Date: 17 Oct 2011


Punjab Regiment is 250 years old Excellent news. The only national shame is that the colours of the brave are being handed over to a Gandhian "COW" who has NO heart or interest in the regiment NOR IN THE PUNJAB (now lying in five broken fragments with capital on Union Territory) but all her loyalty towards the White Elephant (SONIA) from Italy. She is yet to be seen within a hundred miles of the ruins in AYODHYA and the enemy flag over NANKANA SAHIB! If this female were a tigress then North Kashmir would have been recovered and Article 370 (that ensures everlasting Muslim Majority in South Kashmir) blasted long ago. She could pay tribute to all the JAWANS of the Regiment killed in the defence of Bharat by erecting a 100 meter tall Memorial to their Memory and Valour near her Rashtrapati Bhawan. At first she herself needs an injection of courage to REPUDIATE that bogus Partition imposed on all without Referendum or Condition. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========= From: xxxxxxxxxxx Sent: October-14-11 7:58 PM\\\\\\\\\\\\ To: undisclosed-recipients:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Subject: Punjab Regiment is 250 years old\\\\\\\\\\ Colonel of the Punjab Regiment Lt-Gen KJS Oberoi presents the regimental insignia to President Pratibha Patil in New Delhi on Friday \\\\\\\\\\ Punjab Regiment is 250 years old \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Chandigarh, October 14, 2011.\\\\\\\\\\\ As part of the 250 Raising Day Celebrations of the Punjab Regiment, a special commemorative stamp and a first day cover were released by President Pratibha Patil at Rashtrapati Bhawan today. Defence Minister AK Antony, Chief of the Army Staff, Gen VK Singh and Colonel of the Punjab Regiment, Lt Gen KJS Oberoi, were also present on the occasion. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Punjab Regiment is the oldest Infantry regiment of the Indian Army and traces its origin to the later half of the 18th century. The ancestral units of the Punjab Regiment were formed out of the erstwhile Coastal Sepoys, which were later known as Carnatic Battalions and then Madras Battalions. In October 1761, the first battalions of the Punjab Regiment were raised. The designation of these battalions underwent several changes in subsequent years and later came to be known as 2nd Punjab Regiment and its recruitment was confined to areas of Punjab.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A host of other events and adventure activities are being undertaken to mark the occasion. These include a 1,156 km para-motor gliding expedition from Meerut to Ramgarh (Jharkhand) where the regimental centre is located and a cycle expedition from Ramgarh to New Delhi. The purpose of these expeditions is to display the regimentís spirit of adventure and to connect with the masses in the hinterland, to motivate the youth and foster national solidarity.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The First Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, now part of the Armyís elite Special Forces, was a part of the Punjab Regiment, having been raised as the 8th Battalion Coast Sepoys in 1761 at Trichinopoly.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Its later redesignations included 67th Punjabis, 1/2nd Punjab Regiment and the 1st Battalion Punjab Regiment. In 1952 it was converted to 1 Para (Punjab) and later reorganised into a commando battalion. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\E -- 000000000