Date: 31 Oct 2012


There is No Moderate Muslims in Islam.\\\\\\\\\\ All Muslims do believe in Mohamed, his atrocious behavior, Islamic past brutalities and current Jihad terrorism. All MUslims, rich, or poor, middle class, educated or non educated do believe in all Islamic scriptures as Allah given and is a complete and completed religion. As a rigid, closed dogma, fit only for invasion, Plunder, looting and women's oppression, all Muslims think I slam need no reviision, renaissance and reformation. Where ever Muslims go they are required to practice Al-Taquiea (Lying) to promote out dated Islamic practices. All Muslims pretend that they love democracy, election and rule of law. In Fact, Muslims hate democracy, voxpopulai , or rule of law. They believe in only atrocious messages of the infamous Allah. Is there any real democracy practiced in real Islamic countries. Muslims claim that there are 56 Members of the Organization of Islamic countries. Is trhere any religious freedom, tolerance, coexistence, religious harmony in any of the Islamic countries. All Muslims believe in Allah, the desert warrior, and his brutal messages including terrorizing all infidels, and beheading those who refuse to convert to Islam. Whether Muslims are in Libya, Syria, Iran or in Pakistan, they practice polygamy, beheading, oppression of women, human rights violation, genital mutiliation--all these practices are approved in Islam. \\\\\\\\\ America is a great country because of democracy, and freedom for all. Our constitution enshrine freedom for those who believe in our constitution AND DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLES. But unfortunately, Muslims claim that there are 7 million Muslims in this country, What will happen if all Muslims in America move to New Mexico, and declare New México as an Islamic state. Shania law will be implemented for all Americans and we have to live as Dhimmis. Either submit ourselves for conversion to Islam or ready for Jihadi beheading. We are not ready for abondining our freedom, reposponsibility and democratic principles. Democratic people, liberty craving people around the world have joined together and wiped out crazy Nazism, Fasicism . Imperialism, slavery and communism. Next in lane is Islam. If we fail to wipe out Islam, we are doomed. =================================== 000000000