Date: 30 Sep 2011


An unholy alliance, anti-national, appears to be taking place; Separatist Indian Muslims and Simple Sikh "Nishkam sewaks" are singing in unison: "We object to Vande-Matram, the national song." \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please don't forget: our Bhagat Singh Shahid. I am sure, dear Sikh brothers, he stands ten feet taller, a better Sikh than we all. Bhagat Singh sang this patriotic song, rankling the Imperial British administration of India. This happened in my lifetime. Bhagat Singh is not alone. Kavasheer, Sampuran Singh (of Punjab), Bhai Dyal Das, Haqikat Rai, Baba Dip Singh Bahadur, Baba Gurbaksh Singh, Baba Ram Singh Bedi, Baba Ram Singh Kuka, Baba Trilochan Singh (I could keep citing more names) happily roared "Vande-Matram". This made our enemy more nervous. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Finally by 1942-47, enemy was so nervous, decided to quit India, and India got independence, thanks to our united and patriotic singing of Vande-Matram. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ There is no Sikh religious objection; Bhagat Singh as well as Baba Deep Singh made it very clear; all Sikhs are not Akali; Mona Sikhs (even when they follow the ten Gurus 100%) continue to stress that we Sikhs are a Hindu sect, - that we are loyal to Hinduism (also called Bharat-Mata). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I have been to Iran; Iranian Muslim youth were singing "Madre - Watan". Now give me your reply. In Farsi language, Madre-Watan, the mother land is worth bowing to (our parents, as per Vedic culture, Iranian culture included, bow unhesitantly to our mother land and pledge to defend it from the external enemies. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Egyptian case comes to mind. The Arab Islam was trying to defeat the Egyptian patriotism (Egyptian Coptics, the defenders sang Mother Egypt). The Arab attackers were very savage and barbaric. They threw up the Coptic babies in the air, catching them on their spears on the rebound. These babies were thus threaded on to the sharp-edged spears with instant death. Why so much cruelty on the innocent children? IS THIS YOUR WAY OF EXPLAINING ISLAM THE PEACEFUL RELIGION! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Jehad: You tell the Kafirs, you have no right to be Hindu or Sikh or Farsi Zardushti: “Convert to Islam instantly or be beheaded.” Is this the peaceful Islam or the live and let live coexistence? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ With Jihad as Islamic tenet, it gives Islam the liberty to become Al-Caponic (an American Mafia, Chicago gangster) gangster, terrorizing the Hindu or Christian neighbor. Who can give you this right in a non-Muslim country, like USA? Jehad is totally unacceptable in any modern nation. It should not be legal even in Muslim majority countries. The non-Muslims have the right to practice their religion peacefully unchallenged; This is the UNO. World Charter... no religious persecution just because we are non-Muslims. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Every year, Pakistan has a case, a Christian youth is about to be lynched. No modern country in the world should terrorize its minority and the Muslim majority must let their non-Muslim minority practice their religion as first class citizen. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslim practice is to the contrary: In Malaysia and Bangladesh, Hindu temples are being systematically destroyed, not the adjacent mosques. We tell such Jehadis: Stop terrorizing the peaceful Buddhists or Hindus or else stop claiming yourself to be "A Peaceful Islam." \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam spread in the world through sword and cruelty, not through peace. Islam suppressed the conquered Buddhists (the whole Central Asia later called Turkistan) savagely. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In India, Islam fights not to let Hindus revive their Ram temple, but in reverse, totally unrepentant that Islam destroyed 3,000 temples and forcibly made these into mosques (why do you claim Islam means Peace and Shalom?). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ You staged a (forced) game on the Buddhists..... two circles, inner and outer. The inner circle is of Buddhists, they must keep circling, dancing, even if they are tired. If and when they give up, they move to outer circle, which indicates: O.K. I am converting willy-nilly to Islam. All this time, the inner circle was being flogged by the Muslim Jehadis. In Egypt, the Coptics were unallowed to speak Coptic language. Arab language came as an outside imposition by the Arab invaders. Neither by language nor by blood, the Egyptian are Arab per se. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now you moved into Iran and the terror finished the Zurdushti religion & culture. The Iranian police beat the native girl, if not in burqa. In Turkey however, Kamal Pasha encouraged the dropping of Arabic language or culture. You can see unveiled lady engineer, a pilot, an attorney or a judge. Now the world scholars are predicting - you are extending the game of denationalizing on the Western world. This means, Islam is not a religion, it is Arabic imperialism, political as well as socio-culturally. Europe or USA may wake up but it might be too late, as was the case with many others. Spain recovered - just in time. \\\\\\\\\\\ Well, back to our Sikh saint Baba Faqir Chand of Sialkot district (pre-partitioned Punjab, his village named Kotli Faqir Chand. Tradition credits Baba Faqir Chand with possessions of miraculous powers, hence venerated by the public. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Later, his son, Ram Singh Bedi would rise to the same level of veneration. The villain in this history, Shahanchi Khan was cruel in contrast, having a persistent habit of savage cruelty towards peaceful Sikhs and Hindus of Sialkot area. He would go to Hindus & Sikhs homes, his goons promptly beheaded the males and kidnapped the women and girls for rape and for sale as slave (in Kabul market). The freshly cut Hindu/Sikh heads were placed on hot griddles (the beads would dance thus on the griddle). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ After the old father Faqir Chand’s martydom, Baba Ram Singh started the counterattack, to make the cruel Shahanchi Khan stop this barbaric savagery. Both sides grew large; Khan’s army up to 30,000 Jehadis and the patriotic defense up to 8,000 volunteers. To make it in brief, despite heavy odds, the patriots won the day; Shahanchi Khan got killed while fighting and non-Muslims heaved a sigh of relief. We can ascertain this piece of history (BOOK: History of Punjab: Author Mohammed Latif, the historian). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Peaceful Nanak Dev (1439-1533) heart bled at the thought of mass scale Muslim savagery in India. Says he: “The age of sword and rules are butches Muslim virtue had taken wings and fled the dark night of Amavas has enveloped the moon of Truth and Justice and Indians look for fair men and coexistence in vain.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ CONCLUSION: There is nothing wrong with Vande Matram, India’s sacred slogan. WE MUST LEARN NOW: “UNITED WE STAND TOGETHER– DIVIDED WE FALL.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ This article is dedicated by Dr. Lalsingh Sardana, Houston, Texas, USA. All replies must be addressed to: Rashtrya Sikh Sangat 4114 Graymercy, Houston, Texas 77025 , USA \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ….Continued Part II later \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Att. News Media: You have the permission to publish this article. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ===================================================================== FOR SUBJECT: RE: Rashtriya Sikh Sangat,VANDE MATRAM Part II \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ VERY IMPORTANT: Read inside about ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA, \\\\\\\\\ =============== Rashtrya Sikh Sangat \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Monday, October 23, 2006  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ AKALI SIKHS VERSUS RASHTRYA SIKH SANGAT \\\\\\\\\\\\\   RE: Rashtrya Sikh Sangat on VANDE MATRAM – Part II \\\\\\\\\\\   To: Respected Prime Minister Sri Man Mohan Singh, & Respected Members of Parliament, News Media, Intelligentsia & Friends around the world: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Congress Party in 1947 accepted and surrendered to Jinnah’s demand of partition. Jinnah’s demand was based on 2 nation theory – that India Muslims, even if they are convert from Hindus, are a separate nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Through 1945-46 general election, Jinnah & Muslim League defeated the Muslim Congress candidates decisively. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ To be consistent legally, India Muslims in 1947-48 are (thus by their own behalf) foreigners in India. They could stay but do not have voting rights. Nehru rewarded these Muslims by raising A. M. College (Aligarh) into a full university. Nehru didn't reward his loyal voters; he rewards those who voted against India’47. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ LET US LOOK AT AN ORDINARY DAILY EVENT: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan’s cricket team plays a friendly match with India’s team. Do our India’s Muslims cheer up the India’s Cricket team? No, they 100% cheer up Pakistan team. Infact, if Pakistan team looses, India’s Muslims start a communal riots in the city, burning Hindus’ shops. How do you explain this disrespect to their mother land India? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ For Sikhs as a whole, the following table of non-Muslim holocausts, by the savage Muslims speak the whole situation; Nothing else is needed, it is self explanatory. India holocausts are equivalent of another Kafir genocide. It took place between Turkish Muslim extremists and their helpless Armenian (Christian) subjects around 1905. About 3 million Armenians were slaughtered. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus and Sikhs of India were the victims, inflicted by the same Muslim fury – not willing to tolerate non-Muslim subjects. How could Congress Party in 1948-49 declare India Muslim a disadvantaged minority, when these Muslim were privileged and receive preferential treatment for the whole Muslim rule 1000 years? They murdered our Gurus and the subsequent appointed commander Banda Bahadur. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ History has sudden twists as well. We Akalis were angry with the Muslim but of late, they become pro-Muslims, anti Hindus (why?) Perhaps with the help of Pakistani Muslim, they want to divide India again. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Rastrya Sikh Sangat loudly speaks: We the nationalist Sikhs support India and do not fevor another partition. The previous partition ’47 didn't improve the subcontinent position; it needless brought out three wars between India and Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But the Akalis, shedding tears for Pakistan, refuses to call us genuine Sikhs (we are not allowed to be voting members of S.G.P.C.) and S.G.P.C. elections are punctuated (regularly) with violence and hooliganism. If I was there, I would be beaten, my clothes would be torn and I would be rushed to hospital emergency. That much for Akali-ism in Delhi and India, Ramazan evening Iftar parties are becoming a fashion (herein Islam portrays, we are peaceful) but when Amritsar hijack took place, the culprits were not Pakistan Muslim but India-Muslim, the favorite of Nehru. How could the victims of Desi Holocausts embrace their savagery-inflicting Muslim? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Moderate Islam has no voice, all the actions are decided by Jehadi Islam. Secular India must not even unintentionally support Sheria or Jehadi separatist Islam (but India is still doing it). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ That Jehadi Islam is India’s enemy one. It was Jehadi Islam which brought partition of Hindustan. Infact if Jehadi Islam had not inflicted cruelties, Sikhs could have not transformed into Surma Hindus (initially Nanakism was pacifist). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ THE FOLLOWING IS THE PARTIAL LIST Can we forget the anti Sikh/Hindu holocausts by Jehadis Islam thru fear \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ No Period Islamic Jehad Victims Converted to Islam \\\\\\\\\\\\\1\\\\\\\\ 1717 Anti-Banda Bahadur Holocaust 7,000 70,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 2\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1721 Jehad against non-Muslims (Punjab) 10,000 100,000 \\\\\\\\\ 3\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1730-31 Flag of Haidri – Hunting non-Muslims 20,000 100,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\ 4\\\\\\\\\\\ 1738-40 Shahid gang Lahore- Killed Bhai Mani Singh/Bhai Mati Das 10,000 136,000 \\\\\\\\\\\ 5\\\\\\\\\\\ 1750 Chota ghuller ghera – notorious fanatic Khan E Khanum Sultan gives prize for every Kesh/chutia (booty) 25,000 160,000 \\\\\\\\\\ 6\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1761-2 Wade ghuller ghera – Ahmad Shah Abdali –Also destroyed were Gurdwaras & Temples -Purged gold 35,000 460,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 7\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Bengla Viplo Kata-Kati - East Bengal: Islam on rampage & rape 25,000 500,000 \\\\\\\\\\\ 8\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1823 Fanatic Jehadi = Syed Ahmed Barelwi & Abdul Azoz against Ranjit Singh 20,000 55,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\ 9\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1823 Hari Singh Nalwa (defender) 5,000 12,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 10\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1831 Battle Balakot NWFP 10,000 18,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\ 11\\\\\\\ 1837 Battle of Jamrud Desik Ranjit Singh 1839 –Nalwa dies 1837 12,000 26,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 12\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1845 Muslim hatred towards British but victims are Hindus 3,000 12,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\ 13\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1858 Muslim hatred towards British but victims are Hindus 4,000 14,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 14\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1870 Aligarh & Desbandi inspired communal frenzy –District Saharanpur 7,000 25,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 15\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1920 Mopla Kerala – Kerala Muslim (Previously Hindus) – Convert brain washed by fanatic Jehadis Mullahs tarn against Hindus 28,000 88,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 16\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1925 Hind Pir Pagaru – He was against British installing railway lines but displaeemewf anger felt on Sindhi non-Muslim 18,000 48,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 17\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1926 North India 5,000 15,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\ 18\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1930 Gujarat: Communal passions (Jehadi instigation) 15,000 62,000 \\\\\\\\\\\ 19\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1936 North India 6,000 16,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 20\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1947 India’s Partition: The largest (communal) holocausts – blood bath 2 million 3 million \\\\\\\\\\\\ 21\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Faqir Api \\\\\\\\\\\ NWFP\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Another expel of displacement. Originally anti-British, Api turn against Hindus of NWFP 6,000 16,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 22\\\\\\\\\\\ Mewat, \\\\\\\\\\ Rajasthan Communal passions (Jehadi instigation) 5,000 34,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 23\\\\\\\\\\\\ Lucknow, U.P. Communal passions (Jehadi instigation) 9,000 19,000 \\\\\\\\\\\\ 24\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ W. U.P. Communal passions (Jehadi instigation) 7,000 26,000 \\\\\\\\\\\ 25\\\\\\\\\ India Delhi Parliament Jehadi attack on India Parliament Assembly 350 -\\\\\\\\\\ 26\\\\\\\\\\\ Mumbai Local Trains Jehadi attack on morning local commuters – civilians going to work 358 -\\\\\\\\\\\ \ Why is India (claiming to be neutral & secular) tolerating that Muslim women divorcees shall not get alimony from their husbands but from public tax-money? THIS IS A TOTAL NONSENSE. \\\\\\\\\\\ It is the responsibility of the Muslim husband to pay alimony, not the government. This is a contradiction. No neutral scholar can, in this context agree with India’s secularism (which is totally flawed). This itself proves beyond any reasonable doubt that India’s secularism does provide favoritism towards Moslems over non-Muslims, and not genuine neutral. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Let us go back to the history. It was Nehru appointed Mountbatten (and not Jinnah or the British) which inserted the Kashmir Plebiscite into the agreement. Mountbatten folly so bad, this problem of India reveals another anti-Hindu/Sikh stance. Why should 75% Muslim Kashmir majority throw out 25% non-Muslim Kashmiri minority (& why the “secular” India tolerate this blatant discrimination for all this time and still claim to be secular?) \\\\\\\\\ By every tenant of India constitution, minority Kashmiri non-Muslims shouldn’t be expelled out of their motherland. China and Israel solve such a problem their way. Tibet was Chinese-minority then; now Tibet is Chinese majority (& same be for Srinagar valley). It is too risky for a border province of India to be out of step with the constitution of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Besides, the separate status of J&K was supposed to be temporary (not permanent, as per Nehru). All our retired military be offered permanent facility in J&K; this is absolutely needed now in Doda and surroundings where separatists are pushing out (or slaughtering Sikhs and Hindus). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ RASTRYA SIKH SANGAT DEMANDS FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. Stop immediately, the separate status of J&K; it must be treated as the regular province of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 2. Military retirees, with paraphernalia, encouraged to settle in J&K and bring out the needed stability in the state. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 3. The pushed out minority was kept in camps in the rest of India most foolishly. If they were in camps, let these camps be in J&K. The whole of Zanskar-Padam valley be inhabited bringing back minority refugees. Kashmir heritage is very deep Saivite. Unfortunately our Hindu-Sikh rights are allowed to deteriorate (and this establishes India as a whole). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 4. (Another Demand by us) India Government should help us. We want our past history. There was Haidari Flag era Punjab. It was the time of Abdul Samad (treacherous) and of cruel Zakarya Khan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Abdul Samad promised Banda Bahadur: “If you surrender as a gentleman, we promise full honor and friendship; you and your 700 loyal companions shall not be executed or tortured.” Banda Bahdur was deceived. He and his 700 + loyalists, all were tortured and slaughtered. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Haidari flag era is a reminder that Islamic terrorism didn't start in 2001 (even though that might be the date of New York towers). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ * Guru Teg Bahadur was victim of Islamic terrorism, year 1675. Now the Gurudwara Sisganj Teg Bahadur (at the place of his beheading) is within walking distance of Delhi Red Fort. The name Sisganj was given, because our Guru Tegh Bahdur’s Sis (head) was cut by the Islamic terrorists. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ *Guru Gobind Singh was stabbed by two Muslims youth (who pretended to be friends. The wounds became fatal. This was the year 1708. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ *Gobind Singh appointed Commander- In- Chief, Banda Bahdur, in contradiction of Muslim promise (oath on Koran) was negated and Banda and his all 700+ loyalists were slaughtered in Delhi. This was the year 1717. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ *The very name of mountain Hindu Kush means “Hindu Killer.” Herein the Muslim were taking Hindus over the snowy Hindu Kush forcefully. The Hindu men were walking bare feet over the snow and died of frostbite. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ *Nehru would do the same a few centuries later. He addressed India soldiers who were wearing cloth shoes to chase out Chinese soldiers from our snow covered Himalayas (1962). More India soldiers died of frostbite than the Chinese bullets. What were you doing? What was your infamous India Commander-In-Chief, Krishna Menon, Defense Minister, doing? Not even the woolen socks, not the leather shoes on the snowy Himalayas! Krishna Menon was not even a qualified military leader. Not the Chinese, it is Menon and Nehru, who brought down India in the year 1962. \\\\\\\\\\\\ *India Government should publish the scholarly book on this subject. \\\\\\\\\\\\ BOOK TITLE: The Himalayan Blunder \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ BOOK AUTHOR: Retired Brigadier J. P. Dawaly (Delhi, 1969) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ *After India’s 1947 partition, India automatically becomes a Hindu nation – just as Pakistan declares itself as a Muslim nation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India’s false secularism takes out Hindu temples’ money and spends it on Muslims. I don’t see USA/UK/Canada doing this. I challenge any neutral scholar. Is it genuine secularism or a thin façade of anti-Hinduism? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ======================== \\\\\\\\\ CONCLUSION: There is nothing wrong with Vande Matram, India’s sacred slogan. WE MUST LEARN NOW: “UNITED WE STAND TOGETHER– DIVIDED WE FALL.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\ This article is dedicated by Dr. Lalsingh Sardana, Houston, Texas, USA. Rashtrya Sikh Houston, Texas 77025 , USA \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ….Continued Part III later \\\\\\\\\\ Att. News Media: You have the permission to publish this article. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Quotes from Guru Nanank & Guru Gobind: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Peaceful Nanak Dev (1439-1533) heart bled at the thought of mass scale Muslim savagery in India. Says he: “The age of sword and rules are butches Muslim virtue had taken wings and fled the dark night of Amavas has enveloped the moon of Truth and Justice and Indians look for fair men and coexistence in vain.”  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Guru Gobind Rai speaks out: "OURS IS ANCIENT DHARM - THE ESSENCE OF OUR RELIGION, PRACTISED BY KINGS, RISHIS AND AVATARAS; IT IS THE SAME RELIGION THAT WE WISH TO FOLLOW SO THAT THE ENTIRE CREATION MAY BE HAPPY....Yagana and Havan are useful but the Turk rulers (he meant Moslems) do not permit these. People of all Varnas have become cowards like sheep. That is why they are unable to face the powerful Turks (he meant Moslems). When the fragrance generated by the Yagana reaches them, they will become courageous, like lions. Bravery shall sink into their pores and they will become steadfast in their ancient ARYA DHARM.... Devilish qualities like anger and desire tremble on seeing Yagana being performed. All the good qualities linked with truth and which have been described in the Vedas, come back into operation in the world on methodically performing Yagna-Havan." .. (Panth Prakash, Niwas-25, Pages 201-202) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ --------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\ THESE ARE THE ATTITUDE OF ISLAMIC PAKISTAN \\\\\\\\\\\\ THEY HAVE ALREADY STARTED WRITING: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF INDIA \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ by Aftab Alam, Sharia's Advocate of Pakistani Islamic Court \\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Again we remind you: “UNITED WE STAND TOGETHER– DIVIDED WE FALL.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\ --------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ YOU CAN REMOVE YOUR E-MAIL FROM OUR FUTURE MAILING: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If you do not want to receive true Sikh history, please reply by writing on the subject line: "Remove my e-mail address." Thank you for your cooperation. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ FELLOWS: By closing the eyes, sun does not disappear? Does it? By remaining under the influence of outside forces, we demand you to unite rather than follow the "Divide And Rule Policies." Moslems have over 55 nations now because of your kind of fools. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SIKH MILITANTS: Are you joining the forces of Islamic terrorists to chop-off the nation, like the British East India Company used different Indian kings to attack on each other and eventually gulped down the entire India? Are you not foolishly behaving in the same manners? Are you truly a Sikh? Sikh means to protect the Dharma but you have jointed the Islamic terrorist groups, siding with Adharma. Where is your destination in next life? IN HELLISH PLANETS 100% HELL IS CERTAIN! - That is a fact. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ But there is no difference between the “BACK BONE TEACHINGS” behind Nanak’s disciples & other Hindu Gurus’ disciples. IT IS ONE AND THE SAME! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Quotes from Guru Nanank & Guru Gobind: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Peaceful Nanak Dev (1439-1533) heart bled at the thought of mass scale Muslim savagery in India. Says he: “The age of sword and rules are butches Muslim virtue had taken wings and fled the dark night of Amavas has enveloped the moon of Truth and Justice and Indians look for fair men and coexistence in vain.” \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Guru Govind Rai was tired of coward disciples of Nanak and other Hindu Gurus. So he administered the “AMRIT.” Please read thoroughly and don’t fight. REMEMBER: Islam won’t spare neither the so called Sikhs or Hindus, if they got a chance. Islam is trying to teach some disoriented Sikh youths that Hindus do Murti Pooja and Sikhs don’t. They must come out of this falsification. But the fact is that, all the pictures of ten gurus are nothing but Murti Pooja since they are made of the same elements: Water, Fire, air, Ether & Earth. What about Guru Granth Sahab? They are adorable to all of us. But remove these confusions and go forward with the bigger issues - Do not remain narrow minded, as the evil forces of Islam will destroy India, if we do not watch now. Look into the geography of the world - you don’t have any country left. Would it be sufficient to keep on running away - just get the visa for Canada, USA, England? Would it fulfill the need of a billion people? How many people could migrate, yet it will never be under their own control. Why do you want to loose everything by narrow brain mentalities, whatever, is left of current India’s land? There are over 95,000 Sikhs living in Tents, in the most pathetical conditions, just in Delhi alone who were chased out by the Islamic Talibans of Afghanistan, in the year 1994. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam neither believe in Murtis (Statues) nor believe in the following: No decoration, no art work, no statue building, no image, no painting, no scenery or description of beauty, no dancing, no music, no singing, no work of art. They are the work of Kafirs (Infidels). So they all must be put to sword. The Momins (Moslems) must kill those men folks who did not accept Islam and loot their properties including their women folks. So the Momin (the Moslem) profession was neither to be a Sculptor or to be an Architecture; Nor to be an Artist or a Decorator; Nor to be a Painter or Image Maker; Nor to be a Dancer nor to be a Musician, Nor to be a Singer or Song Writer. The Momins (The Moslems) are not build Statues or to draw the picture of any family member. The profession of Moslems (MOMINS) was assigned from Prophet himself was to loot, arson, murder and rape those women who got in their raid and loot (PLEASE READ THE KORAN). Therefore, Islam does not allow anyone to display the picture of Mohammed but the Sikhs do display the pictures of their Gurus. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MUSLIMS, GROW UP - WHERE IS YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS! - FIGHTING FOR THESE SMALL PETTY DISCUSSIONS, ‘WHO IS A BIGGER SINGH,’ is totally ridiculous. 000000000