Date: 22 Oct 2011


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqVv5ZbfI7M History of Kashmir issue: During Kargil war, India's Govt tried to use diplomatic means first to avoid war. 465 soldiers and officials died during war. Missing in Action are either in Pakistan's custody or under snow. PM Bajpai in 1998 and PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1987 reached an agreement with Pakistan that both countries will not cross borders. Why does Pakistan keep disobey its own commitment not to cross our borders? First, Pakistan attacked Kashmir on Oct 20, 1947. India and Pakistan became dominion state under Indian Independence Act designed in House of Commons of England. Indian Independence Act allowed 565 kingdoms had a right to join either India or Pakistan, OR remain independent. Sardar Patel understood clearly that this Act was designed to divide India in as many small countries as possible. So Sardar Patel started discussing with many kingdoms to join them with India. He did this very well. Kashmir's King didn't want to join India or Pakistan and remain independent. Hydrabad, and Junagadh's Kings thought the same thing. But the people of these kingdoms wanted to stay with India, so they could not join Pakistan even if Kings wanted to. Kashmir's people also wanted to stay independent. So on August 15, 1947 Kashmir wasn't part of India. Pakistan attacked Kashmir with full force to include it in Pakistan. Kashmir's soldiers surrendered in 4 days. India's soldiers could not help Kashmir, because Kashmir wasn't part of India. Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir asked for help from Sardar Patel when he realized that he couldn't defeat Pakistan. He told Sardar Patel, after India helps Kashmir, he will agree to merge Kashmir with India. Sardar Patel asked Kashmir's King Hari Singh to write and sign that promise to merge with India. King Hari Singh agreed to write and sign that promise while preserving unique culture of Kashmir. He signed the agreement with India on Oct 24, 1947 and merged Kashmir with India. Then, India's soldiers fought with war with Pakistan's soldiers, and they started to win the area occupied by them.. US President Eisenhower agreed to help upon Pakistan's request, and told PM Nehru to discuss the issue with him. United Nations was involved to solve the issue. The agreement said that as of Jan 1948, the border between the two countries would be where military of each country was at that time. 26000 sq. miles of Kashmir's area was under Pakistan's control. That became Pakistan occupied Kashmir. (PoK) Sansad of India passed the proposal on Aug 15, 1997 that PoK should be brought back to India's control. Pakistan agreed not to attack India again ever under UN agreement. Bharat and Pakistan will solve issued by diplomatic means rather than war. Pakistan attacked Kashmir region of India again in 1965 and violated that signed agreement. Why? Before that China attacked Kashmir region of India in 1962. It was the most unfortunate for our country. V. K. Krishna Menon was Defense Minister but used to travel overseas a lot. Around 1960 he proposed strangely in Lok Sabha that we don't need military because we don't have any enemy any more. In emergency, India's police will be enough to take care of problem. So he proposed to reduce India's military budget. He also ordered to close some of the military equipment manufacturing factories. China took advantage of this situation and attacked India in 1962 thinking PM Nehru must believe in the policy proposed by Krishna Menon. China's interest was to grab some of the area of Arunachal Pradesh. They raped thousands of women and killed youth in that area. Thousands of Indian died, and people of that area started feeling bad about Indian Govt. They ask where was Indian military when China attacked in 1962? So they unfortunately don't trust Indian Govt. The third consequence was China grabbed 72,000 sq. miles of Indian area, which includes Kailas Mansarovar. Today, if we want to visit Kailas Mansarovar, we need to get visa from Chinese Govt. PM Nehru asked for help from US President to stop Chinese aggression. China agreed to cease fire if we don't ask for 72,000 sq. miles area that was already under their control. Lok Sabha MPs discussed how can we get back 72,000 sq. miles area. MP Mahavir Tyagi asked PM Nehru this happened due to your policy error and how will you bring land back? PM Nehru said that the land that we lost was not useful and fertile, so why worry about it? MP Mahavi Tygi responded that your head has no hair, so would you cut your head and give it China? PM Nehru could not tolerate that shock of China's attack and consequences, so he passed away. When Pakistan saw this they dared to attack India in 1965. However new PM Lal Bahadur Shastri wasn't the same as last PM Nehru. He increased military budget and said that we should be always careful of Pakistan. The reason he said is that the country which wants to separate from us, can't be trusted. He made "Jay Jawan, Jay Kishaan" slogan very important and supported both groups immensely. He hinted Military Chiefs that don't wait for my order to defend and/or attack enemies. I will support your decisions. So Indian Military was well prepared in 1965 when Pakistan attacked and defeated them. Area upto and near Lahore & Gilgit was in Indian Military control soon. Some people in Sindh and Muhajir (muslims who went to Pakistan from India in 1947) were supporting Indian Military. Pakistan asked for USA's help to stop the war. Earlier, USA sent red wheat to India under PL 480 law, which was low quality wheat. USA threatened PM Shastri that they won't send red wheat to India. PM Shastri said: "Don't give us wheat. We, indians, do Vrat regularly." PM Shastri appealed to people of India by Public meeting in New Delhi. We need to save wheat, so do fasting one day a week. So crores of people started fasting on every Monday. My grand mother fast every monday because Shastriji told us to do that. So USA knew that they couldn't pressure PM Shastri, so they pressured Soviet President's help. PM Shastri considered Soviet Union our friend, so he agreed to cease fire. For new agreement, the meeting was arranged in Taskand in Russia. PM Shastri found out conditions were already decided for agreement rather than decide conditions by negotiating in meeting. After PM Shastri signed the agreement, he was given poison in the sleep, and got killed. It was declared that he had a heart attack. Post Mortem wasn't done, which should have been done according his wife. One bad condition was that area won by India should be given back to Pakistan without conditions. PM Shastri wanted to give the won area in exchange for Pak occupied Kashmir. Pakistan agreed again that they won't attack India. Possibly PM Shastri agreed to sign the agreement because of this condition. Even if Shastri was PM of India, he had only couple sets of clothes outfits. He could sew his own clothes if necessary. He appealed to people of India to stop unnecessary expenses to support the war if necessary. He fired his own maid to cut his own expense and he washed his own laundry, and cleaned the floor. He also fired his son's english teacher to cut his own expenses. Lalita Shastri declared PM Shastri's bank's passbook after his death, which showed balance of Rs. 365 ONLY! She did it to answer criticism of some people that PM was hypocritical, and he had lot of money. He was the best PM India had, and it is unimaginable that we will have PM like him again. Pakistan attacked again 1971 with the help of USA. Lot of people intruded India from East Pakistan(now Bangladesh). Bengal's budget didn't have enough money to handle refugees intruded from East Pakistan. They asked for help from Central Govt. and PM Indira Gandhi. PM Indira Gandhi tried to solve the problem by diplomatic means with international community. All of a sudden Pakistan attacked on Dec 3, 1971 and bombed Delhi, Agra and Jodhpur in the early morning around 2:30am. When PM Indira Gandhi realized that USA is helping Pakistan, she wanted to finish the war as early as possible. And, she also wanted to achieve minimum target to separate East Pakistan from West Pakistan. Sheikh Mujibar Rehman wanted to separate from West Pakistan using Mukti Vahini Campaign. Bengal's muslim people worship Durga Devi. Mujibar Rehman supported Indian military to achieve goal. By Dec 16, 1971 midnight East Pakistan became Bangladesh, and PM Indira Gandhi got approval from many countries from Bangladesh. USA Govt approved that USA military will fight the war against India in support of Pakistan. But they couldn't reach to help, because 94,000 out of 200,000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered. Then, USA realized their plan failed, so they tried to compromise using UN. India returned all the 94,000 soldiers and won land back to Pakistan, and they agreed again not to attack India. Pakistan wanted to attack again in 1987, but PM Rajiv Gandhi was prepared on the border, and Pakistan didn't attack. Pakistan is "bent tail of a Dog", which can't get straight, no matter how hard someone tries! Nazam Sheikh came to New Delhi for a lecture. He said that Pakistan has not been able to be independent financially. \\\\\\\\\\ He said: "Pakistan doesn't know what the future will be like. Pakistan's financial situation has collapsed. 95% of budget comes from foreign countries" He also said: "70% of factories in Pakistan are closed." If 95% if Pakistan budget is borrowed, why and how Pakistan is daring to attack India? Where do money and weapons come from to fight the war? Pakistan is as big as Uttar Pradesh in area and has 17 crore population. How can such a weak nation afford to fight the war with India? One expert said that if we fight the war on the whole border, then we can defeat Pakistan in 4 to 5 days. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan is not prepared to fight the war on the whole border. USA helps Pakistan the most in the world with money and weapons. USA doesn't want PoK to be part of India. and they want to make that area USA's military base. USA can fight the war with Russia and China strategically from Kashmir area. This area can help USA to refuel war planes. That's why USA would not like to get Kashmir issue solved If USA is willing to help Kuwait to free their land from Iraq, then why not help India to get our land back from Pakistan? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000