Date: 28 Oct 2011


Avaaz,org \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Take up a NON Muslim cause. Are you a secret MUSLIM propaganda outfil in burka or nikab? \\\\\\\\\\\ There seems to be such terror of Mohammed of Mecca that whatever his blind followers do the world looks the otrher way.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ One of the most hostile and unfriendly acts by Muslims was to raze the Grand Temple in Ayodhya to ground and leave it in RUINS. Even five hundred years later when the HIDNUS wish to reconstruct that Temple the Muslims are standing in the wayh threatening VIOLENCE. CURSE BE UPON THESE MUSLIMS who are in PARTITIONED India only because of the kindness of the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ How would the Muslims themselves feel if a Hindu warlord sacked MECCA and razed the grand mosque theire to the ground and then made sure that the mosque and ka'ba are never re-constructed? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Another savagery & brutality was to blow up the Buddha statues in Afhganistan accompanied by the wild souts of "ALLAH HU AKBAR!". They did not foresee that God in the shape of George Bush will send his BOMBERS and FIGHTERS to blast the TALIBAN out of office in AFGHANISTAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Another thoughtless and heartless bestial act by MOHAMMEDANS was to occupy the Sikhs' Holy city called NANKANA SAHIB with the grand shrine (gurdwara) in it that is now deserted since the congregations have been ethnically cleansed. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The worst act is to fly the ISLAMIC flag over the city though Islam has nothing to do with the city or country. It is sheer AGGRESSION for which God is already punishing the followers of MOHAMMED in Irak, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, Egypt, Somalia, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Tunisia. \\\\\\\\\\\\ You have noted the nun in China but not the Coptic Christians in Egypt who are threatened with extinction. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ARE YOU A MUSLIM RUN OUTFIT? Would you please PUBLSH this and ask your readers to CURSE the MOHAMMEDANS who have occupied all the NON Muslm lands and shrines including Temple Mount in Jerusalam and Sophia Hagis in Istambul. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ After Islam is WIPED OUT OF THIS WORLD we shall read all about Tensin Wangmo (below) and make sure that NO Buddhist nun or monk ever has to do self immolation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Oct 28, 2011. ------------------- In a message dated 28/10/2011 17:34:20 GMT Daylight Time, avaaz@avaaz.org writes: Dear friends, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the past month, eight Buddhist monks and nuns have self-immolated to protest a growing Chinese crackdown in Tibet. These tragic acts are a desperate cry for help -- and we can answer their call. China restricts access to the region, but if we can persuade six key governments with close ties to China to send diplomats to the area, it will expose this escalating repression, and save lives. Sign the urgent petition now! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Days ago, Tenzin Wangmo walked out of her nunnery, covered herself in petrol and set herself on fire while pleading for a “free Tibet”. Minutes later she died -- she was just 20 years old. In the past month, seven other monks have self-immolated to protest a growing Chinese crackdown on the peaceful Tibetan people. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ These tragic acts are a desperate cry for help -- machine gun toting Chinese security forces are beating and disappearing monks, laying siege to monasteries, and even killing elderly people defending them -- all in an effort to suppress Tibetan rights. China severely restricts access to the region. But if we can get key governments to send diplomats in, break the blackout, and expose this growing brutality, we could save lives. 000000000