Date: 24 Oct 2011


PARTITION OR AKHAND BHARAT? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Please see: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Evidently our fathers' generation was conditioned to trust Nehru as a patriot and revere Gandhi as a god. But they both betrayed our "AKHAND BHARAT" for reasons well known. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now our Bharat has a lethal problem- not only in Kashmir but something much deeper, incomprehensible and ideological. The problem is ISLAM. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In 1940 they defined themselves as the SECOND NATION for the first time (till then the Hindus had been the SECOND NATION) and persisted with this assertion right till they could murder "United" India and a few million Hindus, too, serving the bloodthirsty Allah of Arabia. In 1947 there were those who were enjoying the gains of victory by plundering the Hindus and occupying their homes and abducting and raping Hindu/Sikh females without fear of retribution. Even today NONE, including Ajmal Kasab, is afraid of the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ All the Hindus, however, were not crushed and battered into pulp. There were those willing to fight for India and redeem her honour in that darkest hour. It was the case of Muslim "JACKALS" being led by "TIGER" Jinnah while on our side the Hindu "LIONS" (including the SIKHS), were being led by "JACKALS". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ As a result the Hindu MAJORITY lay motionless, flat and dead on ground. The Muslim MINORITY simply walked over us, treating us like a door mat. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ There are Hindus (and Sikhs) who can still recall India's collapse with great regret and anguish There are those whose relatives were KILLED and daughters abducted and raped. There are those who have come to understand the grand strategy of ANGLO-ISLAMIC nexus to disintegrate and annihilate the Hindus. They also use such blanket diktats in the case of Jews while supporting the Arabs in Middle East. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Jews may be vindictively blamed by the Vatican for killing Jesus 2,000 years ago but NO Hindu can ever be blamed for killing Mohammed in Mecca or raping his daughter. \\\\\\\\\\\\ So why (and WHY?) this eternal venom and enmity against the Hindus who never went across the frontiers of Bharat to kill, rape and plunder, who, in fact, wish to live in peace in their own country, regarding all mankind as one family? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Guru Gobind Singh rose in the enslaved Hindu nation like a Saint Warrior, declaring, "We neither intimidate anyone nor let anyone terrify us." Yet the Hindu nation was made to feel extremely terrified and scared by our British rulers in 1947 and, most shamefully, we are still being made to feel so by the Hindu bashing "mongrel" ruling clique led by a worthless female from the "Land of Mafia & Pope" even today. \\\\\\\\\\\ The second spirit booster in that demoralised enslaved passive nation was, "I wish each one of you to become brave like a lion in order to take on, attack and vanquish, 125,000 of the enemy." \\\\\\\\\\ The Guru infused such spirit and strength among his followers that the Sikh army could defeat the Afghans and capture KHYBER PASS in order to block the traditional Islamic marauders' route to Delhi. They never appeared again, leaving defenceless Hindusthan at the mercy of European powers. \\\\\\\\\\\ Unfortunately, Mogul rule continued within India and the enemy multiplied rapidly to gain majority in several provinces. Hindu leaders were under strict surveillance by authorities and could neither speak out against slavery nor organise themselves to fight for Independence. While they remained passive it was the Muslims who organised themselves very quickly and felt brave enough to warn the top Hindu leaders to accept their demand for the Islamic republic called Pakistan or face death. \\\\\\\\\\\ While Gandhi went silent assuming the posture of a fake mahatma, it was Nehru who betrayed the Hindus and Hindusthan in broad daylight and stood squarely behind his friend Mohammed Ali Jinnah to concede and surrender 364,351 square miles of our territory without a single condition. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We, the present generation of Indians, KNOW that Partition was IMPOSED upon the unprepared leaderless Hindu nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that India accepted defeat, fearing general massacres across the country. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that the Muslims were not only capable of carrying out such massacres but they actually did so (NOAKHALI in Aug 1946 and RAWALPINDI in Mar 1947). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ So much for having the Muslims as your fellow citizens! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that Nehru and his (Congress) Party not only suppressed the details of PARTITION from our people and Parliament but also deleted the word "Partition" from his Constitution and public memory. Barrister Nehru’s idea was to keep the Hindus perpetually ignorant like the sheep for the ISLAMIC abattoir. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that the Hindu nation was BULLIED into submission & surrender by a ruthless, vicious and violent ENEMY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We also KNOW that the "rats" who happened to be our leaders went out of their way to EMBRACE the enemy, calling them "brothers", thus deceiving their blind and ignorant followers further. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that "Akhand Bharat" was, and is, as dear and patriotic a concept as the UNITED Kingdom to the British and the UNITED States to the Americans. Let any Mohammed utter the word “Partition” there! It’s only the weak who are bullied and beaten. \\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that the bully once appeased re-appears again and again. We KNOW this from the countless invasions of our Motherland just because in the very first instance our HINDU army did not pursue Mohammed Bin Qasim back to MECCA, set fire to his mosques and rape their daughters. \\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that what we spared the enemy they INFLICTED worse upon us a million times since. The last time it was in 1947 when Hindu/Sikh girls and women were stripped NAKED and marched through the towns in West Punjab- all because the Hindus had never done so, not even once to show them how disgusting and low down scum they are. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that letting the BULLY keep his ill-gotten gains is both immoral and cowardly. \\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that this is not a temporary enemy like those during World War 2. Then Germany was the enemy. Today she is a close friend. In fact, no Briton needs visa to travel to Germany. How different from those days in 1940 and 1941? But WHEN did we have such truce or friendship with the MUSLIMS? How safe does a Hindu feel entering North Kashmir, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? \\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that most of us with some sense of decency, character, patriotism and honour feel disgust looking at the disfigured map outline of our Akhand Bharat with huge chunks of territory taken out through deception and betrayal by the Indian Muslims. \\\\\\\ We KNOW the loss of life and property in the Indo-Pak wars and the cost of arms and weapons to be borne in the future by our poor countries where most people have no access to clean water and good schools. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that feud and strife, even bloody battles and wars, lie ahead if Partition is not annulled immediately. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW the mischief that the INDIAN Muslims can still do if not made civilised through de-brainwashing, or made to accept the secular way of life (one Law for all). \\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that the Hindus, the majority community, must become aware of their manly role and responsibility in securing peace in Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that India must now "twist the tail" of the INDIAN Muslims to approach Pakistan and Bangladesh to re-join secular India where they themselves prefer to live among the Kafirs. The Indian Muslims should take advantage of the starvation, maladministration, rampant sectarian violence, widespread chaos and corruption there in order to persuade them to join their fellow Muslims in secular and safe Bharat since the Muslims in PARTITIONED India are more in number than those in Pakistan and Bangladesh put together. \\\\\\\\\\\ And if they don’t? \\\\\\\\ Then we shall KNOW that their loyalty to India today is as false as it was in 1947. It is simply common sense to ask, “How can they suddenly become “Gandhian lambs”, swearing by Secularism, after violently mutilating India six decades ago?” \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Deception, fraud and surprise attack were the three cardinal elements of Jihad practised by Mohammed himself. Therefore, for the security and safety of Bharat the Muslims must be entered in the Constitution as the "second nation". Failure to do so will mean “death” of Delhi like the DEATH OF LAHORE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW that unless Bharat is "Akhand" the Muslims across the three countries (Bangladesh, Bharat and Pakistan) will only be scheming and acting to do more damage to India and remain engaged in wiping out the Hindus from South Asia. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We KNOW the hollow and unconvincing call to duty upon our brave Jawans of the armed forces when neither the President nor the Prime Minister, nor even the Parliament and the Cabinet know of any higher duty than to please the ITALIAN BORN Sonia from the Land of Pope & MAFIA, and appease the Muslims. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We know the TREACHERY of Nehru who having surrendered 364,351 sq.miles of our India to Mohammed of Mecca then asked the Indian Army, "You must defend every inch of India." For this "TOM FOOLERY" (deception) Nehru deserved to be shot dead like a dog. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let us wake up to the unacceptable reality and to the even more dreadful future, and REVIVE the slogans, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Akhand Bharat: Amar Rahe!", and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Down with the naked ISLAMIC aggression on Indian soil!" 000000000