Date: 30 Oct 2011


moughals back in delhi can not believe it... it is happening in delhi and hindu india. the govt in the center absolutely anti hindu and anti india. humiliating hindus with no fear or shame.. glorifying moughal ruler ... babur was the one who destroyed the temple of ayodhya,birth place of ram. the idols were broken and placed on the steps of the mosque constructed on the site. manmohan singh ji remember that guru govind ji fought the battle for the temple and recovered nanak devji visited it in his travels.he prayed to lord ram. you very well know the sacrifices of hte gurus to save hindu faith. ---------------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Zahiru'd-Din Muhammed Babur (1526 C.E. - 1520 C.E.) Babur's Own Words on Killing Hindus: For the sake of Islam I became a wanderer, I battled infidels and Hindus, I determined to become a maryr Thank God I became a Killer of Non-Muslims! -----------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\ From Baburnama, the Memoires of Babur Himself: In AH 934 (2538 C.E.) I attacked Chanderi and by the grace of Allah captured it in a few hours. We got the infidels slaughtered and the place which had be Daru'l-Harb (nation of non-muslim) for years was made into a Daru'l-Islam (muslim nation). ---------------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Guru Nanak on Babur's atrocities: Source:Rag Asa Guru Nanak Dev witnessed first hand the atrocities Babur committed on Hindus and recorded them in his poems. He says: Having attacked Khuraasaan, Babar terrified Hindustan. The Creator Himself does not take the blame, but has sent the Mugal as the messenger of death. There was so much slaughter that the people screamed. Didn't You feel compassion, Lord? pg (360) ------------------- On the condition of Hindu women in Babur's monster rule: Those heads adorned with braided hair, with their parts painted with vermillion - those heads were shaved with scissors, and their throats were choked with dust.They lived in palatial mansions, but now, they cannot even sit near the palaces.... ropes were put around their necks, and their strings of pearls were broken. Their wealth and youthful beauty, which gave them so much pleasure, have now become their enemies. The order was given to the soldiers, who dishonored them, and carried them away. If it is pleasing to God's Will, He bestows greatness; if is pleases His Will, He bestows punishment pg(417-18) -------------------- On the nature of Mughal rule under Babur: First, the tree puts down its roots, and then it spreads out its shade above. The kings are tigers, and their officials are dogs; they go out and awaken the sleeping people to harass them. The public servants inflict wounds with their nails. The dogs lick up the blood that is spilled. Source:Rag Malar, (pg.1288) --------------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ From an article by Dr. Harsh Narain on Muslim Testimony (Indian Express 2/26/90): Since the establishment of Zahiru'd-Din Ghazi's rule, officers and religious leaders spread Islam vigorously desteroying the Hindu faith. We cleared the filth of Hinduism from Faizabad and Avadh. -------------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Protest show of play ‘Sons of Babur’ to be staged at Rashtrapati Bhavan O Hindus, stop glorification of oppressive Babur, in lawful manner ! Hindu Janajagruti Samiti opposed show play 'Sons of Babur' ----------------------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Devout Hindus are protesting lawfully on following Contact details : Rashtrapati Bhavan Office Fax No: +91 11 23017290/23017824 EPABX : +91 11 23015321 E-mail : Prime Minister’s Office Phone: +91 11 23012312 Fax No. : +91 11 23019545/23016857 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Devout Hindus can share their opinions/comments with the concerned authority at : Detailed News New Delhi: An English play titled ‘Sons of Babur’ written by the Central Law Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid glorifies Mughal invader Babur. A show of this play will be staged at Rashtrapati Bhavan on 28th October. Khurshid will also enact a role in this play. Mrs. Pratibha Patil, the President of India and Dr. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister will watch the play among others. Shows of this play were staged in Goa in the month of May despite opposition by devout Hindus. (What else is expected from anti- Hindu Congress which is governing this country like descendents of Babur? Hindus should oust the Congress for glorifying a cruel ruler and establish Hindu nation ! – Editor SP) The play ‘Sons of Babur’ is based on the Mughal regime in the backdrop of Gadar in 1857. Bahadur Shah Zafar is the hero of this play. The play gives a message that Muslim identity is being wiped out in Hindustan, stated Saeed Alam, the Director of the play. (Dr. Manmohan Singh says that Muslims have first right to the property in this country. The Congress Government has been spending billions of rupees on Muslims accepting recommendations of Sachar Committee and still Muslims are grumbling that their identity is getting wiped out. Hindus should remember that when Muslims were given Pakistan, they were also given Rs. 55 crores at that time (its value is Rs. 14,000/- crores today), Pak-occupied Kashmir has given to them, post of President was given, free hand is given to ‘jihadis’ to carry out their activities in this country and still if Muslims are making such statements which shows that their ambition is to convert whole of India into Islamic country. Hindus should be alert and get ready to establish Hindu nation ! – Editor SP) -------------------------------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Read more at : 000000000