Date: 29 Aug 2011


EITHER THE BOGUS, OBSCENE AND PROVOCATIVE ISLAMIC REPUBLICS OF PAKISTAN AND BOGUSDESH ARE DISSOVED OR WIPED OUT OF MAP, OR "HINDU RASHTRA" AS A COUNTER FORCE TO DEFEAT THE AGGRESSION OF ISLAM in order to-\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ensure internal peace by giving identity to mongrel India of Nehru with Dirty Dynasty's Divine Right to rule the slaves for ever;\\\\\\\\\\\ quick elimination of enemies whereas now we are sleeping with them; confidence of all Hindus including Sikhs after the Muslim separatists and killers are pushed out to their very own Pakistan and Bogusdesh;\\\\\\\\\\ safety of temples from government. interference and to ensure that the anti Hindu "Sarkari RATS" do not interfere in mandirs and gurdwaras but do look into the finances and wealth of churches and mosques; \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ safety of Hindu girls from Muslim predators who use them to degrade them, insult the nation and to produce more "fitna" through Mohammeds; prevent the sons of prime ministers from importing NON HINDU foreign brides \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ return of billions of dollars of illicit foreign deposits to Bharat for development \\\\\\\\\\\\\ tell the Muslims the Hindus are not their servants or "bogus brothers" to have them and recognize their Pakistan, too.\\\\\\\\\\ Secularism will be as decent in Delhi as in Multan. India will be safe from terrorists\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus will return to their homes in Kashmir to live in peace there; Congress ministers like turncoat SLAMAN KHURSHEED will seem decent, proper and genuine Indians, NOT deceiving treacherous PAKISTANIS in secular colours to FOOL us all. History will be taught as it was. \\\\\\\\\\\ Those who occupy an inch of Kashmir and Punjab or Sindh and East Bengal will be called ENEMIES without fear, but not senile Gandhi's "bhais" who smashed his dream of Akhand Bharat! and greatly reduced India in size. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Article 370 will go that is only to benefit the sons-in-law of JL Nehru in South Kashmir. Even the restless, shattered, fractured, schizophrenic mad and violent Muslims of Pakistan and Bogusdesh will express their willingness to return to Akhand Bharat after sending their ALIEN Koran back to Mecca and accept secularism as their new belief.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ So, WHAT IS WRONG in asking for HINDU RASHTRA? Once we shed our historic INFERIORITY COMPLEX everybody will be for HINDU RASHTRA if ISLAMIC aggression called PAKISTAN is to be accepted and tolerated ON THE SOIL OF BHARAT whose natural frontier is Khyber Pass, not Wagah. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus sticking to AKHAND BHARAT will seem strong. EVEN REUNITED INDIA WILL SEEM STRONG LIKE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. \\\\\\\\\\ The cowards reconciled to bogus PARTITION of our ancient Land of Divinity, Wisdom & Tolerance on mad Mohammed's terms, seem weak, even to our enemies who will continue to launch more attacks in order to wear down the Hindus to the point of EXTINCTION. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ MOHAMMED OF MECCA ASKED HIS FOLLOWERS TO KILL KAFIRS (INFIDELS) AND OVERWHELM THE WORLD. HITLER, TOO, SPOKE THE SAME LANGUAGE. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\MOHAMMED, LIKE HITLER, HAD LIMITED IMAGINATION AND DID NOT REALIZE THAT KAFIRS, TOO, WILL BE KILLING THE "MOMINS". \\\\\\\\\\RIGHT NOW GO AND SEE IN AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, IRAK AND LIBYA. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\WE SEE DIVINE JUSTICE RIGHT NOW. AFTER THEY HAVE DONE THE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF KAFIRS, MUSLIMS WILL START KILLING MUSLIMS TILL ETERNITY. 29 aug 11. =========== In a message dated 29/08/2011 09:46:37 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: This so-called Swami has ridiculed himself before too. He is an opportunist and hypocrat. What is the differnce between him and Manisjh Tiwari? 000000000