Date: 21 Oct 2012


VIEW FROM LONDON.\\\\\\\\ "The little babe is sleeping in the wood and the wolves are in vicinity.\\\\\\\\\ The old granny had carried off the infant to safety when the Mohammeds struck. \\\\\\ They killed the father and abducted the young mother, calling them "Infidels". Soon it will be dusk and then dark." \\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\Existential threat to Hindus in South Asia\\\\\\\\ DISCOVERY OF NEHRU\\\\\\\ WHY WE PROTEST PARTITION SILENTLY\\\\\\\\ Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the illicit son of a Mohammedan, wished all the Hindus dead in 1947. Now his Party and Dynasty wish all the ageing Hindus, who were alive and EYE WITNESSES to his high treason in accepting PARTITION of India without a single condition, Referendum or Population exchange, DEAD, so that the Truth is never told but remains buried. India was our land of birth and the sacred soil of our Gurus, Rishis, Mahatmas, thinkers and writers with ancient seers of learning all over the country, especially in the North West where the Vedas were composed and Gandhara and Mohenjo Daro civilizations (2,600 B.C.) flourished. She had well defined borders within natural, geographical features of seas, mountain ranges and passes (Khyber and Bolan). \\\\\\\\\\ She stretched from CHITRAL to CHITTAGOG and was inhabited by indigenous people of all kinds who were mostly HINDU and BUDDHIST. They were our ancestors who revered our very own divine prophets (avataars) like Shiva and Vishnu and the Incarnations like Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Gautam Buddha, Guru Nanak and the following nine Gurus till Guru Gobind Singhji. Besides, we had countless sages and saints who preached moral life and the worship of gods and nature- all with one common belief that “all mankind is one family and nature is to be respected”.\\\\\\\\\\\ Until 1947 India was a well-defined country. She was also called HINDUSTHAN. All that Paradise (“Sone ki Chidya”) was suddenly and abruptly shattered and smashed in that year. Unknown to most Hindus, NEHRU did not regard India his motherland or sacred. He looked at India as the Land of Hindu Infidels (KAFIRS) that had no value, worth or meaning for him except for exercising his power over people and keeping his hold over land. We ought to ask, “When and where in all his life did he ever mention any PATRIOTIC sentiment about Hindusthan or Akhand Bharat?” \\\\\\\\\Being a barrister from London, he was a master of cunning and deceit (fraud and deception) . The Hindus were ignorant, servile and naïve. Centuries of slavery, hammering and degradation, had detached them from the concept of DEFENCE- defence of Land, defence of Temples (Religion) and even defence of daughters.\\\\\\\\\\ Our ENEMIES had come from savage and violent Middle East, and beyond, to LOOT the wealth of the natives by keeping our ancestors in shackles and fear. \\\\\\\\\ Nehru did not express his revulsion of the earlier Muslim conquerors or the European occupiers. To him they were now “indigenous” and, so, their interests had to be safeguarded and wishes met even at the cost of the natives, the Hindus, who still have no mechanism to distinguish between friend and foe, or Indian and Italian.\\\\\\\ Foreign rule was often punctuated with periods of severe repression and persecution during which the natives were treated in utmost callous and beastly manner and converted to ALIEN Islam or Christianity by FORCE or inducements. \\\\\\\\\\\\ During the beastly Mohammedan rule when Sharia was practised widely, that NEHRU glorified as great “Mogul Era”, and during the British Raj that fascinated him, Nehru developed inner HATRED for the Hindus, the lifeless contemptible slaves, willing to receive kicks without resistance or retaliation. During those centuries not one native warrior gave the call, “Mohammedans OUT!” Hindusthan was imperceptibly moving towards Partition and Pakistan when we heard our Muslim fellow citizens yelling everywhere, “Hindus OUT!” Tens of millions of innocent Hindus and Sikhs were massacred or forced to flee, leaving lands and properties behind.\\\\\\\\\ It is only human to admire the victorious and loathe the defeated. Nehru was not the man to speak to the Hindus about the reality that had trapped them, that had to be reversed in order to bring back the lost sense of dignity and love of freedom. \\\\\\\\\\\ Tragically, during the Partition talks Nehru did not have anything on mind and in spirit and thought that could make him stand firm and resolute for AKHAND BHARAT or for the safety of our Hindu Dharma or nation. He not only adored and loved the Muslims, who had declared themselves the SECOND nation, but still called them “indigenous”. \\\\\\\\\ Even when the enemy of Secularism and Bharat could be so clearly identified, another top leader, MK Gandhi, started chanting in panic, “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai!” Instead of lynching Nehru and silencing Gandhi, the Hindus followed one and worshipped the other, calling him “Mahatma”, comparing him to Mahatma Gautama Buddha. Both in reality were “stunning the cow before its halal”. Nehru saw the Hindus contemptuously through the eyes of Mohammed of Mecca while Gandhi, feeling helpless, secretly wished the Hindus to perish. Two years earlier, Hitler, too, disappointed with the German people for losing the war, had whished them all death. \\\\\\\ That was clearly the proof of Nehru’s collaboration with the enemy. He himself felt being a part of Islam, mentally distancing himself from the Hindu mainstream and Hindusthan, regarding it the Land of loathsome, contemptible inferior Hindus, not worth defending.\\\\\\\\\ To Nehru Hindusthan was not the venerable sacred land of Hindu identity, heritage & inheritance but a meaningless secular land with every hunter, invader, traitor and plunderer given free access and not only treated at par with the rest but regarded superior.\\\\\\\\\ When Mohammed Ali Jinnah declared the Muslims as the Second Nation, Nehru did not object. He did not question his friend’s motives. He did not vehemently condemn him in public. He did not mention the dangers of Separatism nor the prospect of Khalistan, a separate State for the Sikhs on the lines of Pakistan. He shared his own vision of Punjab and Bengal with the enemy. Nehru felt particularly hostile towards the freedom loving Sikhs who had defeated the Afghans and captured Khyber Pass, who had dared to fight the Moguls for the freedom of worship of all, who had established their own Kingdom under Maharaja Ranjit Singh, for joining Netaji’s Azad Hindu Fauj in large numbers to liberate Delhi, and, finally, for fighting for freedom from the British colonial rule. Freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh were celebrated by the nation but not by Nehru who saw them as rebels like the brave Jawans of Indian National Army (INA).\\\\\\\\\ Nehru, the barrister, did not consider the dilemma of Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir, nor the prospect of mutiny of the Army if they were ordered to withdraw from all the cantonments guarding India’s Western frontier like Quetta, Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Peshawar. He did not charge Jinnah of TREASON. On the contrary he kept on meeting him as a fellow Muslim, assuring him of his secret cooperation (through lack of opposition) on PARTITION, of the safety of Muslims left in Bharat after Partition, and, apparently, speaking and acting to keep the trusting Hindus in the dark. In the latter respect, he did not have to worry. Hindus were ignorant, servile and gullible to the extreme and were behaving like the infatuated silly maidens who only see the shine in the lover’s eyes. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus saw Nehru, the charmer, as a patriot, and listened to him, and believed in him, and even trusted him. In the same spirit of adoration and resignation they took to his daughter. Like some doped load carrying donkey they insisted on calling her “Indira Gandhi” although she was now a Hindu-hater Musalmanee under the name “Maimoona Begum”.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Maimoona showed them what she thought of the Hindus’ freedom of expression when she imposed Emergency. Thousands of Hindu writers, thinkers and stalwarts were shoved behind bars without raising the temper of the nation. She also showed her contempt of Secularism when she returned East Bengal to Islam after its capture by the Indian Army, saying, “Secularism is for my Hindu slaves, not for the Muslims!” \\\\\\\\\\\Return of East Bengal to full sovereignty once again, and membership of UNO, was a SLAP in the face of East Punjab that was ordered to move the Chief Minister’s office to Union Territory. To crush the simmering resentment of the Sikhs, she maliciously ordered the army to launch Operation Blue Star in Amritsar. The intention was to infuriate and provoke the Sikhs and then, using military force, massacre tens of thousands more. Like her father, she, too, perceived the Sikhs as a major obstacle in the way of “Islamization” of Hindusthan. She gave the Sikhs bullets but Hajj subsidies to her fellow Muslims. No Hindu State got such funding, incentives and financial aid like the only Muslim majority State of Jammu & Kashmir. To her delight the brainwashed subservient Lok Sabha (Parliament) believed all along that she was “saving” Hindusthan from the Sikhs who were merely a decoy for the real hunt. None looked at another time bomb, the growing menace of the same “second nation” once again. Alienation of the Sikhs will be a horrendous strategic disadvantage. Most Hindus are still unaware or ignorant.\\\\\\\\\\ More than SIX DECADES later, the Hindus still look at the Italian born Catholic female Sonia, brought in by “BOFORS CHOR”, as the “First Lady” of Bharat, and blindly love, trust and follow the biggest national ‘security risk’ unconditionally. Any idea to look into her background, upbringing and deeds, and any thought of looking at themselves through HER eyes is regarded blasphemy. Brainwashed and blindfolded, one billion Hindus are PROVING to the whole world that they are still what NEHRU thought of them- a herd of cattle.\\\\\\\\\\\\ When asked, “Pandit ji, what will the Hindus think of the unconditional surrender of five provinces without Referendum?”, he replied, “Do the CATTLE think?” Was he wrong or right? The questioner understood Nehru at once but had no means to wake up the sleeping nation. Hindus have gone through invasion after invasion, genocide after genocide, watched the temples destroyed and looted, mosques built on the very sites where the temples stood, thousands of girls abducted and raped, tens of thousands of young men and women dragged as slaves to Hindukush mountain to perish there in snow and cold, millions converted by force and fraud, driven like the cattle as refugees, degraded in both Pakistan and Bangladesh, but still an overwhelming majority follows their ENEMIES (who are after their souls and land) like dogs on leash.\\\\\\\\\\ Do we see any Hindu organisation demand a POST MORTEM on Partition? Is our silence not our betrayal of Bharat, collective cowardice or high treason? Is it not our collective acquiescence, our collective acceptance, and our collective agreement on Partition and Pakistan? Are we not dishonourable and degraded? Can we say “Bharat Mata” or “Mother India” with pride? Have we erected a Memorial to the DEAD of 1947, 1946, 1126, 1192, 712, and the dead during all the intervening centuries? How quickly, on the other hand, we have set up permanent memorials in the names of Nehru and Gandhi, by naming universities, roads, towns and tournaments after them, when they both deserved to be shot, hanged or sent into exile? \\\\\\\\\\\\ They accepted the murder of Mother India, the permanent loss of vast territories and the genocide of millions of Hindus that could have been prevented by simply demanding the arrest and trial of Mohammed Ali Jinnah who insisted on getting his Pakistan- clearly an act of High Treason punishable by death.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Is it not the deep rooted BELIEF of the Hindus themselves that like the ANIMALS slaughtered in abattoirs, they, too, do not need or deserve Memorials and Monuments? Yes, the wretched animals do curse and hurl abuse at the butchers, but they do so SILENTLY.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ At Partition the biggest sufferers were the SIKHS who were mostly concentrated in West Punjab and had their holiest shrines at Nankana Sahib (birth place of Guru Nanak), Punja Sahib (Guru Nanak’s miracle of drawing water) and Lahore (Shahid Ganj, where, according to an historian, “large numbers of Sikhs were shot down, while many others were brought in chains to Lahore where they were executed at a place near the Nakhas outside the Delhi gate, which afterwards came to be called Shahid Ganj” (Ganesh Das, 198; Tahqiqat-e-Chisthi, 101). When in 1737 Zakariya Khan martyred the revered Bhai Mani Singh, the Sikh scholar and Granthi (priest) at Darbar Sahib, Amritsar, people of all religions were horrified. Detachments of the “gashti fauj” brought hundreds of men and women (with children) daily in chains to Lahore for public executions at the Nakhas (now Shahid Ganj), or, in case of women for imprisonment and hard labour leading to death. This site witnessed the martyrdoms of popular figures like Bhai Taru Singh who served all without discrimination), and their centres of culture and political power in Rawalpindi and Lahore. The Government of “Rascals, Rogues & Usurpers” in Partitioned India (controlled by the Axis of “ITALY, ISLAM & the brain-dead HINDU”) did more damage to the Sikh community than what they would have suffered as a result of a crushing defeat in a major battle. Government of India, the top leader Jawaharlal Nehru and his All-India Congress Party simply deserted the Sikhs in West Punjab to their fate. And that fate, with the Hindus themselves in terror and flight, was more horrible and devastating that words can describe. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The least that one could do to keep their memory alive was to establish a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM to educate our coming generations about Partition, slaughters and loss of land, jobs and homes. But the “Devil”, bent upon erasing the memory of Partition, is none other than the Government of India, Nehru Dynasty and the brain dead Hindus whose self-esteem is like that of the insects and rodents! That is the HINDU nation today without a single Holocaust Museum and with our Temple in Ayodhya still in ruins with no hope ever of reconstruction.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The ruling and fooling establishment in India is hell bent upon preventing any memorial to be put up to remind the nation of their victims and martyrs, who all died either due to betrayal by Nehru & Gandhi, or as a result of State aggression. It is now for the Hindu nation to start erecting memorials and monuments of their DEAD, before and since 1947. In this context even Nathu Ram Godse was a national hero and true patriot.\\\\\\\\\\ The nation of one billion inert bodies dare not protest Partition and the BUTCHERY (cruel and unnecessary killing of Hindus & Sikhs) that took place, but they do so SILENTLY. When the Hindus attain freedom finally, there will be MONUMENTS to every Hindu and Sikh killed by the foreigners (Muslim and European invaders) and even by the Government of India dominated by Nehru Dynasty since 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindu nation will discover the TOP SECRET strategic long range goal of Congress, Italy & Islam, i.e., to exterminate the Hindus across the sub-continent, beginning with Karachi, Lahore, Dhaka and Kashmir. It is still not too late to unmask Nehru as the enemy, see through his deception and betrayal, and then stand up defiantly to LYNCH the oppressors, the “SWINE”, who are masquerading as “secular” to get legitimacy for their anti-Hindu killer instincts, designs and deeds.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let us, the surviving Hindus, not perish through ignorance, collective cowardice or the compelling urge to invite more invasions, genocides and holocausts. For God’s sake, we have gone through all this before and our Akhand Bharat has been smashed by the ENEMY WITHIN, to be confined in Middle India with hostile Mohammedan republics on BOTH sides. The Hindus of East Bengal and West Punjab have perished. Neither Nehru’s Government nor even God helped them since God helps those who HELP THEMSELVES. Powerful forces and ideological storms let loose from Middle East have been sweeping the smart gentle folk and their advanced civilizations before them. Let us now comprehend the hidden nature of that FORCE and unite in order to DEFEND the rapidly decreasing bit that we call Bharat, Hindusthan or India. ========================================= 000000000