Date: 30 Nov 2011


Please comment: -------------------------------------- WHO WAS INDIRA GANDHI?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ An ignorant nation at the level of cattle.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The anti national and anti Hindu rulers of "Occupied" India where the non Hindus take precedence, where Secularism is above Hinduism, and one Italian Catholic female is above all the native Hindu females, the information fed by "Dynasty, Congress & Islam" to the terrified nation is either false, twisted, selective or confused.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Take the most basic piece of information that even a child ought to know: "What religion was Indira Gandhji?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a second the Smart Indian Alek will reply, "Hindu." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Then ask, "What was the surname of her husband?"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Prompt reply by anohter guy with a PhD in India: "Gand\\\\\\\\\\\hi!" Then ask, "Name his father."\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Don't know." Some fool will even shout, "Mahatma Gandhi!"\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Name Feroze's mother, maternal uncles and paternal aunts." "DON'T KNOW," replies the ignorant "DIMWIT". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ REALITY CHECK:\\\\\\\\\\ Indira, who became "Mrs. Feroze KHAN" after marrying Feroze Khan, a Mohammedan, embraced ISLAM and swore to divide, demoralise and decimate the Hindu KAFIRS and KILL THE SIKHS. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Her victims (Hindus and Sikhs) would ahve taken notice had she called herself "RAZIA BEGUM!" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Being Mrs. KHAN (and NOT Indira Gandhi), she never looked into the Surrender of India called "Partition", the plight of Hindus in Pakistan, the slavery of North Kashmir and even the ruins in Ayodhya. But she did return East Bengal to Mohammed after capturing it and overlooked the ethnic cleansing & persecution of the Hindus in Bangladesh. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ So let us locate that smart Indian with PhD, and ask, "What do you think of Indira's character?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Oh, Excellent without any doubt. She was a strong leader with legal STICK in hand to declare Emergency, welcome ITALIAN BORN Sonia Maino in Prime Minister's house without bothering to obtain security clearance and sent army to attack the Sikhs' holiesrt shrine.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The despicable sycophant, the ignorant scum of mankind, continued, "In her case it was absolutely right for her to take her father's chair of office and call it "Democracy" and to "BASH and BATTER" the Hindus and call it Secularism."\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ She was succeeded by BOFORS CHOR. and "Democracy" in Hindusthan cannot be said to be complete unless Sonia's son Rahul sits on the prime minister's chair and rules Nehru's SLAVE COLONY till his death. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But when we asked a "country bumpkin" in Punjab, "Who was Indira Gandhi?", prompt came the reply: "THE EVIL WITCH WHO WAS DESPATCHED AT HALLOWE'EN, 1984."). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Perfect!" 000000000