Letter to Shri Anna Hazare:

Date: 25 Aug 2011


Re: A sitting Prime Minister must be under Lokpal Jurisdiction\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 25/08/2011 19:32:44 GMT Standard Time, \\\\\\\\\\.com writes: For circulation \\\\\\\\\\ ============== Letter to Shri Anna Hazare:\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sub:All the sitting cabinet and non-cabinet ministers, Prime Minister included and the leaders of the Parliamentary majority and minority should remain under thejurisdiction of the Lokpal: \\\\\\\\\\\\ Aadarniya Anna Hazare ji, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On behalf of millions of members of the Indo-American Diaspora we would like to express our highest sense of gratitude and profound thanks for your and your team’s timely initiative towards creating a corruption free India thus restoring the nation’s traditional name and fame. This much needed initiative is enshrined in your most popular Jan Lokpal Bill. We further support your demand that all sitting members of the federal cabinet, Prime Minister included, should remain under the jurisdiction of this proposed law and add that leaders of the parliamentary majority and minority should be treated similarly as they enjoy a superior role in the formulation of Govt. policies. \\\\\\\\\\\ We are motivated to extend our support for the cleansing process launched by you not only on the basis of principle but also because there exist a plethora of cases which form a glaring evidence of political corruption indulged in by persons occupying high and powerful positions including the nation’s Prime Minister. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1) Cash for Vote Scam: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ To win the vote of confidence through parliamentary majority in 2008 crores of rupees are said to have been paid to MPs for voting in favor of the Prime Minister. Obviously in order to save his job Dr. Singh is said to have played a key role in this what came to be known as “Cash for vote” scam. To quell strong public criticism by MPs and by national experts the Prime Minister in a public declaration assured the nation that for accepting the inequitable nuclear deal he will seek the approval of the Parliament. Yet trampling upon his own solemn assurance given to the nation and the national Parliament, for unexplained reasons,the Prime Minister went ahead and signed the Deal without discussion, debate and input from the experts and public representatives. It in deed was a crude insult to the people and their legislature which simultaneously created an impression all the world over that Indians could be bought! What a tragic damage to the national prestige of India! \\\\\\\\\\\ 2) Vote Bank Bribery Scam: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In the interest of improving the prospects of their electability Indian politicians have been resorting to using the strategy of allocating unconstitutional favors to select religious groups. Loyalty by voting blocks in lieu of favors granted makes their re-election more certain. They do not give a hoot about the fact that allocating favors unconstitutionally and on discriminatory basis is divisive, disintegrative and undermines the people’s mandate. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ India is a pluralist society with constitutionally guaranteed equality of all citizens - but Muslims for favor of votes by Congress - the current ruling party - are allowed superior privileges e.g. their religion based 15% reservations in jobs, education, including Higher education. The policy of favoritism and appeasement was taken to the extreme limits when the Prime Minister Singh made a declaration that "Muslims have the first right on national resources of India". What an irresponsible, undemocratic and self serving statement by a Premier of the largest democracy in the world! \\\\\\\\\\\\ 3) The Communal Violence Bill: \\\\\\\\\\\\ This draconian bill representing the divisive character of colonial India now under the consideration by lawmakers, as a matter of fact, presumes that only Hindus are the aggressors in the use of violence and the Muslims and Christians are the victims. By inference it gives credence to the erroneous belief that the Hindu society is always to blame for communal violence and that it deserves heavy punishment. But the Muslims and Christians cannot be tried for communal violence even if such violence pertains to rape, loot, arson or torture. Further the bill will allow Muslims and Christians to anonymously complain of religious hurt and that is enough to land a Hindu in prison without bail. No where in the world is the national majority of any country treated with this kind of contempt and indignity? \\\\\\\\\\\\ 4) The Myth of Saffron terrorism: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The ruling dynasty of the Congress party and its allies have utterly failed in eradicating the Jihadi terrorism which has killed tens of thousands of Hindus in the country. To divert the attention of the Indian masses from this colossal failure and also to appease the constituency of their major vote bank namely the Muslims, the ruling congress party has perpetrated a myth of “saffron terrorism.” But nobody except the politically indoctrinated bought this bogus dogma. To play this kind of far fetched trickery with national security should be considered a crime. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. Ghulam Nabi Fai's recent arrest in USA on charges of being Pakistani ISI's conduit for funneling money to legislators in Washington to influence US Kashmir policy, raises an important question: If the Pakistan spy agency has been so deeply involved in USA - many thousands of miles away from its home base how deeply it would be involved in India which is located just outside the Pakistan borders? Given the incompetence of India’s governing political culture isn’t it conceivable that ISI may also have found its way to influence some of the decision making right inside India? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 5) National Security & Foreign Owned Indian Media: \\\\\\\\\\\\ Allowing foreign ownership of the Indian media has been one of the most dangerous and irresponsible actions of the Indian regime particularly in its relation to the national security and for providing unbiased information to the Indian citizenry. The influence and manipulation of the foreign owned and operated media in the electoral and parliamentary processes can have frightful consequences also upon the failure or success of democracy in India. It can also turn the Indian meaning of freedom of press upside down. Our apprehension is supported by the manner in which Shri M.J. Akbar was fired from the editorship of the Asian Age when he declined to follow the official line on the inequitable Nuclear Deal and gave well deserved prominent coverage to the opinions and views of the Indian public and experts. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Govt. failed to recognize the colonial strategies of the foreign owned and controlled media meant to create and aid disaffected segments of national population and clandestinely enhance their own interests. Accordingly, keeping these drawbacks in view and in the interest of promoting a corruption free democratic system and free media dedicated to defending and enhancing national interest it is imperative that ownership of the national media remains in the hands of the Indian nationals. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 6) Aadarniya Hazare ji: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Summarizing the issues raised in our missive it is crucially important that under the proposed anti-corruption law popularly known as “Jan Lokpal Bill: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ a) All cabinet and non-cabinet ministers and the leaders of the majority and minority in the house of parliament should remain well within its jurisdiction; \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ b) The arms of the new law should be long & strong enough to cover the “cash for votes” and other illegal favors so as to eradicate all corruption in voting at all levels; \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ c) It should have force to remove “vote bank briberies” and penalize the culprits; \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ d) In its legal domain this law should have capacity to prevent abuse of “communal violence bill” now in circulation, should it become a law; and finally, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ e) It should have authority to deal with the foreign owned Indian media, its attempts at creating disaffection amongst Indians and their government, and return the media ownership back to Indians. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We wish you tremendous success in your mission and thank you for your time and consideration. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\ August 24, 2011 \\\\\\\\ 000000000