. XXXXXXXXX 13 Nov 12. ======= 000000000