Date: 06 Sep 2011


ENSURING HINDU (& SIKH) SURVIVAL IN BHARAT \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Unknown to the natives of India (Hindus), who are at inner peace with themselves and never crossed the frontier to invade, loot or convert, there is a fierce competition for their souls and territory going on between the two members of the Abrahamic tradition- Islam and Christianity, both originated in the geo-politically hostile, restless, insecure and violent Middle East. Followers of both these traditions cross frontiers enthusiastically in order to kill, plunder and CONVERT and, additionally in the case of Mohammedans, to abduct & RAPE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Since arrival in India they have wreaked havoc with the flourishing native civilisation, conquering, killing, destroying, plundering and converting. The natives, without such monotheistic beliefs and conditioning, have been unable to resist and oust them, thus perishing continuously. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our frontiers have been shrinking and numbers decreasing through violent onslaughts, massacres and relentless conversions till we now have our land of Vedas and Wisdom wedged precariously between two hostile, volatile & turbulent Islamic countries created in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ The future of the squeezed and besieged Hindu nation, with the noose tightening around our necks, is precarious unless a new awareness is spread among us with the speed of light. Continued squabbles and divisions among ourselves aggravate the already bad situation. And without any reaction on our part Delhi is doomed like Lahore. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A. \\\\\\ ANOTHER BOGUS VVIP FROM THE IMPERIAL HOUSE OF NEHRU "IMPOSED" ON THE INTIMIDATED BRAINWASHED HINDU NATION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Most remarkable revelations. EVERYONE SHOULD SEE IT. (UTube below). It must get widest publicity. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ First they mutilated and profusely bled our Mother India. Then a DICTATOR established his own personal FIEFDOM where the slaves would quietly submit to all rotten practises and politics including accepting his own daughter, grandson, even greatgrandson in his chair, something never seen before on earth! \\\\\ Then the word "Hindu" was deleted from Constitution as if something most undesirable, inferior, controversial, explosive or loathsom but the word "Islam" was duly acknowledged and hailed in the Constitution of breakaway Pakistan. Hindus were made helpless, voiceless, and supine slaves. \\\\\\\ Then the national wealth was continuously sent abroad without any fear or hesitation. Finally, now even the last "DOG of DYNASTY" has become a VVIP in our Land of ancient wisdom, spirituality & divinity. Even the media are afraid and intimidated. Who will tell the truth? \\\\\\\\ Retaliation must begin now. The majority community must stand up as in every other country on earth and COUNTER ATTACK in order to avenge our dishonour and degradation, and to recover our PRIDE & TERRITORY. \\\\\\\\ We should also broadcast the WARNING that Rahul and Robert may be ASSASSINATED any time since PEOPLE are becoming very frustrated and extremely angry with their dictatorial corrupt rulers on account of treatment meted out to our national icons, Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. Already THREE Gandhis have paid with their lives in Divine Justice. \\\\\\\\\\\ Let no one remain in doubt. The robbers of helpless and subdued Bharat will pay for their crimes, corruption and TREASON. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ --------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEcBiK7epQw&NR=1 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ===================== \\\\\\\\\\ Our national goal: "AKHAND BHARAT". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our slogan: " AKHAND BHARAT : AMAR RAHE!" \\\\\\\\\\\\\ If anyone opposes us like a wolf we will confront him like a tiger. If anyone opposes us like a tiger we will confront him like a lion. \\\\\\\\\\\ ===================== \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ B. \\\\\\\\ WHERE IS THE ITALIAN HEART? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Has anyone ever heard "Rashtramata" Sonia Maino or Minister of Law, Salman Khursheed feel sorry or sad about that Partition that tore through India and the hearts of Punjab & Bengal as well as through the heart of every Hindu and Sikh? The answere is "NO!" \\\\\\\\\\\\ Italian born Sonia has been raised sky high by ignorant and self-negating people of India as unconditionally as that Partition. During her long stay in the country she had ample time to learn about the devastating break up of the country that feeds her. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ How could the Muslim minority become so formidable as to overpower the rest of us and dare to attack the integrity of India as if India was a rag doll? Cast your mind back to 1947. the year of Nehru's High Treason, Gandhi's cowardice, genocide of Hindus, and India's historic defeat and unonditional surrender. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On looking closer one discovers the horrendous truth. India's population can be classified into two separate compartments. In one are the non violent trusting Hindus who are only too willing to welcome, embrace, trust and serve even the enemy, regarding all mankind one family. Typical example was "Father of Nation", Mahatma Gandhi, calling the Muslims standing knee deep in Hindu/Sikh blood in the other compartment, who had just attacked and "conquered" one third of India in order to proclaim their separatist intolerant Islamic Republic, and invaded Kashmir, "bhai bhai". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On further scrutiny we discover another truth not realized by the trusting ignorant natives. It was, in fact, the powerful ANGLO-ISLAMIC AXIS that broke India into three fragments in order to weaken and destroy the Hindus while immensely strengthening the Indian Muslims. \\\\\\\ The intended victims, the HINDUS, conditioned by their leaders and holy books to love and trust all, could never realize this fact that was totally contrary to their own belief system though at every step we had the proof of NEHRU being one of them, an enemy. \\\\\\\\\\\\ First when he most willingly & happily surrendered one third of India without a single condition and delivered tens of millions of us to death and exile, then when he described the Sikhs as potential terrorists overlooking the real terrorists who had occupied West Punjab and East Bengal, and finally when he imposed his own brand of “secularism”, giving exemption to Sindh, West Punjab and East Bengal. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ No Hindu top "neta" or any native authority on strategy & Ideology concluded that Nehru was a traitor, neither for India nor for the Hindus but a vital link in the Anglo-Islamic Axis in order to lead the Hindus into ABATTOIR like the sheep. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Sikhs, too, trusted Nehru. Their "be-waqoof" spokesman Baldev Singh did not protest when Lahore and Nankana Sahib were placed under the savage Islamic rule once again. The surrender of these two vital cities in the heart of Punjab proved to be the “final solution” of the brave patriotic community known as the Defenders of Hindusthan & Secularism, reason enough for Nehru to wipe them out. The Sikhs were given a "bloody nose" once again in 1984. Neither the Hindus nor the Sikhs produced leaders of any calibre to warn them of the enemy on top and the enemy within. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindus, who did have the political weight and clout as the majority community, did not take any note of another "snake in the sleeve", Nehru’s son-in-law, a Sunni Muslim from Allahabad, but nevertheless expected Indira to be fair and benign to them. On the contrary Indira, now Mrs Feroze Khan, a convert to Islam, declared Emergency to assert her authority over the country and, later, liberated East Bengal to be returned to ISLAM thus exposing her “love” of Secularism while her son Rajiv gave a “bloody nose” to the Tamils of Indian origin living in Sri Lanka. \\\\\\\\ While dating a non descript au pair from Italy called Sonia he flattered her by saying, "One day my Hindusthan will be at your feet." An embarrassed Sonia remarked, "Don't the Indians have any self esteem or dignity?" \\\\\\\\\\\\ With elementary sense of self preservation both Hindus and Sikhs ought to have questioned the legality of Partition, justification for the return of East Bengal to Islam without obtaining any guarantee for safety of Hindus there, called Sonia an unacceptable national security risk, and designated August 15 as DOOMSDAY. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ There was never any justification to sing and dance celebrating India’s worst ever humiliation, defeat and surrender. She had lost a pound of flesh and a ton of blood on that day in 1947 while letting the traitors occupy high posts. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What needs to be done now? \\\\\\\\ ITALIANS to be regarded “suspect” as Nehru regarded the Sikhs after making a gift of Lahore to Islam. \\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus ought to take up the slogan “Akhand Bharat AMAR RAHE!” vigorously, to be heard by all those who are part of the Anglo Islamic Axis in Partitoned India, working flat out to KILL Bharat through CORRUPTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus ought to agitate for, and insist on, a new Constitution that covers all of India, from Khyber to Chittagong, not just Middle India. The Constitution of West Germany written in 1949 applied to all Germany not just West Germany. Similarly Constitution of Jordan has seats for the members from West Bank, who as they hope, will eventually occupy them. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Lastly, Hindu leaders must show foresight, vision and guts to tell their followers not to be afraid of Muslim minority who are nothing but COWARDS acting as bullies bent on aggression, disruption and destruction. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let these points be widely discussed by all free Hindus who are neither afraid of Sonia nor Rahul. 000000000