Date: 28 Aug 2011


We hope the nation will keep the momentum going. KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING. What did we start? What are we engaged in? What has happened?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ What is the immediate goal?\\\\\\\\\\ What is the ultimate goal? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ While everyone knows the immediate goal, it must be understood that for Hindu survival the end goal must be HINDU RASHTRA OR AKHAND BHARAT. \\\\\\\\\\ We must ask, "Why do "DYNASTY & CONGRESS" gladly accept PAKISTAN but REJECT with extreme anger, contempt and wrath any mention of HINDU RASHTRA. We must expose their HIDDEN agenda. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Let everyone know that this ruling clique wish the Hindus to PERISH in Delhi, too, as in LAHORE. Anyone in doubt, PLEASE ENGAGE IN DIALOGUE.\\\\\\\\\\\ One cannot have INDIA reduced to a mere fragment by Islamic hammer, wielded by Nehru, and then "kiss" the back of Mohammed of Mecca, too. \\\\\\\\\ Hindu in Pakistan and Bogusdesh may have to lie prostate before a Mohammed but in Hindusthan he must be seen STANDING UPRIGHT, not crawling in front of SONIA MAINO MUSSOLINI. Our nation must have DIGNITY and the Hindus must have PRIDE and sense of belonging to TERRITORY.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India in 1947 was divided with the consent of Nehru & Gandhi between the "MUSLIMS and the REST." In the eyes of Nehru and his British masters "the rest" were like the frogs or the sheep or the cattle, WITHOUT IDENTITY. The Sikhs, too, were included in "the MONGREL Rest."\\\\\\\\\ Let the smashed & flattened "Rest" now become worth looking at, worth taking notice of. Let "the Rest" now call themselves "HINDUS" with some pride. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ If "the Rest" were then SHEEP & JACKALS then let them now become the TIGERS & LIONS. \\\\\\\\\\ Nehru, the TRAITOR, is still there in the mind and body of RAHUL, the FOURTH GENERATION of one dynasty ruling Bharat as if it is a coolie colony.\\\\\\\\\\ That poisonous IDEOLOGY of "Divine Right to Misrule & Plunder India FOR EVER" is still the paramount political FORCE in smashed Bharat. We must not let it become permanent which will mean all the Hindus are SECOND RATE in Hindusthan while they are THIRD RATE in Pakistan and FOURTH RATE in NORHT KASHJIR and FIFTH RATE in BANGLADESH. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The onus now lies on the Hindu LEADERS to LIFT the cover from "PARTITOIN" and EXPLAIN its terms and conditions to the ignorant cowardly nation as to what happened then, and why nobody at the top, including the COWARDLY Supreme Commander of India, mentions it while we CANNOT expect the ITALIAN BORN President of All-India Congress Party to mention it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========== In a message dated 28/08/2011 08:49:29 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\\\\\\\\com writes:\\\\\\\\\\ National Campaign For Political Reforms Time For Decisive Action - Pls circulate भारत में व्यवस्था परिवर्तन की आवश्यकता\\\\\ \\\\\ \\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Politics is a noble endeavour to serve - People, Society, Village, Area, Taluka, Ward, District, Citi, State and the Nation" - Lok Satta Party ................Take first step ............!!!!!!!!!!! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Nine days ago, in a mood of indignation, there was a post on this blog with the same title. \\\\\\\\\\\ Today, this post with the same title - Supremacy of Parliament = Supremacy of We the people - is written in a mood of almost exhilaration! We MUST thank Anna Hazare Ji and his movement for taking this basic Civics 101 lesson to all Indians - citizens and politicians alike. We MUST also remember to thank our politicians and parliamentarians for clearly and categorically establishing that this Civics 101 lesson has not been forgotten. And that, as a nation, cutting across all cross sections of our people, we have reaffirmed our belief that the "govt of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth.". This movement and this moment is an inflection point in our nation's evolution - of this we can be reasonably sure.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ One, it has proven that Liberty, as a first principle of our democracy will never be compromised in India. Yes, we will guard it and fight for it all the time, but fundamentally India has affirmed to itself and the rest of the world, that liberty will never be fundamentally compromised. Two, it has established that in a functioning democracy, it is the VOICE and Will of the people, that ultimately will be reflected in the thoughts, words and deeds of our constitutional institutions. Whenever it is in doubt, the people have the courage of conviction to establish this fact unequivocally. Three, the fundamental architecture of our constitution is robust and has been stress tested enough to stand the test of time - for this we have to be eternally grateful to the fathers of our constitution for their sagacity, wisdom and foresight. \\\\\\\\\\\ Now, it is up us - you and me - to keep this momentum going by paying our regular premiums for effective risk management to ensure better governance for ourselves...\\\\\\\\\\\\ Yesterday, India not only sent a message to itself but also to the rest of the world that we are indeed the LARGEST FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY on this earth. All of us, i am sure, are indeed proud to be citizens of such a Nation! \\\\ 000000000