Date: 05 Oct 2011


SHARDHANJALI TO “MAN MINUS MANHOOD” \\\\\\\\\\ 2 October 2011. \\\\\\\\\\\\ GATHERING AT RAJ GHAT, DELHI. \\\\\\\\\\ Morons gathered at the "Samadhi" of the man who is regarded "Father of Pakistan". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The man's last breath of finite life was punctured by the bullets piercing his weak heart in his frail and dithering body supported by a stick. \\\\\\\\\\ In the worst hour of India’s peril he failed to meet the challenge but acquiesced with EVIL & HIGH TREASON, going silent. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ He had lived and worked closely with the Muslim leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, yet could not discover latter's true loyalty and patriotism nor the true meaning of Islam- deception, fraud & surprise attack. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Jinnah was extremely selfish and ambitious. He hated the Hindus. Gandhi was the opposite. He was selfless, champion of "tyaag" (surrender or renunciation), with attachment neither to himself nor to country ("dharti maata"), neither to Karachi nor to Dhaka, neither to Hindu nor to Musalman. He never said with pride, "I am a HINDU and that is no crime or shame for anyone born in Hindusthan." \\\\\\\\\\\ Instead of holding on to his Akhand Bharat firmly he let go of it instantly with the utmost ease. His closest followers wanted him to go on fast even for one day to demonstrate his commitment to a United India (Akhand Bharat). He never said, even once, "RESIST THE EVIL ONSLAUGHT OF SECTARIAN PARTITION!" No leader in entire history ever ran away from the challenge so fast like Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\ He tried to mix POISON with AMRIT as the Hindu holy men had been doing since the first savage Mohammed set his foot on the soil of Hindusthan in 712 AD- but to no avail. Hindu heart had melted and was flowing away while Muslim heart coalesced from sand to stone, becoming granite. \\\\\\\\\\\ Jinnah was adament on inflicting the lethal strike on Gandhi's Akhand Bharat. He knew that Gandhi had sapped all manhood from his followers and the majority community were easy to be cut through like soft butter. \\\\\\\\ “Cowardice invited aggression.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Jinnah knew when the time was ripe and the enemy like a flat tyre. Gandhi's vast following, numerically vastly superior, had no spirit or fight left in them. They were simply waiting for blow after blow by any foreigner including those whose anti Infidel Book of Cruelty, Hate, Intolerance and Separatism had come down from Mecca. \\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi admired and adored the enemy and stood in awe before mighty Mohammed but belittled and ridiculed own warriors, their energy and fighting spirit by calling Guru Gobind Singhji a "misguided patriot". To him the battle at Kurukshetra and the fight against the evil King of Sri Lanka were unmentionable but Islamic rule and Mogul Era were dazzling stories of success. His long lasting futile “satyagrahas” against British rulers were suddenly rewarded from an unknown quarter- Hitler’s declaration of World War and Japan’s advance towards India. \\\\\\\\\\\ The morons gathered at his Samadhi yesterday did not mention this. They gathered to pay "shardhanjali" to the man who led their parents’ generation straight into bloodbath and their Land of Gods into humiliation of defeat and the strategic loss of natural barriers that had defended Bharat from times immemorial. \\\\\\\\\\\ None thought of the implications of Defence of India crashing down from Khyber to Wagah where every evening the flames of Ideological confrontation rise at the “Changing of the Guard” ceremony, conducted like the performance of “man with the monkey”. The macabre event takes place in the middle of Punjab sending shock waves to the gods above. Punjab is the domain of Sri Rama and Guru Nanak Devji, our ancient “rishis and gurus and the cradle of Hindu civilization and Spirituality. The morons gathered at the Samadhi did not see it as the “Dance of Death” being performed every evening at Wagah on the ideological fault line. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ At what price Partition? With the Muslims allowed to stay back in Broken Bleeding Bharat and the Hindus wiped out in Pakistan, the price went into negativity. Failure and Collapse are not enough to describe the "man minus manhood" that was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The morons gathered for the futile routine to lay flowers, light candles and pay homage to the man who is strongly linked with India's worst hour and defeat in history when Lahore, the Daughter of Hindusthan, was abducted in broad daylight, then degraded and raped without a stir or reaction across Gandhi's India. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Among the morons were the PRIME MINISTER of Broken Bharat who never mentioned Akhand Bharat since he saw his parents flee West Punjab in three clothes, numerous senior cabinet ministers and too many fake and bogus “Gandhis” who held the lifeless Hindu nation to ransom, making them rub noses in dust before the central figure of awe and fear, the ITALIAN BORN SONIA MAINO-MUSSOLINI, the Re-incarnation of CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS who devastated the spiritual landscape of South America. Sonia's mission is the same. She is equally lucky among the WALKING DEAD, the morons, just like the leader of INDIAN Muslims, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, prior to Partition. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The morons gathered in full glare of publicity with all the media, including Radio, Television, Editors and Journalists and the fake scholars and bogus professors paying glowing tributes to the "man minus manhood". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ NOT ONE mentioned Lahore, North Kashmir, East Bengal or the TWO MILLION Hindus DEAD of Noakhali and West Pakistan. Not one had the idea of the Titanic ride by India's top leadership in 1947 sailing towards the glacier of doom, led by the Viceroy, Louis Mountbatten, a foreigner like Sonia Maino alias Gandhi. \\\\\\\\\\\\ When we thought of the "shardhanjali" to COWARDICE, BETRAYAL and DEFEAT epitomized and personafied, SPIT gathered in mouth that we swallowed like our belief and pride in Akhand Bharat on August 14, 1947, the day when the Indian born soul-mate of Gandhi saluted the breakaway flag of Pakistan in Karachi. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The morons showed the world that our enemies have succeeded in taking manhood and patriotism out of the Hindu nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We will have to wait for the auspicious day when genuine “shardanjalis” are paid by the President and the Prime Minister of India, and all the ruling establishment in Bharat, to our Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak, Guru Gobind Singhji and Netaji Bose on their birthdays. None will then say, “Our Bharat is the Coolie Colony of Dynasty & Congress Party with Divine Right to loot and exploit the nation of morons.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Among the MORONS gathered yesterday at Raj Ghat none asked, "Where would the frontiers of India have been today had there been NETAJI BOSE instead of BAPU GANDHI?" \\\\\\\\\\\\\ But to this gathering of native morons, fattened by loot through corruption, and ruling by fooling, it matters two hoots where the frontiers or even the Hindu nation is today, leave aside tomorrow or the day after. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi’s Bharat is minus manhood in every sense. The Head of both Civil & Military (President & Supreme Commander), a “yielding cow”, once served in Sonia’s household. Demoralised Pratibha Patil is hardly expected to dare approach Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya or recover North Kashmir or accompany a Hindu refugee back to Srinagar or demand the city of Nankana Sahib to be declared Independent & sovereign like The Vatican. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Gandhi’s Hindusthan, under the terror of separatist Muslims, is inert, lawless, corrupt & moribund. It is being kicked from all sides and mortally wounded from within. It is unable even to react or retaliate. Unmindful of all this the MORONS gathered at Raj Ghat acting like the fossilized fools. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now it is up to ALL OF US to recognize the ENEMY and rise up united in order to replace the fake & the dangerous by the genuine, the honest and the honorable. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Oct 3, 2011. ========= PS: In every country on earth a leader or general who brings home surrender or defeat is lynched or hanged to death, except in Bharat where he is revered and celebrated as "Mahatma". 000000000