Date: 17 Oct 2011


An Air India Flight from Ahmedabad scheduled for London Heathrow Airport is diverted to the nearby Gatwick Airport due to dense fog. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ This flight remains on the tarmiac for nine hours, because Air India does not know what to do. The Air Craft Crew cannot get suitable directions from its overlords. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Amongst the passengers is a pregnant lady, children and elderlies. Also others, who have important engagements. Contrary to the International Aviation rules,the passengers are not provided with refreshments and meals. The Police is called in. Air India, the Government of India sponsered National Airlineand has recently been in the news for its financial, industrial relations and other problems. Now the abnormal delays, indecisiveness and aversion tendencies, for which our administration has the notoriety is plaguing it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Other GOI departments and Ministries ranging from Foreign, Telecommunications and Home Affairs etc. have already ridiculed themselves. How could Aviation Authorities merely remain spectators. They too wish India to be maligned at international level as well. Yours faithfully XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 000000000