Date: 26 Sep 2011


ZAKIR NAIK, A WOLF AMONG THE SHEEP \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He calls himself a MUSLIM and is keen to convert the Hindus around him to his ISLAM. His soul is not satisfied with something alien and INFERIOR that it tries to REJECT. So he is restless. He lives in Hindusthan but the Hindus living around him neither notice the odd man on their territory nor his dangerous mission that is the EXTINCTION of Hindus from Hindusthan. Hindus have been conditioned to behave like a vast flock of sheep that offer the wolf one sheep each day, summer, fall, winter and spring, in order to buy peace. The year 1947 saw us give the WOLF more than TWO MILLION of us but saw him come for more in Kashmir. They say, “Mad Mohammed had an INSATIABLE appetite for Jewish women and Hindus. That is why, assuming a higher posture of self righteousness, he called himself a Prophet, and them. lowly loathsome “KAFIRS”. Hindu leaders and all the Sikh scholars, still remain stuck to their perennial appeasing perishing path.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Zakir Naik himself is the product of earth, air, fire, water, flora & fona of Bharat, not of the sand and heat of the desert. But he does not notice the qualities & characteristics that make sineibe an INDIAN as opposed to those that make one an ARAB. The BLIND BIGOT, who quotes profusely from Hindu Scriptures only to distort the conclusions and deductions to suit the JAAHILS in JAHILIYA (the Mohammedans), does not realize that to alienate a Hindu from his NATIVE religion is like separating a child from its mother. \\\\\\\\\\\\ He has not yet realized that whereas Sri Krishna was born in Hindusthan his Mohammed was not born in India, Bangladesh or Pakistan but in Arabia. He is now politically free since the departure of the British rulers but IDEOLOGICALLY he is either a stranger or degraded if he still calls himself a “Muslim” in Hindusthan. In other words, intellectually he is BLIND and SPIRITUALLY he is in pitch dark. He is not free like a NATIVE Hindu but a slave.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He is lucky to be allowed to live and preach his ‘Hate the Hindu’ doctrines in a country that should have expelled every Muslim along with his Koran to Pakistan when that “bastard” ISLAMIC state (Cross between Hindu Indiaat and Muslim Arabia) was established in order to receive and accommodate all the Muslims living in HINDUSTHAN who found Secularism and Tolerance IMPOSSIBLE to accept or live with. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ He is a lucky WOLF in the sheep pen. He is lucky because the sheep are interested only in the grass around them, NOT the wolf lying in one corner of the vast field. Hence, lucky wolf Zakir Naik. Now take his COUNTERPART, a Hindu “doctor” on his conversion mission in Afghanistan or PAKISTAN (until recently INDIA). We need not describe his reception or welcome. The only relevant question in his case would be “How many MINUTES will he remain alive?” But the he-wolf ZAKIR and she-wolf SONIA need have NO worry. They are among the PERISHING PAGANS who are like the water in a leaking bucket. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus have the world’s WORST leaders who have not even noticed the SQUEEZE on their Hindu nation since 1947. Sikh LEADERS could manage to get one point in 100 when they tell their following to wear black ribbon on August 14 when Sri Nankana Sahib went under the provocative and controversial flag of Mohammed. It is the SAME flag that flies over “JEHALIYA” (Land of “Jaahils”) that is now called Arabia.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sadly, the Hindus were made to discard their TERRITORIAL SENSE after they were defeated and ENSLAVED by the Muslims whose Islam originated in JEHALIYA (Dark Land). When a certain poor and bitter orphan called Mohammed discovered to his shock the quality of life of his fellow Arabs Hindusthan at that time was a shining, flourishing, CIVILIZATION. The starving, warring, feuding JAAHILS were very keen to come to Hindusthan while not one Hindu thought worth his while to go and live in the Land of Mohammed. The Hindu needed neither gold nor girls. A Hindu’s fictional paradise was not full of VIRGINS, WINE and grapes. He respected his own MOTHER, sisters and daughters as well as those of the others. To him a female was not a commodity and certainly not the one to be “conquered and enslaved”. To the JAAHILS like “Dr Zakir Naik” the story of Mohammed KILLING the Jews and then enslaving their women is a fascinating tale to fill his dreams. Yes, we watched to our HORROR Zakir Naik converting the Daughters of Sri Rama and Guru Gobind Singhji and then escaping scot free.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The word “Civilization” applies ONLY to those periods when NON MUSLIM regions flourished on earth. Thus the word CIVILIZATION applies exclusively BEFORE Mohammed was born in JEHALIYA. Unfortunately the man, known as KAFIR KILLER, a womaniser, a paedophile and perennial fighter, made violent INROADS into the lands of real civilization like EGYPT, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN and INDIA where people could not be motivated to FIGHT THE INVADERS till death or till the last JAAHIL FROM JAHILIYA was expelled lock, stock and KORAN. In this way real civilizations vanished from earth, leaving only silent statues, relics and ruins.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ INTOLERANCE of the JAAHILS knows no bounds. The more they read KORAN the more they wish to DESTROY. Thus even among the SAVAGES of Pakistan there are two types now. Those who have robbed and acquired enough from the KAFIRS and wish to settle down and live in peace and then there are those who could not expel a Hindu family and occupy the family’s house and shop but wish there were more KAFIRS TO KILL, and more homes to plunder, more girls to seduce, abduct and RAPE, and only after that they would settle down. They are known as AL QAIDA, the TALIBAN, HIZBUTAHRIR, JAISH-I-MOHAMMEDI, LASHKAI-I-TPOIBA and so on. They will attack and kill FELLOW MUSLIMS to satisfy their urges awakened by intensive study of KORAN.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is a sad fact of life that those JAAHILS like “Dr.” Zakir Naik do not THANK GOD five times a day for living among the Civilized instead of living in LIBYA, IRAK, SAUDI ARABIA, BAHRAIN, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN and Allah’s last ROBBERY called PAKISTAN and Mrs. FEROZE KHANS illegitimate child called BANGLADESH, but insist on staying in PARTITONED INDIA in order to raise a new Column of JAAHILS.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What is his aim in CONVERTGING the non-violent HINDUS? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Here is the answer: “To extend the TERRITORY of JEHALIYA.” His likes are restless and cannot sleep peacefully at night because DELHI escaped landing in the blood soaked Land of JEHALIYA in 1947.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ When the HINDUS living around him UNDERSTAND the Jaahil and his Mission, they will “GHERAO” the Son of M’d and SILENCE him for ever. Only they, none else, need to stand up to DEFEND their own Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Guru Nanak and all the TEMPLES that are THREATENED by this mad man, having FREE RUN OF A WOLF in the Hindu sheep pasture.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ HINDUS must also know by now that only they are the GUARDIANS of their TERRITORY. If they have NO sense like the sheep then they will be pushed from pillar to post or from Lahore to Amritsar and from Karachi to Mumbai and from Dhaka to Kolkata as it happened so decisively in 1947. By not COUNTER ATTACKING at that time the Hindus signed the Permanent Disclaimer of Linkage to TERRITORY. Nehru appeared quite naturally to destroy a house that was WEAK. His role was exactly as per LAWS OF NATURE. “Those who have no TERRITORIAL SENSE are displaced from TERRITORY and become refugees in own country.”\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What better example than the so-called “MILITARISED HINDUS”, or the SIKHS. Simply fly back in time to the year 1940. You see happy congregations singing to Glory of God and Gurus in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan. Now step on the magic carpet that brings you right down to the PRESENT. It is the year 2011. You see happy Sikh congregations in Amritsar, London and Toronto. Do they notice or REALIZE anything? NO. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In REALITY they were violently and ruthlessly EXPELLED from TERRITORY. They may not wish to recall when it happened or even WHY it happened. Now travel with the Buddhist congregations in Kabul and the Hindu congregations in Peshawar and Quetta from the past to the present.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is called lack of awareness, or, FEEDING THE WOLF - ONE SHEEP AT A TIME.\\\\\\\\\\\\ 26 Sep 2011.\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ MISS INDIRA NEHRU\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In late 1950's a friend told me as to why Indira was never called "Miss Nehru" but by her maiden name "Indira". Later, she became "Mrs. Gandhi" in order to conceal the identity of her Muslim husband Feroze KHAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Being headstrong and immoral she let herself be seduced by Feroze, a Sunni Muslim, who made her pregnant. She converted to Islam in utmost secrecy.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ She realised that she had let down her father Jawaharlal Nehru and felt so guilty that she never called herself "Miss Nehru". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ She had inherited the streak of betrayal, brutality & immorality from her father who used to chase English girls while studying in England- but to no luck. His grandson Rajiv had better luck and brought home one "Sonia Maino" from Italy. He converted to the Catholic religion while placing his head and Hindusthan at her feet.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========================== 000000000