Date: 12 Oct 2011


Hindus have forgotten the evils of Islam and misdeeds of Christians, viciousness of Marxists, and distorted values of criminal Congress Party and the full and dangerous arsenals of phony secularists.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the name of tolerance, Hindus have been tolerating intolerant dogmas and intolerant people. Compromising with evil, and tolerating valueless values of the our enemies is not a positive virtue. It is not tolerance. It is pathology. It will lead to mental-moral-cognitive-cultural decay and may disintegrate the country. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus need to be assertive and unite against the battle forces with a vengeance. Pluralism, linguistic and caste differences should not deter us from defeating the battle forces with ulterior motives waging open and hidden war against Hindutva with full forces of arsenal of foreign money, political power, mafia muscle and Jihadi terrorists. The battle will decide how we live, change our thinking, and it will define us as a nation with all inclusive cultural heritage and sublime values. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is time for Hindus to eliminate criminal politicians, alienated anti Hindu intellectuals, phony secularists, misguided religious leaders, and anti Hindu media. It is time for Hindus to ignore their negative logic, guilt producing false accusations, and blame game. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let us face it. We should admit that there is something fundamentally -politically wrong in our society. Let us generate new knowledge, ideas, concepts and action strategies based upon a rigorous and disciplined assessment of our present psycho-social-political situation. Thus we can gain political power and provide a better future for all Hindus. 0000000000