Date: 18 Sep 2012


Today's Paper THE HINDU \\\\\\\\\\\ NEW DELHI, September 18, 2012 PRICES OF DAILY ESSENTIALS SOARING EVEN BEFORE DIESEL HIKE ADDS FUEL TO THE FIRE Gargi Parsai \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Even before the cascading impact of the hike in diesel prices begins to roll, the prices of essential commodities are soaring in retail markets across the country, with pulses, atta, sugar, edible oils, tea and milk having recorded sharp increases. \\\\\\\\\\\\ In the past six months the retail price of gram dal here in the Capital has gone up to Rs. 69 per kg from Rs. 49 per kg, arhar has shot up to Rs. 83 from Rs. 70, urad dal has jumped to Rs. 74 from Rs. 67, moong dal to Rs. 75 from Rs.69 and masoor dal to Rs. 64 from Rs 50 per kg. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Rajmah is now selling for Rs. 108 per kg in local markets. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Union Minister of State for Food K. V. Thomas told The Hindu that the prices of essentials have shot up because of “higher international prices, lower production of some commodities, higher minimum support prices for wheat, rice, and higher Fair & Remunerative Price for sugar.” \\\\\\\\\\ “There could also be some psychological impact due to drought conditions in some States,” he said, but added, “Let me assure you there will be no scarcity.” \\\\\\\\\\\\Wheat prices have escalated to Rs. 19 per kg as from Rs. 16 per kg six months ago, while atta is now selling at Rs. 20 against Rs. 17 per kg. \\\\\\\\\\ Sugar prices have steadily mounted to Rs. 40 per kg from Rs 33 per kg and this is attributed to the higher Fair & Remunerative Price (Rs. 170 per quintal from Rs. 145) set by the Centre and even higher State Administered Price offered by Uttar Pradesh. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Groundnut oil has shot up to Rs. 165 from Rs. 136 per kg, while mustard has risen to Rs. 106 from Rs. 93 per kg. Packed soya oil has gone up to Rs. 95 from Rs. 88, while sunflower oil is now selling at Rs. 107 per kg from Rs. 101 just six months ago. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Jaggery is up by Rs. 5 per kg, milk by Rs. 1 per kg and loose tea has shot up by Rs. 13 per kg in six months.\\\\\\\\\\\ Potato prices have doubled in six months and tomatoes are up by Rs. 5 per kg. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. Thomas ruled out imposition of stock holding limits on essential commodities to prevent hoarding for speculation in the coming festival season. ==================================== 000000000