Date: 05 Nov 2012


AESOP’S FABLES: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1.\\\\\\\\\\ Why FM Maneckshaw fell out of rulers’ grace?\\\\\\\\\ He said to Maimuna Begum, “Your father surrendered five provinces unconditionally. You could recover at least one. Why are you giving East Bengal back to the ENEMY after my men died liberating it from JINN?\\\\\\\ Maimuna ("Indira Gandhi" for the ignorant Hindu slaves) became angry and asked him to leave her office at once. \\\\\\\\\\\“Chandaal Chaukdi” (Congress, Italy & Islam) then deliberately ignored and snubbed the Field Marshal on every occasion and when he died neither the Supreme Commander nor the Prime Minister and nor even the Defence Minister came to attend his funeral. \\\\\\\\ --------------------------- 2. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammed Ali Jinnah were two bosom friends in those days when our "CUCKOO" Mahatma MK Gandhi, beyond belief, was chanting, "HINDU - MUSLIM BHAI BHAI"! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Said Nehru one day, “What do you want, Brother Mohammed Ali? Take it away now while the British are still the masters.”\\\\\ Jinnah: “Every State where the Muslims form a majority. \\\\\\\\ Nehru. “Take it away, Brother. I don’t need to consult the “cattle” through Referendum. But leave Kashmir behind.” \\\\\\\\Jinnah: “Why is that so?”\\\\\ Barrister Nehru? “I wish to destroy the Indian Army through SHAME and ATTRITION. Shame on failure to defend Khyber Pass, Karachi and Chittagong, and attrition due to perpetual militancy and terrorism.”\\\\\\\\\\\\ Jinnah: “I have no words to thank you. You have served Allah even better than I had thought.” \\\\\\\\ ----------------------------- 3.\\\\\\\\ Weakling and the bully:\\\\\\\ The gentle non violent boy came crying to his mother, “The bullies beat me. The teacher does nothing.”\\\\\\\ His mother: “Don’t worry. Take the beating. He will get fed up and stop. Then you will have peace.” \\\\But after seven days the boy came crying again and said, “Mum, I didn’t hit back as you said but they are getting more aggressive by the day. Look at the blue & red marks and spots on my body. It hurts & pains everywhere badly.” \\\\\\\\\Mother. “OK, son, "Laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahin samajhte." Tomorrow if they trouble you, stand upright, face them squarely, look them in the face and, closing your eyes, LASH OUT like mad. Don’t stop till the teacher comes running to intervene.” \\\\\\\\\\\Thereafter, the boy was much respected by the bullies. He could even construct his historic Sri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya that is now visited by more pilgrims from all over the world every year than those going to Mecca in the desert or the Vatican in Italy. \\\\\\\\\\ Moral: GOD LOVES THE STRONG and WEAKNESS INVITES AGGRESSION.\\\\\\\ ====================================== 000000000